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DPM Update – 2016 February

5 Feb

Dear Friends

Holiday family time
It was tons of fun having all of our kids and grandkids home for the holidays.  We’re so proud of them all!  

Clouds have silver linings
We didn’t have a white Christmas but we finally got some snow a few days later.  Which led to someone plowing into our minivan and totaling it.  Nobody hurt!  But as adventures in God go… just a little cash added to the insurance settlement and we were ‘back in business’ with an upgraded minivan.  God… He’s the best!!

New year fun already
We spent most of our time near home from Thanksgiving until after New Year’s Day.  And it was a needed respite, as we had traveled quite a bit from summer to mid-November.  But since New Year’s Day, we’ve been to sunny San Diego for a semi urgent God-mission… and then to the blizzard-ly Nordt Country on one of my ‘Holy Spirit’ tours. 🙂  God-missions are always exhilarating and rewarding. 

The will of the Father
Jesus said in John 4, “My food is to do the will of the Father.”  And it’s really true from our experience. 

It really doesn’t matter where you are   IF   your satisfaction and contentment is not derived from things and comfort zones.  Paul said it this way, “I’ve learned to be content in whatever state I find myself.”  And “Godliness with contentment is great gain.”  And, “I am all things to all men in order that I might win some.”  You see, Paul had matured to the point that life wasn’t about Paul.  He had learned to find his happiness in Someone higher.  

If ‘self’ is the center of our universe, then life becomes very small awfully quick.  We get bored with ‘self’… and then we get frustrated when others are not serving my ‘self’… which leads to a rocky life and relationships.  But when our objective is to frequently hear the much coveted, “Atta boy” from Father, then as often and wherever that occurs, that place has all the richness of ‘home’, at least for that period of time.  So really, home becomes where the “Atta boy” is.  And as long as we’re following Him wherever He leads… and eagerly saying “Yes” to His promptings, then life is an adventure of joys in a ‘home’ as big as this world… and beyond. 

Actually Buzz Lightyear got it right as he motivated us to go, “To infinity and beyond.”  Or if Buzz doesn’t inspire you, maybe John Wesley will when he said, “All the world is my parish.”   Just think of it… there are no limits to one’s happiness when our home is wherever He is… no matter what country we find ourselves in.  We live in a great country… Kingdom country, that is!

Grandbaby Hendrickson #5 is on his way
Announcing: Chris and Lydia have just passed ½ way on the way toward a home full of baby cries, diapers, coos, snuggles and joy.   Baby Shaw is due sometime in June. 

Take a de-stressor ‘pill’
Try this 1 minute video of pure relaxing… you may want to watch it twice.  I’m sure you Apple people will excuse the Android logo at the end.  🙂

Our love and blessings!!
Mark and Debbie

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DPM Update – 2015 April

27 Apr

Dear Friends

We’re back home in KC!!20150422_121301

Europe 2015
What a blast!  Four countries in five weeks:  Norway, England, Wales and Switzerland.  All but one of our hosts have been in our home in KC sometime in the last few years… and all were over-the-top gracious when we were in their home.  This was definitely a God trip, as we can see the fingerprints of God throughout.  We were in about 30 meetings in 34 days… so it was full, it was a wild ride, it was heavenly, it was full of love (both given and received) and it was extremely rewarding.  When we think of all the lives we personally touched with a hug, a prophetic word, worship time, preaching, remembrance of their name, a laugh, time of tears, or a time of counseling… it’s a little overwhelming to comprehend how God let us personally touch so many of His people with His love.  God is so good that His resources of love are never exhausted.  I’ve gotta believe that Heaven’s ‘bank accounts’ are a little richer for all the love exchanged. 

Beautiful!!!  Fjords, sheer vertical mountain sides, snow-capped mountain tops, beautiful green deep valleys, the land of tunnels (we drove through over 100 and the world’s longest), whole cities without stop signs in favor of round-a-bouts, crystal clear streams, grass roofs, and quaint old-world architecture and style buildings.   All these make Norway a spectacular place to see.   But surprising to me was that most believers we met were lovers of Holy Spirit freedom… which made it a ton of fun for us.  A four-day “Outcry” conference, Jesus Fellowship church, house churches and one day of teaching at Veien Bible school gave us many opportunities and great pleasure to be a catalyst for freedom and joy.  A great big “Thank you” to our hosts, Oystein & Sigrid Hilleren and Bruce & Ellen McKibben!!!

