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ALC Conference 2021 – Oct 7-9

27 Sep

Dear Ascended Life Community friends

ALC Conference almost here!

We’re getting really excited about the ALC Conference coming up on Oct 7, 8 and 9.  We feel Heaven’s excitement… and I’m sure you are too!  That’s Thursday, Friday and Saturday… only 10 days from now!!!  And it’s all FREE!  Please register now if you haven’t already!

Already, we’re hosting over 40 guests from out-of-town, in local homes.  Amazing meals are being planned.  Debbie has her administrative / planning ‘hat’ on and is coordinating with lots of you to make it all come together. 

We’ll have a folder of helpful documents relevant to the Ascended Life for everyone who attends.

The host church is being SUPER gracious to ALC.  You will love the pastor and his wife – Drew & Melinda Smith.

On the spiritual front, there is an increasing expectation of God’s Heavenly surprises for us.  I’m confident that we’ll have many first-time personal encounters.  And I believe that we’re going to have some first-time corporate experiences.

There will be lots of sharing of testimonies, insights, revelations… frequent group interactions and participation… many activations as a whole group and in small groups.  

Lydia leading worship
We’re excited that our daughter Lydia, will be leading some of our worship.  Get ready for free flow and extended worship times, with a focus on sharing real-time Heavenly encounters and letting them ‘springboard’ us along the way.  We’ll be committed to listening for Heaven’s directions and emphasis’… and implementing them. 

ALC Conference registration
Here’s the ALC Conference announcement and registration form Read this for more info about the conference.  If you are attending and have not formally registered yet, please do so ASAP!!  This helps with food planning.

ALC website
Our new ALC website: .  It’s under construction, but several pages are fully functional with lots of resources and inspirational material.

Girl goes to Heaven
Recently, a girl from the church hosting the conference, had an encounter where God told her that something very important was going to happen in that church in October. (she frequently ‘goes to Heaven’)  She had no idea of our conference.  I’ve asked the parents for more specific information about this.  🙌🙏

Man feels God for first time
Last weekend, I spoke in the conference host-church.  When I facilitated an activation of ‘going to Heaven’, an older gentleman was deeply moved when he felt God for the first in his life.  I know this man and it made tears come to my eyes to know that he had an encounter with Jesus, the likes of which he’d never had before.  Wonder what Jesus thinks of that?!  

See you face-to-face OR in the Heavenlies
Whether we see you in KC or in the Heavenlies, we’ll see you soon.  Actually, we’ll be looking for you in either case, in keeping with Heb 12:22-23 (we have come… to the church of the firstborn, whose names are written in heaven).  That’s you and me!  Whether we’re in the same building or in different locations we’ll plan on meeting in the Mountain of the Lord as our starting place.  From there… only God knows for sure!!!

View our greeting and welcome video to this ALC ‘family reunion’.  Welcome home!

Our love and blessings ❤❤

Mark & Debbie Hendrickson