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SP True Stories: Crazy wild life

29 Sep

True stories of supernatural provision…

Crazy wild life…

Well, it’s been exactly two years since I’ve had a job.  In the last two years I’ve moved from Kansas City to California… been on vacation to Mexico… helped lead two missions trips to Tijuana without raising a dime… attended one of the best churches in the world (i.e. Bethel)… traveled the west coast extensively… lived in Portland… went on vacation to Hawaii… moved to Hawaii… and just recently bought a ticket to move back to Portland for the summer.

Did I mention I haven’t had a job in over two years?  Where has the money come from?  Well… hmm… I dlivelikeakingon’t know?  Ha!

I’ve been excited for this two year anniversary of mine.  I know, I’ve been doing this ‘faith journey’ for some years now, but no job at all… it defies all logic!  When I moved to California I made sure I brought along my copy of ‘Supernatural Provision’ and had it sitting, propped up on my desk, reminding me not to worry about money.

Thank you SO much for encouraging me on this journey.  Feel free to share my story with whomever may need a little encouragement.  He really does provide! Much love!


Dave is an exemplary man and an always happy, great friend of mine.  He doesn’t ask for a dime yet lives in the favor of a king.  He is teachable and humble, yet has a strong vibrant spiritual life which he aggressively and with love, exports to all.  His devoted-to-Jesus lifestyle has yielded tons of really great stories of Father’s supply, of all kinds.  I’m proud to say that Dave is one of the purest examples of contented living within Father’s lavish provision that I know.  (“Godliness with contentment is great gain” – I Tim 6:6) – MLH


Living in Heaven and Earth… at the same time

26 Sep

In the Old Testament there were times when the heavens were “locked in silence” or “as brass”.  But in the New Covenant we are securely seated in heaven with Christ… yet our feet are still on terra firma (earth) (John 3:13).  In other words, we are living in both worlds simultaneously.   So if we can believe it, we are the portal/door between heaven and earth.  

How does this work?  As we gain the mind of Christ, we begin to learn to exercise authority over earthly matters from our heavenly position… just as He does.

Nothing eternal or supernatural occurs on earth without that change originating in heaven.  And since our primary place of residence is now in heaven, this positions us to partner with Jesus in rulership over the kingdoms of this earth.   What an amazing plan… and what a magnanimous God to call us co-heirs with Christ… and purpose that we would share in ruler-ship with Him.

“Truly I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven.” (Matt 16:19 NASB)Give the keys

Saints who are growing in understanding of their amazing identity and position in Christ begin to learn a new norm of living in and from the heavenlies with Christ.   This empowers us to truly rule like we were designed to… and commissioned to… from the beginning. 

God’s speed fellow saints… we’re just beginning to learn how incredible our Father’s thoughts are for us.  From before the beginning He had always planned to share all He is with us!!!   He even gives us the keys to the family ‘car’!

What a Dad!!