England was a place for Debbie and I to rest and relax.  We spent parts of two days in London on a whirlwind date… saw many of the major sites, mastered The Tube and double-decker bus system and of course, we had to eat traditional fish-n-chips and meat pie at the pub!  Then we were guests in Paul & Michelle Gaskin’s Bristol home where we had an easy schedule of rest, relaxing and sight-seeing… with the exception of one afternoon and evening of meetings.  Easter Sunday morning, we enjoyed the liturgy of a formal Anglican church as Paul’s daughter was baptized.  A warm “Thank you” to Paul & Michelle!!!

This land is rife with recorded revivals extending back for over 1000 years.  My mind staggers at the extent of God’s intervention in mankind’s history here.  All of the UK and Europe are like a modern Bible of visitations of God.  Our time in Wales was rich with spiritual refreshing and renewal for us; from visiting Ffald-y-Brenin (a current revival hotspot), to visiting two chapels where Evan Roberts had his historical experiences in 1904 that changed eternity for thousands. (We won’t be the same… there’s so much more I’d love to say about that!)  Then we settled into a sleepy little town of Presteigne were we integrated into very rural life with hikes through pastures full of sheep and shops that still operate in old-world style. Very enjoyable. We also shared in several meetings and discovered that God has on-fire people everywhere.  One of our meetings was in a 400 year old pub. That night the ‘drinks’ were on the house… God’s house!  As far as our hosts could determine, Presteigne had not experienced a Holy Spirit evening like this for longer than anyone knew.  We’re so privileged to be a part of God’s love expressed on earth!!!  A very grateful “Thank you” to our hosts, Dick & Gladys Funnell and Jon & Anne Judson.

We were welcomed graciously and warmly… then immediately we stepped into nine days of a fairly full schedule. Our schedule was rewarding in many ways… from just good fun, to awe inspiring stunning scenery of majestic snow-capped jagged mountains and tranquil green valleys, to many divine appointments where hearts were melted and wonderfully massaged by the love of God.  This is a very noble culture, but lacks expressed love, which makes for a most wonderful God-moment when the authentic love of God is felt.  This proved true many times… as evidenced by so many tears that it’s impossible to tell of all the experiences.  A three-day spiritual retreat, several house churches and small groups gave many opportunities for personal touch and affection.  Do you think Jesus loves this?!?!  Otto & Helen Leuthold, Walter Hegetschweiler & Marianne Frei, and Salvi & Marinella Greco & family were all amazing gracious hosts… “Thank you, SO very much!!”

Switzerland has 4 official languages: German, French, Italian and Romansh.  Then to make matters more confusing, German has a high and low version which are VERY different from the other.  In addition, most everyone speaks some English.   So literally this country speaks 6 languages.  Wow, crazy, but everyone seems to make it work.

It was a huge blessing that most people in each country spoke at least a little English… and many are quite fluent.  We strongly felt the pleasure of Heaven throughout the whole trip.  The favor from people and impact in people’s lives was much more than we could have ever expected!  What an honor to love Jesus’ bride and give her hope and a personal ‘kiss’ from Him.  We can truly say that we have richer hearts for giving love away.  Sounds like Jesus in John 4:34 when He said, “My food is to do the will of the Father.”  In other words, when we do His will, it will be food (’nutrition’) to us. 

So now, let us have a week or so of ‘sabbath’ at home… and to see our family… then we’ll be ready to do it again… somewhere on the earth… and in God’s timing, I’m confident we’ll be back in Europe.  Your prayer ‘cover’, support and care were hugely appreciated.  Thank you all SO very much!! 

To view pics of our travels, visit our Facebook page and click on the Europe 2015 photo album.

