Motivations for rewarding and intimate God-times…

19 Feb

1.   My ‘God-times’ must NOT be seen as a duty… (dutiful activity will eventually wear me out and fizzle out).  I want to give Him much more than just ‘duty’.

2.   Because His love is SO good… and because He loves me SO well, I’m learning to love Him more deeply… and love being with Him.

3.   Experiencing life with Him and in Him makes me appreciate our relationship and want to pursue it even more purposefully… at all times.

4.   I don’t like what my life gravitates to when I don’t spend time with Him; unfeeling, cold, stressed, powerless and frenetic… but I am always renewed and empowered when I spend more time with Him.  I love being in His presence.

5.   Life is very pressing and urgent… not always predictable and normal… so I carve out time at any time… middle of day, middle of night, in my back yard, on my park path, in the car…

6.   I watch and listen for those subtle home-sick-like stirrings which ‘pull’ my heart toward Him… I can’t and don’t want to ignore them… I must get away with HIM.

7.   My time with Him will not be contrived, forced or formal… it will be conversational, confident, easy and natural… as a friend with a friend.

8.   My God-times have been changing from formal duty to organic relationship… and morphing into a posture that is more in keeping with how He sees me.

9.   Only by Grace He’s declared me righteous… and He’s given me awesome favor and authority.  I’m learning to embrace my righteousness and walk in my favor rightly and effectively… commensurate with my kingly status and position in Him.

10.  No more do I see myself as a beggar begging for a handout or breakthrough… I see myself as a royal king seated in the Heavenlies with my brother, Jesus… learning how to prophesy and release Heaven’s environs and realities down into earthly situations… taking proactive responsibility for the ‘kingdom’ which God has given me.

11.  As a king, I must rule… I don’t want to ever abdicate my status when He loves me so much… believes in me so much… and wants to share all that He is with me.  His thoughts and plans for me are so good… so exciting… and much better than I ever thought!

12.  And yet as a child/son I always find my ‘home’ resting in His arms… my Refuge and Rock… my Identity and Source.  I love my hang-out times with… my Daddy.



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