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Quote: The riches of Grace…

22 Feb

“It’s interesting how the more I preach that we are free from sin; that grace has enabled us to say no to ungodliness; that we have overcome sin because of the finished work of the cross, and no longer have a sinful nature, that somehow people ask me, “Are you saying that we can sin as much as we want?

It kind of reminds me of this; If I said, “I sold my old Volkswagen and will never drive it again, in fact, it was destroyed at the junkyard and is no longer even around, then someone asks me, “Are you saying that you will be driving your old Volkswagen more than ever?”

“It is amazing to me how many Christians argue for their ‘right’ to be sick, poor, stuck in sin, out of God’s presence, and for their ability to lose their salvation.

My friends, Jesus is perfect theology and the full revelation of God!   ‘He healed all who were sick’, ‘became poor that we might become rich’, ‘has set us free from the law of sin and death’, has promised to ‘never leave us or forsake us’, and will let ‘no one pluck you out of his hands’.  Look to Jesus today, He is the author and finisher of our faith.  He is faithful, trustworthy, and not a liar!  Put your trust in Him today! :)”

by Tony Seigh –


Quote: I never imagined that Christ was in me…

21 Feb

“For many years I missed this truth. I believed all the other prepositions: Christ for me, with me, ahead of me.  And I knew I was working beside Christ, under Christ, with Christ.  But I never imagined that Christ was in me.  I can’t blame my deficiency on Scripture.  Paul refers to this union 216 times.  John mentions it 26.  They describe a Christ who not only woos us to himself but “ones” us to himself” — Max Lucado

From Max Lucado’s book, Shaped By Grace:

Increased grace for salvation and healing… and supernatural provision

20 Feb

(The following is an excerpt from the book Supernatural Provision… in brief: Just as salvation and healing graces have become much more common in the last 50-100 years, in the same way supernatural provision is about to emerge as a grace that is available for all.)

Speaking of toppling giants, consider this observation of spiritual changes in recent history. Over the last hundred years or so, we’ve seen several dynamic changes in our faith for spiritual experiences in the Body of Christ. Let me explain:

For several hundred years it was uncertain as to whether one could know if he or she were truly saved or not.  Even one hundred years ago, when someone wanted to “get saved,” it was a fairly difficult process.  In some of our churches we had a mourner’s bench.  This bench was for those who wanted to try to get saved.  The general practice was to spend as much time as needed—certainly hours, and maybe weeks—mourning for their sins and imploring Heaven for salvation.  For sure, people got saved in those days.  And there is even a merited argument to be made about the depth and permanency of those salvation experiences as compared to some of today’s salvations.  But my point here is that today we have no doubt that a person can be saved in a relatively simple sinner’s prayer—when that person possesses a sincere sorrow for his or her sins, repents, and confesses Jesus as Savior and Lord.  This is quite a contrast to our faith and practice of the past.

Dynamic changes have been occurring in regards to supernatural healing.  One hundred years ago, healing was a very rare occurrence in the Body of Christ.  If it occurred, it was at the hands of a faith healer or clergy person.  But in the last 20 to 30 years, we’ve seen a dramatic change.  There is a much greater faith in many churches that God heals today, even through the hands of the average person.  And these healings are happening ever increasingly.

In current gatherings, it’s common now for hundreds of healings to occur with clear evidence to prove it, all through simple Body ministry, in other words, from people laying hands on each other in the crowd.  In addition to that, healing in the marketplace is getting much more common.

My point is that our faith for dynamic experience in God has changed dramatically.  The manifestation of God’s saving grace and healing power has increased exponentially in the last 50 to 100 years.  We have found that God is more real, more tangible, and more desirous to display Himself in our lives than ever before in human history.  He is better than we previously thought.

Now if we extrapolate this phenomenon of experiencing God’s favor and grace out into the future, what kinds of goodness of God will we be walking in that our forefathers had no knowledge of or faith for?  This book (Supernatural Provision) asserts that supernatural provision is another grace that is ours.  It is for those who put themselves in the environment of faith and for those who will grow in it.  We may have to start out like the father of the demonized son who said in Mark 9:24, “Lord I believe; help my unbelief!”  But without a doubt, we’re going to move on into greater graces than our spiritual predecessors have ever known.

