SP True Stories: Unexpected retirement account

11 Oct

True stories of supernatural provision

Surprise!!  You still have another retirement account

In mid-2014 I decided to withdraw the money out of an old 401K to help pay medical bills.  I got on the website and managed to find the “I want to request a distribution” page.  After clicking here and clicking there, giving them my banking info for direct deposit, it was a done deal.SackOfMoney

But afterward I continued to get emails from the company about the various funds.  I always just deleted them – thinking it was just mass advertising.  Last month I was cleaning out my Inbox and I noticed an email that said my quarterly statement was available online for review.  I assumed there must be a small balance left in the account, probably earnings that came in after I closed the account.

In order to log in, I had to find my account number and password.  That took some digging because I thought the account was closed.  It was definitely worth the “digging” because the account had almost $3500 left in it!  This was definitely surprise money, found money, and an unexpected treasure.  WaaHoo!  Jesus is good!!




2 Responses to “SP True Stories: Unexpected retirement account”

  1. Matthew November 7, 2015 at 10:12 AM #

    That is an Awesome blessing from our Father!

    • Mark Hendrickson November 8, 2015 at 1:05 AM #

      Matthew, we’re beginning to see and believe that our Father is really good. He loves to surprise us with crazy cool blessings!

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