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Train ’em up in the ways they should go

31 Jul

Stories to Inspire

You might think that ascending is something only adults engage in.  Surprisingly, children may be able to ascend easier than adults.   But it may require some innovative facilitation to keep the children focused and not distracting to those around them.  Craig and his family have facilitated ascensions for many years with other families with children.  He educated us on how to make such an occasion successful.  And it really was surprising how easy and rewarding it was for everyone in the room.

Train ‘em up in the ways they should go

One evening three families rallied for dinner and an ‘ascension’.  We placed blankets on the floor to create a personal space for each child.  Then as we all ascended, we asked the children to draw what they saw or experienced.  Afterward, everyone was asked to share their experience and we had the children describe their drawings.  Everyone had some special theme and experience.  Our 3-year-old Asher, excitedly asked, “Can we do that again?”


Healed in a dream

28 Jul

Stories to Inspire

Last November, I showed up in someone’s dream that I had never met before which led to a very tender God-encounter a couple evenings later.  Well, I told this story during a recent Zoom meeting… and in this story, we see the grace to appear in someone else’s dream, is ‘transferred’ to a lady in Northern Russia.  Fun!  That’s the power of a testimony!  Thank you, God!!!

For more on this Zoom event, you may like to read my previous post here.

Really cool God-story from David & Zhenya (pastors of a church in Northern Russia)

Healed in a dream

“One of the ladies in our church showed up in an unbeliever’s dream, prayed for him and he was healed!”

“Let me start from the beginning.  Our good friend Mark Hendrickson preached an inspiring message to our church in Russia over Zoom a few weeks ago.  He talked about stepping out of the box of our normal prayer life and moving into some new unexplored realms of prayer.  Our church loved his message and immediately put it into practice.”

“One day Tanya was watching a TV show about dangerous vocations.  The episode highlighted electricians.  She found herself strangely moved to pray for those in this trade.”

“Tanya is a massage therapist and typically works with children only.  So, when she received a phone call from a gentleman whom she’d never met, asking for a massage, her initial response was, “No.”  However, she felt a little nudge from Holy Spirit to help this man, so she said, “Yes.””

“The man came to her office; she gave him a massage and when she was finished she asked if she could pray for his back.  He agreed.  She laid her hands on his back, prayed and the pain immediately left.  He was so excited he paid her double for the massage.”

“The man went without pain for about a week, until he woke up in the middle of the night with intense back pain.  He eventually drifted back to sleep.  As he was sleeping, he saw Tanya, our massage therapist, dressed in white, come to him in his dream.  She laid her hands on his back and when he woke up the next morning, he realized that the pain was gone!  The man was so excited that he called her to tell her what happened.”

“And guess what the man’s vocational trade is?  You guessed it – he’s an electrician!”

“God is doing a new thing! (Isa 43:19)” – D&Z

Appearing in a man’s dream led to marriage restoration

28 Jul

Stories to Inspire

We’ve been talking about appearing to someone in their dreams and setting kingdom purposes in motion.  Unbeknownst to Earl, he showed up in a person’s dream… which led to marriage restoration.  Thank you, Lord!

Ponder this: If we learned to live in the Spirit realm as well or better than living in the natural realm, how many new frontiers and possibilities would be open to us?

Appearing in a man’s dream led to marriage restoration

“I was sitting in my office when a local pastor walked in.  We knew each other but were not close friends.  He sat down and in tears shared that his marriage was having difficulties and asked if we could help him.”

“Before I could answer him, he said, “I had a dream last night and in the dream, I saw this large white cloud.  As I observed the cloud, you and your wife walked out of the cloud and into our lives and brought healing to our marriage.”  Still in tears, he said, “I believe I am supposed to submit to you for counseling.”  We met with them and were able to bring healing to the relationship.”

“Later, when he received an assignment to go to another church across the state, I asked if I could pray over him and send him out with the blessings of the Lord.  He agreed.  As I was praying for him, I could hear that he was talking… and then I realized he was praying in tongues… very unusual for his denomination.  What a beautiful send-off.”