I believe God is always looking for forerunners who will break open a way, pay the price of finding that way, and thereby establish an easy on-ramp for many who are desperately looking for the Word of God to come alive in their everyday lives.  Micah says it very well.

“The one who breaks open will come up before them; they will break out, pass through the gate, and go out by it; their king will pass before them, with the Lord at their head” (Micah 2:13).

Obviously, this verse is primarily a prophetic portent of the coming of Jesus, the Messiah.  But on another level, it also gives us permission and invitation to be those who break open a way for others to follow.

Let me paraphrase it this way: There are those who are so confident in God’s grace that they discover new breakthroughs for themselves.  And because others are also hungry for a breakthrough, they begin to follow this confident one.  God is pleased and gets His glory as He leads the one and the many into the new territory.

You see, God is looking for breakers…people who will open up a way into greater grace.  And He invites anyone, everyone, even you and me.  He asks if we’ll be willing to be a breaker so the people can follow.  The King longs for this to happen so that He will have a people who can find their way into the promises that await them beyond the curse.

Remember young David’s great confidence in His God?  Remember how his triumph over the giant struck fear in the enemy’s heart and precipitated a wave of courage in God’s people?  David, just one person, opened up a way for all of his countrymen to follow.

“Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place” (2 Corinthians 2:14).

One young boy’s faith “diffused the fragrance of the knowledge of God.”  The fragrance was that God was bigger than the boogeyman.  Through David, a terrorized and courage-less army found new courage and experienced victory where they had been stalemated.

So the coup d’état of Romans 4:4-5 haunts us and inspires us, and if we’ll let it, it will empower us.  This revelation will impregnate our hearts and give birth to marvelous triumph over the lower-law giants.

I feel like we’re on the cusp of opening up a rarely experienced grace for supernatural provision on the earth, in similar manner to the greater graces we now experience in salvation and healing.  What will it look like 100 years from now when you and I have broken open a way and modeled it before our generations?  Will the grace for supernatural provision be as common and as easy as salvation and healings are today?  Maybe it’s because I have pioneer blood in me, but that possibility really inspires me.

There is a better way. Come on, forerunners, we’re going for it!


Quote: Receive God’s favor when you least expect it…

19 Feb

If you’ve ever made a mistake, missed an opportunity or fallen short, I am writing this especially for you today.  I want to show you something beautiful about Jesus.  I want you to see how He responds to your mistakes and your failures.

The reality is that all of us have fallen short at one time or another. Romans 3:23 tells us …all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…

I think this is why people ask me, “Pastor Prince, will God still help me with troubles of my own making?”  (Maybe you’ve wondered this yourself, or maybe you haven’t even bothered to ask – maybe you’ve just tried to fix things in your own strength.)

Beloved, just as Jesus loves you in the midst of your trouble, just as Jesus accepts you in the midst of your trouble, and just as Jesus forgives you in the midst of your trouble…

Jesus wants to help you in the midst of your trouble.

Grace is never put off by your mistakes or offended by your shortcomings.  In fact, grace does its best work when sin tries to condemn you.  This is because grace is simply defined as the unmerited favor of God. Unmerited means that you and I don’t deserve it.

There is a powerful truth in God’s Word that explains the response of grace when you miss the mark. In Romans 5:20 the Bible says:

Moreover the law entered that the offense might abound.
But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more…

Do you see that?  Jesus doesn’t desert you when you sin. He doesn’t say, “You’re on your own. You made this mess, so now you have to fix it.”  The opposite is true: Jesus sends His grace flooding in to help you in your time of need.

I like the original Greek for this verse. It says, where sin increased, grace superabounded.

Wherever you fall short, God’s grace always superabounds.

Friend, it is so important that you receive these words…

Don’t put your focus on your sin; put your focus on your Savior.
Don’t dwell on your limited goodness; dwell on His limitless grace.
Don’t rehearse your faults; receive His favor.

Remember what Paul said in 2 Corinthians?  “When I am weak, then I am strong.”  This means your sin, your mistake or your apparent weakness doesn’t disqualify you from God’s favor.  In these very areas of weakness, God’s grace superabounds to bring you strength.

Don’t forget that because of the finished work of Christ Jesus, you are now the righteousness of God in Christ.  This is how God the Father sees you.  It means you are a sinner no more!

This helps us understand why Jesus is your very present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1).  You are not a sinner, unworthy of His love; you are dearly loved and highly favored.  His grace superabounds in your time of trouble.

