Heavenly encounter for real

17 Jul

Stories to Inspire

With the Kingdom Age decisively sweeping over us, it’s time we begin to identify our new spiritual frontiers and nurture new spiritual giftings which will be necessary in order to fulfill a new commission.   Ascended Life Community (ALC) is actively engaged in growing into our new M.O.

Cheryl had never had a Heavenly experience like this before.  She sincerely longed to have a genuine encounter… and didn’t want it to be an exercise of her own imagination.  After this encounter, as she told the story, her copious happy tears were more than enough evidence for her and to us, that she truly had a Heavenly experience.

Healed by my Father

“In a group ‘ascension’ experience, I asked the Lord to take me to His heart and Throne.  As I began to ‘ascend’, quite unexpectedly, I found myself ‘traveling’ back to my homeplace in northern Philippines.  I ‘came down’ on a gravel path in the middle of a large grain field.  Father God met me and led me into a large white mansion.  We walked through the mansion to a back patio where a ‘buckboard’ type 4-wheeled wagon was waiting.  It was being pulled by a carabao (water buffalo). Father God sat in the front seat holding the reigns while I sat behind Him.  As we traveled through large fields of full headed grain, it was incredibly elating to me to lean over the edge of the cart and run my hands through the heads of grain.  Occasionally, He very lovingly looked back at me and we would laugh together.  After a while, we ended up sitting side-by-side on a grassy high place overlooking all the fields.  Soon, I realized that I had started this entire experience as a little girl, but somewhere by the end, I had transitioned to my current adult age.  I felt exceptionally loved, secure, happy, full and carefree throughout the whole experience!  Then… I was back in my physical surroundings.”

“Much of my early childhood, my earthly father was absent from us, sacrificially paving a way for his family to join him in the US.  This Heavenly experience brought to my attention a ‘father void’ that I didn’t know I was living with.  My Heavenly Father healed me by showing me that He was ‘fathering’ me the whole time.” – CH


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