Lydia – India missionLydnblkfacescropped
Speaking of family, our daughter Lydia is planning a trip with a team to Chennai, India…  May 8-16.  They will be teaching worship music, art, singing, dance and prophecy 4-6 hours each day… with children outside of the orphanage in the mornings… and in the afternoons, to children who live in the Children’s House of Prayer.  About 300 children are going to receive the love of Jesus in a personal way.  Thank you for keeping Lydia and team in your prayers.  For more info or to watch live, see: http://chopnetwork.org  (Pic – Lydia on an Africa mission trip)

With our love and blessings!!
Mark and Debbie

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DPM Update – 2015 March

19 Mar

Dear Friends,

Last week in San Diego and Tijuana was an amazing week
As expected, Dave & Ann Clark usually have some kind of God-‘swirl’ going on.  Tuesday evening at City of Refuge was amazing.  A team of college kids from TN were there to serve the ministry for a week. We joined them for a meal and worship time.  And O, my!  The body prophetic ministry, gentleness and tenderness in the room was off-the-hook good… many God-tears.  A distinguished SD business man was also a guest that evening.  His encounter was so tender and sweet that we couldn’t help but cry with him.  In addition, he experienced significant improvement from his painful neuropathic condition in his feet.  David & Christine De Witt are excellent at creating an atmosphere of liberty and love.

We attended the wedding festivities of our great friends David Ceja and Joys Kim Nava.  It was a two day event – first day in SD and the second day in Tijuana, Mexico.  I officiated in the Tijuana ceremony… with tons of fun and many tender moments of tears and laughter.

Sunday morning I spoke at Beach Chapel (Larry Peltier-pastor) in Encinitas, where they had joint services with Lifegate Comm Ch (Bill Burkhardtpastor).  I started out with a ‘blueprint’ passage in Eph. 4 to give them reference for where they fit into the big picture of what God was doing in the growing friendship between the two groups.  Then I felt like we were supposed to give Jesus the front and center attention by telling God-stories and simply giving our abandoned love to Him.  O, my!  Our hearts were so easily laid open and the oil of tenderness flowed so freely… we built a ‘bon-fire’ of love and affection for Him.  He melted us… and the by-product… our hearts were loosed from the ‘stuff’ of life.  Nothing else mattered… He was tangibly with us.

Then Sunday evening I shared a discussion time with Gary Goodell – leader of Third Day Churches.  Many leaders and friends attended to hear two fathers share their hearts.  Gary spoke on the epic shift that has been and is happening in the global church.  This sage and patriarch spoke from a deep well of experience and from prophetic insight.  I spoke on our most essential need… for fresh hunger for His presence… and how hunger is the best gift we could ever be given.  Hunger keeps our hearts in fresh communion with His heart.  I asked the same question Moses asked God, “What will distinguish us from the rest of the peoples of the earth.”  The answer: His Presence!  I had asked the Lord if He would help me ‘burn’… burn hot enough to be contagious.  And He did… He was with us!

Monday evening several of us traveled North of San Diego to a First Nations (Kumeyaay Tribe) reservation to join some really solid and on-fire patriarchs in a prayer meeting.  Johnny Villaboba is a spiritual father to many… not only in his tribe, but in other groups in the region.  He was fresh and free and ‘alive’ in God… and he knows how to pray!  The door is open… we will definitely be back.

That and a ton of other just good fellowship, made for an amazing week… another memorial to God’s fresh grace and Holy Spirit’s ability to lead the best Great Adventure, ever!!!

Europe trip
Deb and I just left for Norway and several other countries in Europe.  We’ll be gone for just under 5 weeks… we’ll send updates.  Your prayers and care are so GREATLY needed and appreciated!

Our love and blessings!
Mark and Debbie

Faith-based health care alternative to Obamacare
Another blurb in the news about health sharing organizations... which are exempt from having to participate in Obamacare.  With the deadlines and fines being imposed on Americans, this alternative is looking attractive to more people all the time.  Reference our name if you decide to use Medi-Share.  There is an incentive for any reference which results in a new membership.  Our family has been members since the late 90s and are happy to give it a two thumbs up.


DPM Update – 2015 February

5 Feb

Dear Friends

Introducing:  Elsa Jayne Hendrickson – our newest family member!
Cheryl had a very short no-med labor… baby and Momma are both doing well and home now.  Here are a few pics of our newest little princess.