But you may be asking, “What about areas of my life where I didn’t plan ahead, or where I made a decision that in hindsight looked like the wrong decision?”

Think about the multitude of 5,000 that Jesus miraculously fed in John chapter 6. With the exception of one boy, every single one of them failed to think ahead and bring food to eat.  You could say this was very poor planning on their part. Did these crowds deserve the help of Jesus? Had they earned His favor? From a worldly point of view, the answer would be “no”.

Many people would say, “Too bad, you made your bed; now you have to lie in it. You brought this mess on yourself; you have to handle it.” This is the mindset that some even teach today. It assumes God is harsh and distant.

But you must remember:  Favor isn’t earned. Favor is given.

Jesus revealed something beautiful about His nature that day.  Not only did He feed the crowd, the Bible says that Jesus fed them “as much as they wanted” (v. 11).  He loved them so much that He lavished His favor upon them…as much as they wanted.

You might be facing a similar situation today.  Perhaps it was a situation or circumstance you could have avoided.  Know that it doesn’t matter what financial mistake you made.  It doesn’t matter what your perceived educational limitations are.  It doesn’t matter who is against you.  The only thing that matters today, is that you have the same favor, honor and acceptance that Jesus has (1 John 4:17).

Nothing can stop you from receiving the unmerited favor of God.  There are no limitations on how superabounding His grace can be.

Never let someone tell you there is a problem with the supply.  God’s supply is limitless, unending—you will never exhaust God’s supply.  Don’t be afraid to ask God for favor today.  Regardless of your circumstances, His grace superabounds for you.  You need only receive it.

Beloved, just as you didn’t qualify yourself to receive the love of the Father, you can’t disqualify yourself from His love.  If you have made a mistake, missed an opportunity or fallen short today, receive His grace.  Instead of focusing on your problem, focus on Jesus. Rest and receive His superabounding favor and grace that can turn weak moments into strong miracles.

I love and appreciate you. I pray that you never stop receiving all that the Father has to give you through His Son Jesus Christ.

Joseph Prince

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Motivations for rewarding and intimate God-times…

19 Feb

1.   My ‘God-times’ must NOT be seen as a duty… (dutiful activity will eventually wear me out and fizzle out).  I want to give Him much more than just ‘duty’.

2.   Because His love is SO good… and because He loves me SO well, I’m learning to love Him more deeply… and love being with Him.

3.   Experiencing life with Him and in Him makes me appreciate our relationship and want to pursue it even more purposefully… at all times.

4.   I don’t like what my life gravitates to when I don’t spend time with Him; unfeeling, cold, stressed, powerless and frenetic… but I am always renewed and empowered when I spend more time with Him.  I love being in His presence.

5.   Life is very pressing and urgent… not always predictable and normal… so I carve out time at any time… middle of day, middle of night, in my back yard, on my park path, in the car…

6.   I watch and listen for those subtle home-sick-like stirrings which ‘pull’ my heart toward Him… I can’t and don’t want to ignore them… I must get away with HIM.

7.   My time with Him will not be contrived, forced or formal… it will be conversational, confident, easy and natural… as a friend with a friend.

8.   My God-times have been changing from formal duty to organic relationship… and morphing into a posture that is more in keeping with how He sees me.

9.   Only by Grace He’s declared me righteous… and He’s given me awesome favor and authority.  I’m learning to embrace my righteousness and walk in my favor rightly and effectively… commensurate with my kingly status and position in Him.

10.  No more do I see myself as a beggar begging for a handout or breakthrough… I see myself as a royal king seated in the Heavenlies with my brother, Jesus… learning how to prophesy and release Heaven’s environs and realities down into earthly situations… taking proactive responsibility for the ‘kingdom’ which God has given me.

11.  As a king, I must rule… I don’t want to ever abdicate my status when He loves me so much… believes in me so much… and wants to share all that He is with me.  His thoughts and plans for me are so good… so exciting… and much better than I ever thought!

12.  And yet as a child/son I always find my ‘home’ resting in His arms… my Refuge and Rock… my Identity and Source.  I love my hang-out times with… my Daddy.


