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Leroy acknowledged my greeting

16 Aug

Stories to Inspire

We’ve been researching the idea of involvement with the ‘cloud of witnesses’.  Convincing current testimonies and newly revealed Scriptures shine new light on this once-taboo topic.  Interesting insight: All those who are “in Christ” and have passed through the grave, are not dead… they have been experiencing everlasting life from the moment of their salvation (Jn 3:16).

Leroy acknowledged my greeting

This week a very dear friend of mine Leroy, passed on into his eternal reward.  He ran a trophy-filled race and is now receiving his reward — Jesus, face to face!  And He’s in the great cloud of witnesses now.  Wow!!!  Within a few hours of his passing, I sent the following text to a close mutual friend.


Leroy & Cindy Metzger

“Awww. My buddies… Leroy & Jesus.  I feel lots of love for Leroy.  He’s in the great cloud of witnesses now.  If you have time to look this way Leroy, Hi!!! Sending you my love.”

Well, something unexpected happened less than 30 mins after I sent that text.  I was out running and met a man on a bike.  He rode past me, shortly turned around, came back and stopped to talk with me.  Unusual!  So I stopped to engage with him.  He was the nicest cheerful and chatty 69-year-old man.  I asked his name and he said, “Roy!”  Before we parted, I asked if I could pray for him.  He agreed and we soon parted ways.

As I walked away, I remembered that just minutes before, I had solicited Leroy’s attention and conveyed my love.  Well, here’s something interesting: Many times I called Leroy, ‘La Roy’ which means ‘the king’ (roy means king).  What are the chances that the very next person I meet in this world, after I just greeted Leroy… is named Roy?

Upon realizing this, I quickly turned and watched the bicyclist in the distance.  He was already out of earshot, but I wanted to call him back because it just dawned on me, “La Roy, you just came to check in with me, didn’t you?  Wow!  Love ya, my buddy!  Thanks!”

Saints working with us

23 Jul

Stories to Inspire

We’ve been talking about engaging the ‘cloud of witnesses’ recently.  If you’re asking if this is Biblical… consider the Mt of Transfiguration where Moses and Elijah met with Jesus and “spoke about His departure, which He was about to accomplish at Jerusalem.” (Lk 9:31)  Old Testament saints stepped out of the unseen realm and literally advised Jesus so that He could “set His face toward Jerusalem” (Lk 9:51).
 If it’s true of Jesus, then it’s possible for us.  Yes!!!  How many resources of Heaven are we currently accessing?  Doesn’t it make us want to reach for more?

In this second short story, Earl gets a word of knowledge that gives a first-hand account of a deceased godly saint still praying for her granddaughter, even after the grandmother dies.

Saints working with us

“A young woman came to The Well several months ago.  Through her appearance, it was obvious she was ‘beaten up’ by life.  Some from her choices and also from the abuse received from others.  It was obvious from her posture she did not want to be there.”

“The Lord gave me a picture of someone praying for her, someone that had been praying for her all her life and this person said she would continue praying for this young girl until she received Christ as her Savior.  As I am giving this word of knowledge she just broke and started to weep.  All of her resistance to being there left and she became vulnerable.  Then the Lord gave me a name, so I asked her if this person was named Ruth.  Her brokenness intensified and she fell to the floor, as this is the name of her grandmother who had passed away some time ago, and who she now understood as one of the great cloud of witnesses praying for her even to this day. (Heb 12)”

“I then followed with the prophetic word concerning how the Lord was going to heal her emotions, set her free from her past and give her a future filled with wonderful possibilities and great expectations from a God who loved her and saw her as beautiful.  She would have had a hard time receiving that word without her heart being unlocked by the word of knowledge.” – EA