Elsa - 15

Elsa4 - 15

Elsa2 - 15

Elsa3 - 15




Family update

It was a blast having our family here in Kansas City over the Christmas and New Year holidays.  John & Cheryl and their boys (Aslan & Eli), Markus & Allison and Avalee, and Luke & Sarah, all stayed at our house for abFamAquarium - 14out a week.  Of course we over-ate and had family time around the toasty fireplace.  Jack Stack BBQ and KC Aquarium (see pic) helped keep the family entertained… and we played games a few times in the evening.  Can I say that a few in our crew are just a tiny bit competitive.  Whew!!!  Had to play referee a time or two. 🙂  Guess that’s what makes our kids world changers!  It was a ton of fun to be together under one roof.  (We missed having Lydia and Chris here this time.)

They all left… and then came the baby.  So now we’ve had a new flurry of paparazzi to take pics of the little princess and hold her.  Some of Cheryl’s family from Virginia and Hawaii came… and of course that means more fine eating.  How about all you care to eat fresh caught Ahi sashimi straight from Hawaii?  Now that’s what I call heaven… or very close to it!!!  Now that batch of family has gone and a new wave of family has arrived (Luke and Debbie’s mother).  The fun continues…

SD, CA / Mexico trip
In early March we’ll return to San Diego and check on our friends there.  We’ll be in a few meetings but mainly we’re going to cheer for and officiate at the wedding of our good friends, David Ceja and Joyce Nava.  It’s a two day extravaganza… the first day in San Diego and the real wedding in Tijuana on the second day.  You gotta know, there’s gonna be some fine Mexican food in this celebration!  Maybe this is what weddings should be like… a really fun multi-day gala. 

Norway/England/Wales/Switzerland trip in March/April
Two days after we return home from CA/Mexico, we leave for Europe, which has been in our hearts for about 5 or 6 years.  We leave KC about March 19 and return about April 22… we’ll be sharing in a conference (Outcry 2015), a bible school (Veien School of Ministry), churches and house churches and fully expect to participate in some cool God-stories.  I think this trip will be largely about development of the relationships which have been established through the years, and watching to see where the Lord’s favor rests… which will give us insights into future trips to Europe.  

We hugely appreciate your prayer declarations over us as we plan, travel and minister. 

Thank you for loving us so well!

With love and blessings,

Mark and Debbie

Todd White testimony
You’ll love it!!! About 24 minutes

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DPM Update – 2014 December – Merry Christmas!

22 Dec

Merry Christmas
and the happiest New Year, yet!


About 2000 years ago in a sleepy little town of Bethlehem, God revealed Himself on earth in a human body.  That fact is amazing.  But even more amazing is that because of His life here on earth, He now reveals Himself in you.  Jesus didn’t come to just be Emmanuel… God WITH us… much more importantly, He came to make His home IN us.  He revealed the mystery that was hidden for the ages… the treasure in our earthen vessels which brings us glory… is Christ in you! 

Now for the really Good News: You are God’s address… He has made His home in you. M&D - 14

Much love from the Hendrickson family to you and yours!

Mark and Debbie Hendrickson


PS.  For a little Smile Time, scroll down…. (video about 2 mins long)








Sweet Baby Jesus

DPM Update – 2014 Nov – Happy Thanksgiving!

25 Nov

Dear FriendsTurkey

Happy Thanksgiving!
A great big “Thank you” to all turkeys, everywhere!  Delectable and sumptuous culinary pleasures are only hours away.  Yay!!!

John & Cheryl, the boys and soon-to-be-born granddaughter, will join us on Turkey Day along with friends who don’t have family nearby.  We’ll share in the goodness of the Lord… and rally with thanksgiving to our better-than-we-thought God.  Isn’t it awesome that our country has a national holiday to stop and give thanks.  Maybe Jeremiah was prophesying of the United States’ Thanksgiving holiday here:

Therefore they shall come and sing in the height of Zion, and shall flow together to the goodness of the LORD, for grain, and for wine, and for oil, and for the young of the flock and of the herd: and their soul shall be as a watered garden; and they shall not sorrow any more at all. – Jer 31:12

Thank you Lord for Your over-the-top favor and supernatural provision to all of us!!  You are amazing!

