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John G. Lake translates in the Spirit

18 Jul

Whenever new frontiers are being rediscovered, it’s always helpful to be able to refer to Scripture and to reputable men and women of God who have had experiences that can be proven and have good fruit to show for the experience.

One of many exciting new frontiers: traveling in the Spirit.

II Kings 5:26 – Elijah’s spirit followed Gehazi.  
II Kings 6:12 – Elijah foils plans by going to the heathen king’s bedchamber
Acts 16:9 – A man from Macedonia showed up in Paul’s dream 
Ex 24:9-11 – Moses and his elders ascended to eat a meal with God on the sapphire stones

Reputable men and women
John G. Lake is an impeccable man of faith… revered by many as a pioneer in healing, signs, wonders, and miracles.  This account tells of an occasion where he traveled in the Spirit from South Africa to Wales, to heal a person. (video about 7 minutes long)