“When we showed up in this man’s dream, it created an amazing miracle of courage, empowering him to move past any internal resistance he must have encountered… which led him to a restored marriage.  To God be the glory!” – EA

You told me that in a dream

27 Jul

Stories to Inspire

God sometimes does unexpected things.  Duh!!!  Unbeknownst to me, I had appeared in a lady’s dream and preached my sermon to her – two nights before we ever met.

Can God do this?  Well, what about the man from Macedonia who appeared to apostle Paul in a dream and requested that Paul come to Macedonia?  (Acts 16:9-10)

I have asked many people, “What signs follow your ministry?  Or what signs would you like to follow your ministry?”  Well, in this case, a sign preceded our ministry.  And you know, this way is rather refreshing.  Although God loves partnering with us, there is no human sweat or human factor in this sign.

For He gives to His beloved even in his sleep.” (Ps 127:2 NASB)


You told me that in a dream!

As Mike and I drove to a Sunday evening meeting we made strong declarations over our time… that there would be tangible evidence of The Anointing!

We walked in quite early and found one lady sitting alone on the front row.  I walked up to greet her, but before I asked her name, I said, “Do I know you?  You look very familiar!”  She asked me my name and said that we hadn’t met before.  Her name was Josie.

While Mike led worship, a first-time attendee began to weep.  Her friend asked her what was happening.  She said, “This is the first time in my life that I’ve felt the Presence of God!”  Earlier in her life, she had walked with God, but she had taken a big ‘detour’.  During worship, her friend prayed with her and she recommitted her life to the Lord.  We found out after worship and celebrated with her, telling her that we had specifically prayed that something like this would happen tonight.  She was a ‘happy camper!’  And so were we!  Yay God!

After worship, as I began to share, Josie began crying.  I asked her why.  She said, “Because you came to me in my dream two nights ago and said these very words.”  Later, as I preached my main message, she had another wave of tears.  I asked again.  Overwhelmed, she said, “You said ALL of this two nights ago.”

Remember, when I first walked into the room that evening, Josie was the first person I met… and I asked her if we had met before because she looked VERY familiar?  Really!  We had never met each other before that evening – except in her dream.  Wahoooo!!

Earlier that afternoon God had given me a couple names for the evening.  As I was sharing I asked a lady who had walked in late, what her name was.  She said, “Gina.”  I exclaimed, “O my goodness, I completely forgot about the names and Gina was one of the names!”  Gina said, “I don’t normally come, but felt like I was supposed to come tonight.”

Sharon was the other name.  No one present had that name.  But as I continued speaking, a man blurted out, ‘My sister Sharon, usually comes to these meetings, but couldn’t make it tonight.  She just texted me and asked me to bring one of your books home for her.”

God had encouraging words for both of them.  Fun adventures in God!  Ain’t God awesome!! – MLH

Moving ahead in time

25 Jul

Stories to Inspire

I’m exploring Spirit travel and time travel… Think of it, in the Spirit realm there is no time or distance.   And in the Spirit realm is where we’re “seated”, “hidden” and “raised”, etc.  Covid would have no impact whatsoever if we were familiar with traversing in the Spirit realm.   So I’m looking for Holy Spirit-led ways to travel in the Spirit and engage with time travel.

Moving ahead in time

“I was out prayer walking early one recent Sun morn… ascending… and traveling.  I felt inspired to go ahead in time to my sister Leann & bro-in-law Carl’s Sunday church meeting later that morning at The Well of Nashville.  I stood in the middle of their congregation and spoke breakthrough, glory and fresh strength/energy. (Many of them had been a part of a large funeral in that building the day before.)  As I was doing that, the Greek word ‘energeo’ came to mind… means “to put forth power”.  As I was declaring energeo over them, I looked down and less a 12″ away from my feet there was a 5-HOUR ENERGY drink bottle.  Bingo!  Confirmation!!!  Fun!!!”

“I text them what I experienced.” – MLH

Leann replied later…
“When we met together later that morn we shared your word in the service.  No, we didn’t see you, but I spoke to you and we all welcomed you to our gathering with laughter and excitement. 😊  Awesome morning !!! Thanks for the ‘visit’ and the releasing of Father’s heart for us!”

Jerry texted later:
“I was watching at the beginning of the meeting and there was a glory cloud on the place.  That first song, the new one Leann has just written wrecked me!  I could hardly see the road.”