Train ride adventure
Recently I experienced my very first ride on a train… from Hollywood to San Diego.  The 3 hour trip was easy and fun.  Deb and I quickly struck up conversations with the ‘neighbors’.  We found a young tech engineer from Taiwan who we tried to impress with our mangled Mandarin… he tolerated us and smiled and took pictures of us.  🙂  We met a young single quiet gal from Belarus pursuing further education in the US.  We met an inspiring and easily conversant local church secretary.   But most impacting was when we met Terrence, a man who just happened to be the drummer at Desert Vineyard, pastored by David Parker… a friend who we’ve not seen for nearly 25 years.  David and I were both on the church staff at Kansas City Fellowship, back in the 1980’s.  Several other strikingly ‘coincidental’ facts popped up in our conversation, so we invited him to our meetings while he was visiting relatives in San Diego.  He came and we all unleashed the goodness of God on him in ministry time.  He was very blessed… and have connected several times since then.  It was a divine setup… so fun and exciting to be on God-adventures.

Luke – twice nominated for Dove Awards
Julie Meyer’s Christmas CD and One Thing – 2013 Sing Your Praises (Live) were both nominated in the Christmas Album of the Year and Special Event Album of the Year categories, respectively.  Luke was the primary producer on both CDs.  Isaac, John and others also helped on Julie’s CD.  Neither album won a Dove Award but what an honor to be nominated!  Luke will be producing One Thing 2014 the end of December.

Europe trip
Plans are still in the works for our March/April 2015 ministry trip to Norway and Switzerland and ???   We’re open to the possibility of other stops while we’re in that corner of the world. 

Supernatural Provision book milestone
A few days ago, our last available copy of Supernatural Provision was gifted into hungry hands as I shared in a KCHC weekend seminar (hosted by Steve Bartlett).  Our 5000 book contract with Destiny Image is fulfilled so now I’m shopping the possibilities of where to have the next batch of books printed.  If you have ideas or connections, please let me know.

Our itinerary
Nov 30 AM – Life Church in Nevada, MO (where we pastored a few years ago)
Nov 30 PM – Pentecostal Assembly in Nevada, MO
Dec 3-6 – Dayspring Church in Springfield, MO – Power and Love Conf with Todd White and others
Dec 6 – Dayspring Church – Regional leaders meeting

Thank you SO much for your love, your care and your prayers!!!   May Heaven reward you MANY times over!

Lotsa love
Mark and Debbie

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Mirror Bible phone app
The Mirror Bible is finally available for your phone! You can download the iPhone or Android App using this link, here.

Smartphone flashlight warning
In the news: The top ten smartphone flashlight apps are malware, exposing your personal information to cyber criminals.  Answer: use a flashlight app that is under 100 kb in size.

DPM Update – 2014 October

11 Oct

Dear Friends

Leaders advance
Recently I was one of the guest speakers at a leader’s advance at Destiny Church in Rochester, MN.  As always, it was a great time of fellowship and fanning the flames… and maybe ‘pushing the envelope’ just a little bit.  🙂  Rod Marquette and Connie Marquette and their team are the best hosts of these quarterly Bethel Global Legacy meetings.  These meetings are always full of life, love and koinonia.  I love these leaders because they’re reaching for the freshest things in God and extend much liberty to explore outside the ‘normal’ box.  Lots of freedom and fondness in this group.

San Diego/LA trips

Deb and I just spent a couple days with part of our Asian ‘family’ in Impact Harvest Church (Jack & Annie Lee-pastors) in Monrovia, CA.  They’ve adopted us as Mom and Pop for the last 7 or 8 years… and it’s been a great joy to walk with these young people as they become adults, get married and begin their own new families.  We’ve had some amazing God-times and many just good heart times… like the last (2) nights where we met for a no-agenda house church that had lots of participation, that included lots of laughter and some tears… and a mid-week worship evening that was easy, tender and so ‘homey’.  Paul said, “You have ten thousand teachers but not many fathers.” (I Cor 4:15)  We love our ‘job’… loving on Jesus and loving on His favorite people.  

SD / Area leaders
There has been much grace on our times in San Diego.  God has given our good friends Dave and Ann Clark, a gift for finding divine connections.  Over the last 6-8 years we’ve met many great leaders, but in the last 1-2 years a shift seems to have taken place in SD.  Several key area leaders are rising above the religious political system.  They’re freely crossing denominational boundaries and opening their churches to the free move of the Spirit despite their past denominational affiliations and potential ‘kickback’ from those who may not be supportive.  And it’s changing the spiritual climate of SD.  One group is reaching for a more New Testament blueprint of gatherings.  Another group is hosting midweek meetings where substantial miracles are common place.  Another group hosts a midweek meeting where the pastor says (somewhat facetiously), “My job is to be the person in control to make sure that nobody is in control.” I love that.  We’ve had amazing God-times in each of these places and with other out-of-the-box groups in SD.  It’s very rewarding to watch our friendships grow.

