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DPM Update – 2015 April

27 Apr

Dear Friends

We’re back home in KC!!20150422_121301

Europe 2015
What a blast!  Four countries in five weeks:  Norway, England, Wales and Switzerland.  All but one of our hosts have been in our home in KC sometime in the last few years… and all were over-the-top gracious when we were in their home.  This was definitely a God trip, as we can see the fingerprints of God throughout.  We were in about 30 meetings in 34 days… so it was full, it was a wild ride, it was heavenly, it was full of love (both given and received) and it was extremely rewarding.  When we think of all the lives we personally touched with a hug, a prophetic word, worship time, preaching, remembrance of their name, a laugh, time of tears, or a time of counseling… it’s a little overwhelming to comprehend how God let us personally touch so many of His people with His love.  God is so good that His resources of love are never exhausted.  I’ve gotta believe that Heaven’s ‘bank accounts’ are a little richer for all the love exchanged. 

Beautiful!!!  Fjords, sheer vertical mountain sides, snow-capped mountain tops, beautiful green deep valleys, the land of tunnels (we drove through over 100 and the world’s longest), whole cities without stop signs in favor of round-a-bouts, crystal clear streams, grass roofs, and quaint old-world architecture and style buildings.   All these make Norway a spectacular place to see.   But surprising to me was that most believers we met were lovers of Holy Spirit freedom… which made it a ton of fun for us.  A four-day “Outcry” conference, Jesus Fellowship church, house churches and one day of teaching at Veien Bible school gave us many opportunities and great pleasure to be a catalyst for freedom and joy.  A great big “Thank you” to our hosts, Oystein & Sigrid Hilleren and Bruce & Ellen McKibben!!!

England was a place for Debbie and I to rest and relax.  We spent parts of two days in London on a whirlwind date… saw many of the major sites, mastered The Tube and double-decker bus system and of course, we had to eat traditional fish-n-chips and meat pie at the pub!  Then we were guests in Paul & Michelle Gaskin’s Bristol home where we had an easy schedule of rest, relaxing and sight-seeing… with the exception of one afternoon and evening of meetings.  Easter Sunday morning, we enjoyed the liturgy of a formal Anglican church as Paul’s daughter was baptized.  A warm “Thank you” to Paul & Michelle!!!

This land is rife with recorded revivals extending back for over 1000 years.  My mind staggers at the extent of God’s intervention in mankind’s history here.  All of the UK and Europe are like a modern Bible of visitations of God.  Our time in Wales was rich with spiritual refreshing and renewal for us; from visiting Ffald-y-Brenin (a current revival hotspot), to visiting two chapels where Evan Roberts had his historical experiences in 1904 that changed eternity for thousands. (We won’t be the same… there’s so much more I’d love to say about that!)  Then we settled into a sleepy little town of Presteigne were we integrated into very rural life with hikes through pastures full of sheep and shops that still operate in old-world style. Very enjoyable. We also shared in several meetings and discovered that God has on-fire people everywhere.  One of our meetings was in a 400 year old pub. That night the ‘drinks’ were on the house… God’s house!  As far as our hosts could determine, Presteigne had not experienced a Holy Spirit evening like this for longer than anyone knew.  We’re so privileged to be a part of God’s love expressed on earth!!!  A very grateful “Thank you” to our hosts, Dick & Gladys Funnell and Jon & Anne Judson.

We were welcomed graciously and warmly… then immediately we stepped into nine days of a fairly full schedule. Our schedule was rewarding in many ways… from just good fun, to awe inspiring stunning scenery of majestic snow-capped jagged mountains and tranquil green valleys, to many divine appointments where hearts were melted and wonderfully massaged by the love of God.  This is a very noble culture, but lacks expressed love, which makes for a most wonderful God-moment when the authentic love of God is felt.  This proved true many times… as evidenced by so many tears that it’s impossible to tell of all the experiences.  A three-day spiritual retreat, several house churches and small groups gave many opportunities for personal touch and affection.  Do you think Jesus loves this?!?!  Otto & Helen Leuthold, Walter Hegetschweiler & Marianne Frei, and Salvi & Marinella Greco & family were all amazing gracious hosts… “Thank you, SO very much!!”

Switzerland has 4 official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh.  Then to make matters more confusing, German has a high and low version which are VERY different from the other.  In addition, most everyone speaks some English.   So literally this country speaks 6 languages.  Wow, crazy, but everyone seems to make it work.

It was a huge blessing that most people in each country spoke at least a little English… and many are quite fluent.  We strongly felt the pleasure of Heaven throughout the whole trip.  The favor from people and impact in people’s lives was much more than we could have ever expected!  What an honor to love Jesus’ bride and give her hope and a personal ‘kiss’ from Him.  We can truly say that we have richer hearts for giving love away.  Sounds like Jesus in John 4:34 when He said, “My food is to do the will of the Father.”  In other words, when we do His will, it will be food (’nutrition’) to us. 