DPM Update – 2013 February

9 Feb

Dear Friends

Family Time
The Christmas holidays at the Hendrickson home created more great memories.  The whole family was home, including our newest grandchildren Aslan and Avalee, and Luke’s fiancé Sarah.  We now have 11 of us around the dinner table…good times, for sure!!!

Northland HS Trip

LaCrosse, WI – Great house church in Holmen. Most of the people were from First Evangelical Free Church of Onalaska (Shane Holden-pastor, Ashley Kershner-worship director). At the beginning of the meeting we started talking about how good Jesus is and that He was already here waiting on us.  Shortly a lady jumped up and exclaimed that she was just healed of a heal spur – without any emphasis on healing from anyone… except Jesus, of course.  Another lady later confirmed all pain gone in a focused time of prayer for healing.  Worship, prophetic song, sharing and lots of body ministry across the room.  This is a great group… very hungry, eager and responsive.

The Cities, MN– Debbie and I attended a Fresh Fire conference with speakers: James Goll, Mahesh Chavda and Patricia King.  We loved the freshness, freedom and emphasis on the now emerging Kingdom Era.  Our long-time friends JoAnn McFatter and Andre Ashby helped in worship and spoke in workshops.

Austin, MN– An intimate time of worship at Austin Christian Fellowship (Barry Thompson-leader) as several were surprised with wonderfully refreshing tearful revisits to ‘first love’ experiences. There were “times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord.”  Lots of freedom and body ministry.

Rochester, MN – 2-day Global Legacy Leaders Advance (Rod and Connie Marquette-hosts) – Even though 3 of our worship team couldn’t join us because of last minute emergencies, God had a perfect plan and we led worship for three sessions. It was the first time the five of us had ever played together… and it flowed well.  So proud of our team.

Richland Center, WI – Frigid cold in our WI hometown!!  But we rallied in a small church building, built a bonfire around how good Jesus is… which inevitably results in Him giving away gifts to the hungry.  On young gal (14 years old) became overcome and very out of normal character when Holy Spirit came upon her.  She simultaneously laughed and cried for the last half of the meeting (was still in that same state when she left). Her mother cried as she watched the transformation in her daughter.

Pigeon Falls, WI – Attended by a wide variety of people… from 3 veteran pastors to a 3 month old brand new Christian… and others.  But before very long there were tears in worship and open exchange prophetic body-ministry.  Even though it was a cold night outside, when you combine Denny & Mel’s superb hospitality, a spacious living room, a toasty fireplace and Jesus’ eager love, you have a night to be remembered for a long time.

Wells, MN – This is a hungry and responsive group at Wilderness Prayer Center (Tim Nelson-leader) out in the middle of ‘nowhere’ at Wells, MN.  I spoke on the Dual Realities of the Believer to a very responsive group.  Lots of open comments while I spoke, laughter and ‘ah-ha’ moments throughout the evening.  Debunking the devil’s lies… as he has tried to diminish God and diminish who we are, in our own eyes.  I love ‘popping the balloon’ of lies with the truth… and a few visuals along the way.  During a time of prayer for healing, a teary-eyed lady shared how she felt God touch her scoliosis back condition.  How’s that for fun?

New Prague, MN – We were guest ministers, along with Barry & Mary Thompson at New Day Church (Doyle VanGelder-pastor – Adam Humburg-worship leader) for a monthly meeting where two churches rallied together.  This group has more freedom in practicing the prophetic than most churches we visit, which made it easy for our team. We prophesied and sang over them… then lingered long after the service attending hungry hearts.

Home again – 10 meetings in 13 days.  Travel home from the Northland was treacherous on the ice-covered interstates with dozens of large trucks, buses and even an ambulance in the ditches.  But our angels did a great job, “Thank you.”  And after a bone numbing -13 degrees earlier in the week, the following day after we arrived home it was 74 degrees in KC.  Can you say, “Thank you, Lord?”

San Diego trip
Our ‘worship buddies’ Dave and Ann Clark hosted several worship and ministry evenings with old and new friends in SD… including two evenings at a couple of Gary Goodell’s 
Third Day Churches.  He co-wrote a book with Graham Cooke entitled “Permission Granted To Do Church Differently in the 21st Century.” How do you like that title?  Intriguing?

