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Shake, stomp and dance upon injustice

8 Oct

Dirt Becomes Deliverance

Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the farmer who had an old donkey that fell into a well.  The farmer thought since the donkey was old, he might as well bury it down there.  He called his neighbors together with shovels and they started throwing dirt down on the donkey.  After a while the farmer noticed the ears of the donkey and suddenly the donkey jumped out and ran across the field.  The farmer and neighbors discovered that, every time they threw dirt down on the donkey, he would just shake it off and step on it.  The dirt being thrown upon him became his deliverance as he shook it off and stepped on it.  What was supposed to destroy him, became a stepping stone to his deliverance!inspiring-stories-donkey

Are you in a pit or prison and the enemy is throwing all kinds of discouragement, slander and lies at you.  Shake it off and step on it!  As you shake it off and step on the ‘dirt’ that the enemy is trying to destroy you with, that ‘dirt’ becomes your stepping stone to your deliverance!

Moral of the story: Learn to dance upon injustice.