Saints working with us

23 Jul

Stories to Inspire

We’ve been talking about engaging the ‘cloud of witnesses’ recently.  If you’re asking if this is Biblical… consider the Mt of Transfiguration where Moses and Elijah met with Jesus and “spoke about His departure, which He was about to accomplish at Jerusalem.” (Lk 9:31)  Old Testament saints stepped out of the unseen realm and literally advised Jesus so that He could “set His face toward Jerusalem” (Lk 9:51).
 If it’s true of Jesus, then it’s possible for us.  Yes!!!  How many resources of Heaven are we currently accessing?  Doesn’t it make us want to reach for more?

In this second short story, Earl gets a word of knowledge that gives a first-hand account of a deceased godly saint still praying for her granddaughter, even after the grandmother dies.

Saints working with us

“A young woman came to The Well several months ago.  Through her appearance, it was obvious she was ‘beaten up’ by life.  Some from her choices and also from the abuse received from others.  It was obvious from her posture she did not want to be there.”

“The Lord gave me a picture of someone praying for her, someone that had been praying for her all her life and this person said she would continue praying for this young girl until she received Christ as her Savior.  As I am giving this word of knowledge she just broke and started to weep.  All of her resistance to being there left and she became vulnerable.  Then the Lord gave me a name, so I asked her if this person was named Ruth.  Her brokenness intensified and she fell to the floor, as this is the name of her grandmother who had passed away some time ago, and who she now understood as one of the great cloud of witnesses praying for her even to this day. (Heb 12)”

“I then followed with the prophetic word concerning how the Lord was going to heal her emotions, set her free from her past and give her a future filled with wonderful possibilities and great expectations from a God who loved her and saw her as beautiful.  She would have had a hard time receiving that word without her heart being unlocked by the word of knowledge.” – EA

Contending for healing through ascending

22 Jul

Stories to Inspire

Josh’s remarkable improvements were predicated by actually ascending to the Throne and receiving healing from the Source.  Earthbound beggar praying is what we all used to do… but confident Heavenly receiving is so much more effective.

Contending for healing through ascending

“A couple of weeks ago, My wife and I enjoyed some white water rafting while on vacation in Colorado.  During an intense leg of the rafting trip, we plummeted over a seven-foot waterfall and ricocheted off a large rock.  The impact catapulted me back, over the side of the raft.  I dug in with my right foot and managed to stay on board; however, I hyper-extended my knee and felt it pop several times, as I held on.  When we got out at the end of the trek, I wasn’t able to put pressure on my right leg without extreme pain.”

“In the midst of lots of pain, we picked up a knee brace at a local pharmacy and continued our vacation.  I called my friend, Mark and asked him to pray with me for healing.  His immediate response was for us to ascend to the Throne.  I closed my eyes, expanded my spirit, and quickly found myself sitting on the lap of Jesus atop His Throne in Heaven.  I looked down over the edge of the throne, and it looked like a long way down.  I slipped off His lap and began to walk around His Throne.  Physically, I stood up, removed the brace, and started walking around outside our B&B.  My knee was completely healed in a matter of seconds!  I began to jump up and down!  I walked back to our room, rejoicing with Mark who was still on the phone.  When I hung up, I told my wife what just happened, and she rejoiced with me.”

“That evening, we walked all over downtown Glenwood Springs and ate at a rooftop restaurant.  When I got up from the table, I almost collapsed and again was unable to put pressure on my leg.  I was very confused.  It was a long and painful walk back to the car.  That night, I couldn’t sleep, got up several times, praying/speaking over my knee.  The next morning, we discussed the option of cutting our vacation short and returning home.  We both felt the disappointment of our predicament.  I suggested we ascend together and receive strength in my body.  That’s just what we did!  Immediately, Jesus flooded my body with Light & Life, and I was able to walk again with significantly less pain.  We didn’t have to return home, but rather, continued our vacation throughout Utah and Colorado, hiking and walking all over!  We are now back home and feeling great!  Thank God!” – JC

It’s a whole new world!

19 Jul

Stories to Inspire

Josh emailed this story and exclaimed afterward, “It’s a whole new world.”  I think we all concur!

It’s a whole new world!