Springfield, Branson, Highlandville, MO

~ Springfield regional leaders rallied again Feb 2 for mutual inspiration and encouragement at Dayspring Church.
~ It was an honor to be hosted by a couple of our spiritual kids at their annual company dinner-gala in Branson, last Saturday evening.
~ Sunday morning we had lots of  freedom and a few tears while ministering in Highlandville at Family of Life Church (Jerry Russell-pastor).

Grandson’s Laugh
Aslan’s laugh is infectious.

Philippines ‘Love Boxes’
We sent two Love Boxes to the Philippines filled to the brim, with supplies that should be arriving anytime.  We have another Love Box in preparation to ship soon.

Florida trip
Tuesday Deb and I leave for a week in FL, to see her family. It’s her brother’s 50th Bday… big deal.  We’ll likely join a couple house church meetings in Orlando while we’re there.


“What a transforming evening for me and (my wife)!  We both felt that the Lord gave us a clear sign of protection in our marriage on Thursday last week.  A definite “Godcidence” after the prayer on Tues night.”

“My heat leaps at your words, my eyes well up, and I anticipate this starting today – going forward. I want more of this type of encounter with Him.  I am getting really hungry for this… for Him… for His body together worshipping and praying with passion and abandon and surrender.  I want this amplified! Multiplied!  Unified!  Thank you again for your trek(s) to LaCrosse.”

“Thank you to you and Deb for pioneering Kingdom living that many of God’s kids will follow.  How I praise God for the wisdom He is able to give through you.  Enjoying the journey.”

(—) was deeply impacted. Said he couldn’t get to sleep until 1:00 that night. His wife came home at 11:00 from a school function and asked, “What happened to you?” He was beaming…

(—) slept better Friday night than any time in the last 6 months. Had some measure of healing – as he testified that night.

(—) loved that night and her boyfriend said she talked about all day long that next day.

(—) they’re still so excited about the time here that Thurs evening.  She said she absolutely loved that night and wants to do it again plus she’s been bragging to everyone around how awesome it was and can’t wait for it to happen again.

Just for fun video

Free hugs in Sondrio, Italy.  Anyone need a hug?

Lotsa love
Mark and Debbie

PS   Recently I was introduced to the Mirror Bible and it’s got some amazing and fresh insights… kind of like the Amplified Bible on steroids.  Find it on Amazon for $22/hardcopy or $10/Kindle e-version.

Try this powerful passage:

“I Cor 15:47 Human life was reduced to slavery and the soul-ruled earthly realm through Adam’s fall but is now awakened to lordship in the heavenly realm of spiritual realities through the knowledge of our co-resurrection with Christ. 

([See Col 3:1-11 of The Mirror Translation.] We theologically created the idea of man being “sinful by nature” as if humans are flawed by design. In fact it is a distorted mind-set that we inherited from Adam that Jesus had to free us from. We were alienated and hostile in mind, doing evil deeds sponsored by the law of sin and death that lodged in our bodies hosting a foreign influence, foreign to our design. Just like a virus would attach itself to a person. [See Isa 55:8-11, Eph 4:17, 18 and also The Mirror Translation of Eph 2:1-11.]) 

15:48 The reduced state of man left its mark on mankind as being earthly; now the redeemed state of man confirms his origin in God and marks his new heavenly life. 

15:49 Just as we were once defined by the flesh (our earthly image) we are now defined by our spirit (our heavenly) image.”

Toit, Francois Du (2012-07-02). Mirror Bible (Kindle Locations 3026-3034). Mirror Word Publishing. Kindle Edition.”

Intercession: From faithless beggar petitions to confident kingly prophetic declarations

6 Feb

I believe that what we have always called intercessory type prayer is beginning to change from plaintiff prayer to kingly prayer… from beggar posture to royal posture.  From earth originated prayer to Heaven originated prayer (where we’re seated).  From a faithless desperate petition to a confident faith-filled prophetic declaration. 

For several years, I’ve asked my mind to notify me whenever I find myself asking for something in prayer.  I then determine whether I already know God’s heart on this matter.  If I don’t, then I continue to ask e.g. “if any man lacks wisdom let him ask of God who gives….”   But if I already know what God’s heart is on the matter then (for me) it isn’t appropriate to ask, I must now assume my kingly role of co-ruling with Jesus.  I must speak (from Heaven) to earth… prophesying Father’s heart into the matter.

