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SP True Stories: Just getting started

3 Oct

True stories of Supernatural Provision…

Just getting started on his provision journey…

Great week. Got 41 hours of payable hours in 4 days.  I’ve got a second job starting out tomorrow that’s going to pay in cash… $40 for a couple hours of work.  Muchly needed because won’t be getting paid from the full-time job until the end of the month.  Also, my wife’s mom just told us she’s sent us $200 in the mail.  We’ll be getting it this week.  Need to keep my journal of God’s great faithfulness in provision.  Peace brother.  🙂 JustGettingStarted

Follow-up… I worked 88 hours this last week. 141 hours so far this month.  I’m tired but I’m anointed to work. So I’m doing it.  I was able to call the landlord today and tell him I’m able to get rent to him this month.  That felt good to say.  I’m keeping my head down and will keep focusing on working hard.

Follow-up… The Lord provided a job that encourages overtime and He’s giving me the grace to labor more abundantly than I ever have in the past.  Not only that, but power to go and do things with my family when I am off of work.  I see Him blessing the short amount of time I have with my wife and making it richer than ever before!  Now, we are all caught up in all our utilities, rent (for four months! ), insurance, and car loans!  We’ve got only the credit card bills to get caught up in.  That will happen next week!  Peace


Andrew is a good brother, newly married and now a family man, who used to be stuck in a poor mindset.  But he ‘metanoia-ed’ (Greek word for repent, which literally means to ‘have a change of mind’).  Can you hear the relief, confidence… and even, joy… in his voice as he gives each successive follow-up.  Now that a glitch in his thinking got adjusted, I’m confident that supernatural provision will be a more common experience in their lives.  I’m happy to say that he is still in the process of creating a great legacy to hand off to his next generation.

For more context on the values of work, read ‘Supernatual Provision – Where God Guides, He Provides’ : Chapter 7 ‘Does Manual Labor Have Any Value?’ (pg 119) and Chapter 9 ‘If a Man Doesn’t Work He Doesn’t Eat (pg 151) To get a copy of Supernatural Provision, click here or here