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Testimony: Melted by love… changed forever

28 Jan

SHINE youth conference – Tainan, Taiwan

For 3 or 4 years in the late 2000’s, our family helped lead a summer youth conference in Tainan, Taiwan.  Several years ago I received this heart melting testimony from a Tawainese young lady who is one of hundreds who come to the Lord each year, where about 1000 young people attend the annual summer SHINE youth conferences.  This event is hosted by Living Water Church in Tainan… pastored by Matt Chen.  A large portion of these youth have never heard about God, Jesus, church, love of God, etc.  Abbie’s testimony is very touching.  Just goes to show how much a simple hug (and even and un-understood prayer) can affect someone’s life forever. – MLH

Dear pastor Mark,

My name is Abbie, Im from taiwan livingwater church.  So first i want to tell u a story about 6 years ago.  The first time i met God was in SHINE youth conference.  That was amazing night.  The time was in the worship.

I still remember that night.  You was talking about how the God father love us and u start to call, “If u want to give ur heart for Jesus or u want to know him, please come!”

And that night was u pray for me.  I was 17 years old.  I never feel love from my dad.  And suddenly you keep me in ur hug… speak to my life!  Even in that moment i dont understand in English, BUT i can feel that strong love deep inside of me!

After that i back to my life.  My father got big change.  He never hit me again!  And i start know my father aways love me.  Maybe is takes time to see that change, but lord is faithful!

I just got baptized last November.  Since He found me, he never give up on me.  Even if i choose my way, he aways try his best to bring me back!  And Im really thankful that u pray for me.  So now is a new season to learning how to be a daughter of God and believe him!

P.S. I always swear one day i will learn English to say thanks to you!  Really hope one day I can see you again!!


Follow-up (Jan 2018)

Abbie – 2009

Recently a friend found a picture of the exact moment described above.  There was a lot of Heaven in that moment.  Abbie and I both felt it… tears flowed.

Today, as I was conversing with Abbie on Facebook, she posted another pic.  This time she is ministering Father’s love to another young lady… seven years after her very first encounter with Father God… at the same summer youth conference!

Abbie – 2016

Now, my heart is really messed up.  Seeing these pictures calls up deep affections for our eternal purpose on earth.  This is the way the Kingdom of God is supposed to function.  Wow!  Thank you, God!

Father God, bless Abbie with Your tender love and unusual help from Heaven… and with angels to protect and escort her into her full Godly destiny!  Amen