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SP True Stories: Employer from heaven?

20 Oct

True stories of supernatural provision

Over-the-top employer

Our friend, a family man, pastor and IT web site developer, moved to KC last summer and began working online for a Christian employer in Ohio.  The employer took such a liking to my friend that the employer personally took him to Cabella’s for Christmas and told him to buy everything he wanted for his family.  While there, he said, “If it is too much for us to take with us, then we’ll just ship it to your home.”  He also bought him a top-of-the-line computer for his job.  Then not long ago, he offered to relocate my friend and his family to Ohio, including these perks:AngelEmployer

– Moving expenses – paid
– One year’s rent – paid
– Full time job in the company for his wife
– Down payment for future home

Turns out, a few years ago the Christian employer was bankrupt, but God turned it all around.  He now gives away $100K/month and wants to increase it to $1M.  Needless to say, God was so good to my friend that we ‘lost’ him and his family… they moved to Ohio.




SP True Stories: Paid debt refunded

15 Oct

True stories of supernatural provision

Our Father is even concerned with our cars

A few of months ago I was in an auto accident resulting in some body damage to my car.  I asked God how He felt about this.  That night I had a dream that I was leading someone out to my car to look at the damage.  When we got there it wasn’t my car, but it was a new car!!!GiftCar

A couple months passed and I was looking for a replacement car, but I didn’t have enough money without going into debt.  Then one day I was checking my bank account and to my surprise, it showed that I had $7,000 more in the account than expected.  Someone had deposited money into my account without telling me.  Turns out that surprise excess balance was a debt I paid off… but then the person decided to refund the money back to me.  Thank you, Lord!

I had not wanted to buy an automobile on credit, but now I’ve purchased a nice used car… and I have money left over.

Our Father gives the best gifts… and takes such great care of His kids.



SP True Stories: $1M debt nearly gone

11 Oct

True stories of supernatural provision

$1,000,000 debt, almost gone!$1M

About 3 years ago, a close friend was close to $1M in debt… and had no job.  The debt included; a failed-business loan, house mortgage default, unpaid taxes and personal debt.  Needless to say, it was quite overwhelming… even debilitating!  Surprisingly, a friend in a competitor business negotiated with his bank and bought his business debt… and then ‘forgave’ him the debt buy-out price.  A lawyer negotiated with the state and federal governments regarding his unpaid taxes.  Several more financial interventions occurred… until now he has only about $12K debt remaining.

Can you feel the load lifted off?! I’d say that’s worthy of a hearty, “Hallelujah!”



SP True Stories: Unexpected retirement account

11 Oct

True stories of supernatural provision

Surprise!!  You still have another retirement account

In mid-2014 I decided to withdraw the money out of an old 401K to help pay medical bills.  I got on the website and managed to find the “I want to request a distribution” page.  After clicking here and clicking there, giving them my banking info for direct deposit, it was a done deal.SackOfMoney

But afterward I continued to get emails from the company about the various funds.  I always just deleted them – thinking it was just mass advertising.  Last month I was cleaning out my Inbox and I noticed an email that said my quarterly statement was available online for review.  I assumed there must be a small balance left in the account, probably earnings that came in after I closed the account.

In order to log in, I had to find my account number and password.  That took some digging because I thought the account was closed.  It was definitely worth the “digging” because the account had almost $3500 left in it!  This was definitely surprise money, found money, and an unexpected treasure.  WaaHoo!  Jesus is good!!



SP True Stories: Surprise insurance policy

9 Oct

True stories of Supernatural Provision

Surprise life-insurance policy pays off debt

Our good friends received an astounding phone call not long ago.  The young mother was asked if she wEarnMoneyOnline_NextGen-702x336as the daughter of (name) and if she had two siblings.  She said, “Yes, I am and I have two sisters.”  The call was from a lawyer facilitating the payout of a life insurance policy that her mother’s boyfriend had taken out about 6 years earlier, naming her mother as the beneficiary… without her mother ever knowing.  Two years later they broke up… and within four more years, both the mother and the ex-boyfriend were deceased.  The mother was still the beneficiary,,, without ever knowing it.  So now the insurance payout gets split equally between 3 daughters… each sibling received $144K.

Since the outstanding phone call surprise, our friends have been able to pay off their home mortgage, their credit card debt, their car, her remaining school loan and have money left over to do serious repairs to their home and buy a second car.

Is God super-good or what!!!



Shake, stomp and dance upon injustice

8 Oct

Dirt Becomes Deliverance

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the farmer who had an old donkey that fell into a well.  The farmer thought since the donkey was old, he might as well bury it down there.  He called his neighbors together with shovels and they started throwing dirt down on the donkey.  After a while the farmer noticed the ears of the donkey and suddenly the donkey jumped out and ran across the field.  The farmer and neighbors discovered that, every time they threw dirt down on the donkey, he would just shake it off and step on it.  The dirt being thrown upon him became his deliverance as he shook it off and stepped on it.  What was supposed to destroy him, became a stepping stone to his deliverance!inspiring-stories-donkey

Are you in a pit or prison and the enemy is throwing all kinds of discouragement, slander and lies at you.  Shake it off and step on it!  As you shake it off and step on the ‘dirt’ that the enemy is trying to destroy you with, that ‘dirt’ becomes your stepping stone to your deliverance!

Moral of the story: Learn to dance upon injustice.


A crown awaits all those who love His appearing

8 Oct

Wanna hear a secret?  Read this verse.

“Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day–and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing.” – II Tim 4:8

Did you notice that to receive the crown of righteousness, we must love His appearing… yes it’s that simple, just love His appearing.

So what is “loving His appearing”?  And what does His appearing look like?  Gold_and_Red_Crown_with_Diamonds_PNG_Clipart

Most thoughts will gravitate to the classic ‘second coming’ of Christ.  But I believe His appearing can also be defined as the moment we hear His voice, feel His presence in one way or another.  At that very moment, we just encountered Heaven’s heart.  Loving His appearing could be defined as being gripped with love for and fascination of our wonderful Lord, Himself.  Every time Jesus appears, He longs to find hungry hearts who enjoy Him and are deeply in love with Him and who are eagerly expectant for Him to frequently appear.

“When (as often as) Christ who is your life appears, then you also will appear with him in (that same) glory.” – Col 3:4

You see, He’s the capital “G”, Giver God.  Every time Jesus appears, He gives us something… righteousness… glory… etc.  For more on receiving His glory, read my post here.

As we love His appearing it moves His heart.  But, the cool thing is that He loved us before we even started loving Him.  And when He finds that we’re growing in love for more frequent ‘appearings’, He gives us a greater revelation that His righteousness is now our righteousness.  That righteousness is our Crown… and that crown is the full experiential (not just legal) reality of being “the righteousness of God in Christ”.  (II Cor 5:21; Rom 3:22)  Yes, our very spiritual ‘DNA’ gets changed.

Ready for your crown… it awaits you… just love His appearing… each time He appears!


SP True Stories: Just getting started

3 Oct

True stories of Supernatural Provision…

Just getting started on his provision journey…

Great week. Got 41 hours of payable hours in 4 days.  I’ve got a second job starting out tomorrow that’s going to pay in cash… $40 for a couple hours of work.  Muchly needed because won’t be getting paid from the full-time job until the end of the month.  Also, my wife’s mom just told us she’s sent us $200 in the mail.  We’ll be getting it this week.  Need to keep my journal of God’s great faithfulness in provision.  Peace brother.  🙂 JustGettingStarted

Follow-up… I worked 88 hours this last week. 141 hours so far this month.  I’m tired but I’m anointed to work. So I’m doing it.  I was able to call the landlord today and tell him I’m able to get rent to him this month.  That felt good to say.  I’m keeping my head down and will keep focusing on working hard.

Follow-up… The Lord provided a job that encourages overtime and He’s giving me the grace to labor more abundantly than I ever have in the past.  Not only that, but power to go and do things with my family when I am off of work.  I see Him blessing the short amount of time I have with my wife and making it richer than ever before!  Now, we are all caught up in all our utilities, rent (for four months! ), insurance, and car loans!  We’ve got only the credit card bills to get caught up in.  That will happen next week!  Peace


Andrew is a good brother, newly married and now a family man, who used to be stuck in a poor mindset.  But he ‘metanoia-ed’ (Greek word for repent, which literally means to ‘have a change of mind’).  Can you hear the relief, confidence… and even, joy… in his voice as he gives each successive follow-up.  Now that a glitch in his thinking got adjusted, I’m confident that supernatural provision will be a more common experience in their lives.  I’m happy to say that he is still in the process of creating a great legacy to hand off to his next generation.

For more context on the values of work, read ‘Supernatual Provision – Where God Guides, He Provides’ : Chapter 7 ‘Does Manual Labor Have Any Value?’ (pg 119) and Chapter 9 ‘If a Man Doesn’t Work He Doesn’t Eat (pg 151) To get a copy of Supernatural Provision, click here or here


SP True Stories: Money out of heaven

1 Oct

True stories of Supernatural Provision

Money just comes out of heaven…

My friend Noel was in Cape Town, South Africa with his brother and two friends in an upscale restaurant on the boardwalk overlooking the harbor and marina.  His three friends were quite financially ‘well to do’.  In the course of the conversation Noel told them, “When you live by supernatural provision, money just comes out of heaven.”  He could tell that they weren’t exactly impressed.

But within 3 or 4 minutes a business man, dressed in a full length trench coat and sun glasses, walked by on the boardwalk and stopped right in front of them with his eyes fixed on Noel. He took his glasses off and asked, “Are you Noel Alexander?”  Noel replied, “Yes.”  “Do you live in Kansas City, MO?”  Noel said, “Yes.”  The man said, “Many years ago I was in KC at a conference where you spoke and it blessed me immensely.  Just wanted to let you know.”  The man then turned and walked on.Money falls from the sky

Now what are the chances of finding someone who knows you in a strange city 12,000 miles from home?!  Noel’s friends asked, “Do you know that man?”  He replied, “Never met him that I know of.”

But just a few minutes later that same man returned and said, “I’d like to buy your lunch” as he handed Noel a 2” roll of bills to the amount of about 1500 Rand.  Then just as abruptly, he walked on.  Noel turned to his astonished brother and friends and said, “See, like I said, when you live by supernatural provision, money just comes out of heaven!”


I’m honored that Noel wrote a foreword for my book Supernatural Provision.  He and I have lots of fun sharing our supernatural provision stories with each other.  This following passage in Romans is just one of many Scriptures which inspires us to walk in the higher Law of Blessing… far above the law of sowing and reaping.  

“Now to him who works, the wages are not counted as grace but as debt.  But to him who does not work but believes on Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is accounted for righteousness,” – Rom 4:4-5