“Thursday morning (around 8:00 am) I was at my home in Joplin, alone in the Glory.  As I entered into His Light, I opened my eyes and was amazed that my entire living room was flooded with light!  It was coming from my body!  I was shining with a bright, white light.

Suddenly, my thoughts went to a friend of mine who had been rushed to Kansas City for emergency surgery.  I began to expand my spirit, and found myself standing beside her bed – (I was here… then I was there).  My body was glowing and translucent – the hospital room was flooded with light.  I thrust both my hands into her stomach, and she began to glow.  I prayed in the Spirit and sang over her.  Everything happened very quickly… and then I was suddenly aware of my physical body, sitting on the couch in my living room.”

“That afternoon, I called her – the phone rang several times, and she finally picked up.  She was in extreme pain and was weeping.  She said her stomach had swelled twice its normal size and she couldn’t go to the bathroom.  I began to speak Truth and healing to her.  I commanded her body to function.  Immediately, the presence of God was very intense.  Her voice became calm.  She said she was watching the swelling go down right in front of her eyes, and was a little embarrassed to admit she had to hurry to the bathroom.” 

“Then she told me about an encounter she had around 8:00 am that morning.  She said her room became very bright with light and “Heaven entered her room”… the same time I had visited her earlier in the day.  I also found out her husband (who had left her several months ago) was there with her.  I prayed over both of them and then said goodbye.  They returned to Joplin together on Sunday.  She has completely recovered!  I am now seeing their marriage being restored!  Thank You, Jesus!!!!!!” – JC

John G. Lake translates in the Spirit

18 Jul

Whenever new frontiers are being rediscovered, it’s always helpful to be able to refer to Scripture and to reputable men and women of God who have had experiences that can be proven and have good fruit to show for the experience.

One of many exciting new frontiers: traveling in the Spirit.

II Kings 5:26 – Elijah’s spirit followed Gehazi.  
II Kings 6:12 – Elijah foils plans by going to the heathen king’s bedchamber
Acts 16:9 – A man from Macedonia showed up in Paul’s dream 
Ex 24:9-11 – Moses and his elders ascended to eat a meal with God on the sapphire stones

Reputable men and women
John G. Lake is an impeccable man of faith… revered by many as a pioneer in healing, signs, wonders, and miracles.  This account tells of an occasion where he traveled in the Spirit from South Africa to Wales, to heal a person. (video about 7 minutes long)

Heavenly encounter for real

17 Jul

Stories to Inspire

With the Kingdom Age decisively sweeping over us, it’s time we begin to identify our new spiritual frontiers and nurture new spiritual giftings which will be necessary in order to fulfill a new commission.   Ascended Life Community (ALC) is actively engaged in growing into our new M.O.

Cheryl had never had a Heavenly experience like this before.  She sincerely longed to have a genuine encounter… and didn’t want it to be an exercise of her own imagination.  After this encounter, as she told the story, her copious happy tears were more than enough evidence for her and to us, that she truly had a Heavenly experience.

Healed by my Father

“In a group ‘ascension’ experience, I asked the Lord to take me to His heart and Throne.  As I began to ‘ascend’, quite unexpectedly, I found myself ‘traveling’ back to my homeplace in northern Philippines.  I ‘came down’ on a gravel path in the middle of a large grain field.  Father God met me and led me into a large white mansion.  We walked through the mansion to a back patio where a ‘buckboard’ type 4-wheeled wagon was waiting.  It was being pulled by a carabao (water buffalo). Father God sat in the front seat holding the reigns while I sat behind Him.  As we traveled through large fields of full headed grain, it was incredibly elating to me to lean over the edge of the cart and run my hands through the heads of grain.  Occasionally, He very lovingly looked back at me and we would laugh together.  After a while, we ended up sitting side-by-side on a grassy high place overlooking all the fields.  Soon, I realized that I had started this entire experience as a little girl, but somewhere by the end, I had transitioned to my current adult age.  I felt exceptionally loved, secure, happy, full and carefree throughout the whole experience!  Then… I was back in my physical surroundings.”

“Much of my early childhood, my earthly father was absent from us, sacrificially paving a way for his family to join him in the US.  This Heavenly experience brought to my attention a ‘father void’ that I didn’t know I was living with.  My Heavenly Father healed me by showing me that He was ‘fathering’ me the whole time.” – CH