So now, let us have a week or so of ‘sabbath’ at home… and to see our family… then we’ll be ready to do it again… somewhere on the earth… and in God’s timing, I’m confident we’ll be back in Europe.  Your prayer ‘cover’, support and care were hugely appreciated.  Thank you all SO very much!! 

To view pics of our travels, visit our Facebook page and click on the Europe 2015 photo album.

Lydia – India missionLydnblkfacescropped
Speaking of family, our daughter Lydia is planning a trip with a team to Chennai, India…  May 8-16.  They will be teaching worship music, art, singing, dance and prophecy 4-6 hours each day… with children outside of the orphanage in the mornings… and in the afternoons, to children who live in the Children’s House of Prayer.  About 300 children are going to receive the love of Jesus in a personal way.  Thank you for keeping Lydia and team in your prayers.  For more info or to watch live, see:  (Pic – Lydia on an Africa mission trip)

With our love and blessings!!
Mark and Debbie

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Quote: The Good Life Without The Sweat

25 Apr

“Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them.  Are you not of more value than they?” – Matt 6:26

Most people are of the opinion that the good life does not happen without hard work and buckets of sweat.  They believe that to achieve sucPrintcess, you first need to have this educational certificate, that professional qualification, this particular job and that many years of hard work.  I have good news for you: God has a better way.

We all must work, but the world wants you to believe that there is a natural process of sowing, reaping and gathering, accompanied by waiting, toiling and stress, before the good life actually comes.  But God says, “My people do not need to go through this natural process to enjoy the good life for they are not of this world’s system.  They can operate out of My economy and I can give them the good life straightaway!”

In the same way that God feeds the birds which do not go through the sow-then-reap-then-gather system of the world, He wants to and will do much more for you!

Your heavenly Father wants you to know the generosity of His heart toward you and how much He wants to make you successful.  A case in point is what happened to a church member who believed this truth.  After leaving his previous job, he trusted God to provide him with a better one.  Within just four months, he found himself heading two companies.

His newly formed distribution company not only clinched a major project in Singapore, but was also made the principal distributor in Southeast Asia for a popular line of products from the United States.  His second company, which provided consultancy services, was given two projects by a Korean and a Hong Kong company for a six-figure consultancy fee in US dollars.

Today, God wants you to know that you are not of the world’s system.  You are of the kingdom of God—the same kingdom that feeds the birds that do not toil, but simply trust their Creator for all their provisions in life.  Be convinced that you are of more value to your heavenly Father than the birds, and let Him give you the good life without the toiling and laboring of the world.

From:  Joseph Prince Daily Grace Inspirations – Apr 25

Quote: Seek First God’s Kingdom

24 Apr

“Therefore do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ For after all these things the Gentiles seek. For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. – Matt 6:31-33

As a child of God, know that it is your Father’s pleasure to meet all your needs. Jesus Himself tells us, “For your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things.” But God does not want you to seek after things. He wants you to seek first His kingdom. And when you do that, all the things that you need will be added to you!

So your first priority every day is to seek His kingdom. The word “first” in verse 33 is the Greek word proton, which means “first in order or importance, holding the highest place in all our affections”. My friend, God wants us to seek first His kingdom, and all things will fall gloriously in place.

We are not to seek after things the way Gentiles do. The word “seek” in “the Gentiles seek” (verse 32) is the Greek word epizeteo. It means “to seek with all their might with much sweat or with much stress”. However, the way God wants us to “seek” in “seek first the kingdom of God” is the Greek word zeteo, which means “to hunger, to desire to worship”. It is simply a hungering, a desiring for the kingdom of God, without any labor or toil.

But what is the kingdom of God? Romans 14:17 tells us that it is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. And the kingdom of God dwells within you because the Holy Spirit indwells you. So the kingdom of God is His righteousness, peace and joy in you.

Beloved, if you want to have peace and joy in the Holy Spirit flowing inside you, then seek every day to be conscious of your righteousness in Christ, not your own righteousness, but His righteousness given to you as a gift. Pursue Jesus first. Spend time with Him and listen to His Word. And when you do these things, you are seeking His kingdom and His righteousness, and all the things that you need will be added to you!

From:  Joseph Prince Daily Grace Inspirations – Apr 21

Quote: Count on God’s Forgiveness

9 Apr

“For the worshipers, once purified, would have had no more consciousness of sins.” – Heb 10:2

What are you more conscious of today? Your sins or the fact that you have been forgiven? My friend, don’t be conscious of your sins. Be conscious instead of Jesus and His finished work. The Lamb of God has taken away all your sins at the cross, so count on the fact that you are a forgiven child of God!