One doesn’t need to assume any responsibility when we just ‘throw up’ a beggar petition before Heaven… we’ll just let God sort it out… no need for maturity here.  Babies ask for anything and everything… mommies and daddies sort it all out.  But as we mature, we must assume more and more responsibility about what kind of prayer we’re praying.  Jesus said it this way, “I can do nothing apart from my Father”.  He didn’t pray anything without finding Father’s will first… He then assumed His kingly role of releasing Father’s will… “Be healed”; “Rise up”; “Storm be still”, etc.  No plaintiff / beggar prayers here.

Yes, there are a few occasions where Jesus prayed ‘asking prayers’… in the Garden “Father, if it be Thy will… never-the-less Thy will be done”… He needed to know for sure.  And at Lazarus’ tomb (John 11:41-44) he prayed our old type of prayers ONLY so that people would know by who’s power he raised Lazarus from the dead… “Father I thank you that You hear me….” But after he prayed a prayer to get everyone ‘on page’ with Him, He then prayed a Jesus prayer, commanding with a “loud voice”, “Lazarus come forth!”  The reality is that once we know Father’s will, then we’re invited to assume our co-heir position of co-ruling with Jesus from Heaven to earth.

Disclaimer:  This growth process into our kingly role has nothing to do with grasping to be a ‘big dog’; it has nothing to do with being arrogant, pompous or presumptuous; it has nothing to do with just spouting out memorized Scripture; it has nothing to do with ‘grunting’ harder to get more righteous and more spiritual.  NO!  A thousand times, No.

It has to do with simply believing the truth about who we are… kings and priests unto our God, and co-heirs with Jesus… whatever is true of Him is true of us… and whatever He’s been called to do is what we’ve been called to do.  It has to do with debunking the devil’s lies and myths that we were poor mortals waiting for death to set us free, make us righteous, glorify us, etc…    The devil would love to keep us in a powerless state until death, which would in effect make death our savior.  Many of us have believed that Jesus couldn’t make us righteous in this life.  We would need Jesus plus our death, then we could be righteous.  Wow, when we put it like this, it just sounds awful, doesn’t it?

I imagine this is going to take several years for the body of Christ to catch on, but the fact is, it has already started… we’ve already begun to enter the Kingdom Age and it’s a great time for us kings to assume our roles.

Liberation revelation is coming… it’s here.  We’re embracing and learning.  More, Lord!!!!


Quote: Everlasting Righteousness

6 Feb

Daniel 9:24

24“Seventy weeks are determined for your people and for your holy city, to finish the transgression, to make an end of sins, to make reconciliation for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness…

On Sunday, we hear a message that says, “I am the righteousness of God in Christ.”  On Monday, we are still confessing, “I am the righteousness of God in Christ.”  But come Wednesday or Thursday, we begin to confess our sins!  Then, when Sunday comes, we get a fresh revelation of our righteousness in Christ and we start to confess our righteousness again.  Why do we do that?

It cannot be that on Sunday, we are righteous.  Then, a few days later, we become unrighteous because of sin, but are “re-righteoused” when Sunday comes again.  No, our righteousness is an “everlasting righteousness”!  Jesus has obtained “eternal redemption” for us. (Hebrews 9:12)

“But Pastor Prince, I have just sinned.  How can I still be righteous?”

My friend, it is not what you do that makes you righteous.  It is what Christ has done at Calvary.  Romans 5:19 says, “For as by one man’s [Adam] disobedience many were made sinners, so also by one Man’s obedience many will be made righteous.”  It is the obedience of one Man — Christ — and not your obedience, that has made you righteous!

God wants you established in what Christ has done.  He wants you conscious of your everlasting righteousness in Christ.  How do you do that?  You can listen to anointed messages that remind you of your righteousness in Christ.  And don’t just know it in your head. Speak it.  Every morning, tell yourself, “I am the righteousness of God in Christ!” (2 Corinthians 5:21)

You don’t need a revelation of how sinful you are.  You know it when you sin.  The devil reminds you of your sins.  Even your friends and loved ones sometimes point out your sins.  What you need, instead, is a revelation of how forever righteous you are in God’s eyes, especially when you sin.

And when you are conscious of this gift of righteousness that is everlasting, you will reign in life! (Romans 5:17)  You will reign over sin, bad habits, sicknesses, lack and everything that holds you back from a victorious life!  (from Joseph Prince Daily Grace Inspirations – 2/5/13)

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