SD / family
This next week several of our family members (John & Cheryl and boys… and Chris & Lydia) will meet us in SD.  We’re going to be full time ‘on call’ to be about our father’s business.  Father’s business will quite likely take us to roof tops, night clubs, restaurants, on the streets, in house churches and formal churches.  Never a dull moment when you’re on the The Great Adventure.  It’ll be a blast to ‘do the stuff’ with the fam again.  (Check out John’s testimony about the last time he was in SD – below!)

Supernatural Provision book update
It’s been a most fun ride to live and write about a breakthrough of grace for ‘sweat-free’ provision.  We’ve fulfilled our contract with Destiny Image Publishers, by purchasing 5000 books since SP was published.almost 3 years ago.  Those books have all been given away (free or for the cost of shipping)… with the exception of less than 75 books remaining.  It’s been amazing to watch how each time we needed to make the next purchase, God miraculously created provision – nearly $25k (Read about a crazy provision miracle in this DPM Update).  We’re always amazed to hear the testimonies of bonafide and radical breakthroughs from people who’ve been impacted upon reading the book.  Each life changing story is another tribute to the power of this revelation.  

But now, we’re faced with another decision:

1)    Should we order a second pressing of Supernatural Provision?
2)    If so, how many should we print?

Your prayers are greatly appreciated… Like everything else in life, we need to hear what God’s heart is for the future of Supernatural Provision.

Cool Story – by Mark
Not long ago, a friend and I went to Bass Pro restaurant to have lunch.  We had been there about 1-2 years ago.  When we arrived, a waitress, who I didn’t recognize, walked up and energetically hugged us as we sat down.  She called us by name.  I exclaimed “How did you remember our names?”  She said that when we met her last, she was so impacted that she thought that we might have been angels… until she saw my buddy walk in a few times after that.  

She was very depressed that last time… I could see it in her eyes.  Then she told me the word I gave to her when we first met her.  I remembered what I had said… it was a word of hope for freedom from heavy and hurtful things that had happened to her.  Well, when she reminded me what I said last time, that led to something new for her this time.  I said, “Your eyes are brighter this time… like you’ve had a breakthrough and something has been lifted off of her since the last time.  She exclaimed, “You’re right.  I’m different.  I started going to a Bible study after you came last time.”  Then she kind of sheepishly asked, “Do you speak in tongues?”  We said, “For sure.”  She said, “I got baptized in the Holy Spirit, too.”  So cool!!!  

That led to a very heartfelt and free conversation over a bunch of stuff.  We were so proud of her and celebrated her personal breakthroughs.   Another waitress walked up and so we prayed for both of them; for healing, personal breakthrough and their children.  It was quite a God-moment!

When I paid the bill I knew I had to give her a ‘gem-bomb’ (A ‘bomb’ of over-the-top kindness).  I gave her $50 tip for a $30 dinner bill.  She looked at it and said, “Why did you do that?!   You will never know how much God that is!!!”  And she continued, “Just this morning, my son said, ‘Mom, I need $50 for my drama class.’”  She said, “Son, you’re killing me.  Where do you think I’m going to get that money?!”  She was incredulous and nearly cried several times during our conversation.  It was a very tender moment for us, too!  We exchanged contact info and she wants to come to something we’re doing soon.  Now ain’t that a cool story?

A Fun Story – by John Hendrickson… Sept 2014
Recently, on the last evening of my stay in San Diego, I was inspired to head out and play djembe in the downtown Gas Lamp Quarter.  I found a spot on the street across from Urban Outfitters.

I got situated in my position and started with about 3 min of ‘warm up’ patterns.  As I look to my side… about 25 ft away this homeless couple with their dogs, were already positioned to make some money and I noticed some possible frustration in their eyes.  I INSTANTLY assured them with my lips, “Any money I make right here will go directly to you!”  They seemed shocked and said, “Oh, sure keep playing dude.”