No matter what has happened or what you have done, God wants you to know that because of His Son’s finished work, He will be merciful to your unrighteousness, and your sins and lawless deeds He will remember no more. (Hebrews 8:12)

That is why you should not be conscious of your sins. In fact, when you are sin-conscious, the devil brings in condemnation, and the more you receive it and condemn yourself, the more you will find yourself unforgiving toward yourself and even others.

Something happens when you believe that you are forgiven. That is why God says to you, “I want you to believe that all your sins I will remember no more. I want you to believe that you are My child enjoying My mercy and that you can always count on My forgiveness.”

Beloved, remember that all your sins have already been paid for by Jesus on the cross. And the more you count on the fact that you have the Father’s forgiveness and that He does not condemn you because of Jesus’ finished work, the more sin and its effects—sickness, hatred, lack and so on—will lose their grip on you. You will find yourself walking in a greater measure of God’s grace and blessings!

From:  Joseph Prince Daily Grace Inspirations – Apr 9 


DPM Update – 2015 March – Norway

2 Apr

Dear Friends

Norway report
Yesterday was our last day in Norway… and leaving tugged at our hearts… leaving us a little sad.


Travel… 23 hours on a plane and sitting in an airport…   Even an overnighter somewhere over the North Atlantic with about 200 friends.  Hmmm… my bed at home sleeps much better.20150324_115714

On the flight from Oslo to Bergen, Norway, the pilot did a 5 minute 360 degree circle so that everyone could try to get a glimpse of a nearly total solar eclipse… it got a little darker but there were too many clouds to see much.

Bergen… Most everyone speaks English as a 2nd language in Norway so it’s very easy to converse.  Our hosts took us around the city and up on a mountain overlook to see an amazing view of the city harbor and beyond.   We’ve had several house church meetings with great results, tears, joy and lots of prophetic ministry.  We ministered at Jesus Fellowship Bergen on Sunday afternoon… it was wild, fresh, free, with lots of Holy Spirit kinda stuff  🙂  And then we ministered one whole school day at Veien School of Ministry which is connected to BSSM and is friends with IHOPKC.  In fact, in most groups we’ve met people who have been to both Redding and KC.  In each meeting we felt like we were ‘at home’.

We were mildly surprised and delighted to find that there are radical Jesus lovers and Holy Spirit carriers in Norway.  In fact, we felt as much Holy Spirit activity here as about anyplace we’ve been.   Go God!!!

Voss… is a beautiful little cozy town nestled around a mountain valley lake.  The scenery is stunningly beautiful.   Traveling from Bergen to Voss you pass through 39 tunnels.  Tunnels are very common, because of the sheer mountainsides on all the fjords.  Really, there is very little flat ground anywhere… it’s mostly steep granite mountains on the Western side of Norway.

Our hosts took us on a sight-seeing trip to a very comfortable mountain cabin… although we had to walk up a snow covered lane too steep to drive.  Three feet of snow base plus drifts made for a gorgeous scenery.  We crossed several fjords on ferries which gave stunning views of snow-capped mountains on all sides… and crossed one mountain top where snow was 12 – 15 feet above us on both sides of the car… deepest snow we’ve ever seen.

The 4 day Outcry conference which started Friday is the first significant worship and prayer conference in Voss.  They have had revivals in the land off and on for nearly one thousand years… much more spiritual history than the US.  But this is the first time that sustained worship and prayer seems to be finding a foothold in the society.  Our hosts have been supporting a prayer house for about 7 years… in fact they moved to Voss from Bergen to start a new ‘work’ here.  I believe Outcry is a good omen of positive changes ahead.  God met us with much favor.  Everyone commented on how good it was… love was in the air… worship didn’t want to stop… and hungry hearts responded eagerly. 

Norway is crazy beautiful!!!  It’s people are very sincere, but only about 5% Christian (and that is higher than most European nations). And Jesus is awakening some to a fresh radical reality in God… and they are stepping out into society and literally bringing a shift to their culture’s norm.  Outreaches and ‘treasure hunts’ are getting more common all the time.

It has been a huge delight to fan the flames of really great people who are hungry for ‘more’ for themselves and their country.  It has been great occasion for relationship building and getting the feel for what God is doing here.   After almost 2 weeks in Norway and feeling the Heaven’s favor everywhere we went, we would be delighted to return here again!

Our ‘family; had just expanded in the last two weeks… and so yesterday, it was kind of sad to have to say good-bye.  A very special thanks to our hosts, Oystein & Sigrid Hilleren and Bruce & Ellen McKibben!  Thank you for caring for us so well.  We love you!!!… and all our new Norwegian friends!!!

Check our ‘Europe 2015’ photo album on Facebook for lots of pictures:

Debbie and I are on an overnight date (parts of two days) sightseeing in London.  FUN!

Lotsa love

Watch a very short video clip as Sindre prophesies in rap over Norway in one of the clinics in the Outcry conference.  So fun!!