Five mins passed and I got my first $5.  While I’m still playing, I looked over at the homeless guy and say, “Come and get it.”  He’s again kinda stunned and takes it and goes back to his spot on the sidewalk.

I adjust the groove a bit and more money comes in.  A few guys start free-styling in front of me as I smile and interact rhythmically with their explicit-lyric-filled rhymes. They too hand me money.  I call my homeless friends over again, this time the guy sends the girl to get the money.  As she comes over I give her $8 and say, “Jesus is thinking about you tonight and He wants to bless you.”  She was very happy and went and sat back down.

I continued playing for a bit and his dogs start to sing with my drums.  Then more of his homeless buddies came over and he yells, “My dogs are singing with you dude, don’t stop, they love you.”  All 4 of these friends left smiling.

As I was feeling my grace was up for this area, this guy comes by and tells me, “There’s a guy down the street that can hear you and would really like to meet and play with you.”  So I thought, I guess that’s my cue. 

I moved to this new/busier location where this guy had 3 djembes, 2 chairs, a blanket with tarot cards laying out and singing bowls.  As he was finishing a tarot reading, I said to him, “Lets jam!”  He said, “You’re the guy from down there?”  I said, “Yeah, let’s do this.”  He said, “Right on!”… We played about 1 minute and someone walks up and drops 5 bucks in this guy’s hat!  He instantly was shocked cause he hadn’t gotten anything the last hour sitting out there!

I instantly thought, “I could use a little ‘show off my God’ right now.”  So I said, “I’ve got a deal… look at your watch and within 10 mins someone will drop money in the hat again.”  Sure enough 7 mins goes by and it happens.  I said to him again, “Look at your watch.  Within 5 mins more, money will be put in your hat.”  Bam MORE!  I said to him, “I’m showing you that this is all deeper than making money or telling peoples’ fortune.  Its about you being filled/happy and bringing happiness around you…”  This hippie dude is freaking out!  I told him again, “Look at your watch.  Within 4 minutes you’ll get more in your hat.”  Within 2 mins someone comes and asks him directions.  He precedes to direct him and the guy drops $5 in the hat… and this drummer guy looks at his watch and says, “That was 3:59 seconds!”

I said to him, “The God I know doesn’t need these cards, the bowls, or the crystals… All of this for you tonight was a kiss from Him… to let you know that He’s thinking about you and hasn’t forgot about you and that you are His friend.”  He was just losing it in such a good way, saying he’s been prophesying these things over others when all he ever wanted was somebody to tell him the same thing… He was in a zone of awww.

Then someone comes across the street and starts looking me up and down while he’s holding his guitar.  I soon motion him over and stand up eye level with him.  He says, “Do I know you?”  I said, “You look so familiar… but can’t place a name.”  Long story short, I didn’t know him.  This whole time we haven’t lost eye contact and so I said, “What’s your name?”  He answered “Inka.”  He asked my name and I responded, “John.”  He said, “My name means John.”  We still haven’t lost eye contact and I was thinking this guy is very unique!   

I’m going to jump out… I said, “John/Inka, you are a man that is changing lives and you’ve seen them changed.  People are never the same once they meet you.  You are different.  You are unique and John you have a destiny that’s bigger and better than you could ever imagine right now.  Lives will be changed because of you and what He (as I pointed up) will do through you.”  We never lost eye contact and in the middle I noticed his eyes starting to glisten over slightly.  I said, “You believe me don’t you?”  He shakes his head and says, “Yes, I do” (The hippie djembe guy is freaking out and saying, “Dude I’m getting goose-bumps ever since you came over here!”)  I said, “Tonight is your night and Jesus is reminding you that he hasn’t forgot about you.  You are His, He’s excited about you and wants to know you better!”  Stunned, dropped-mouth face… both of them.

I sit down for a second and he says, “Do you smoke or drink?”  I said, “I don’t smoke, but I did have 1 beer 3 hrs ago…(which I kinda felt like he was seeing my Christian level or something).  I instantly said, “Would it matter if I had 3 or 10?  After all, you just want the truth, which is exactly what I spoke to you.”  He said, “No, it doesn’t matter, I WILL believe anything you say, John!”  I could tell he was still watching me while I was talking to the hippie for a second and I said, “Inka, I want to hug you, not because I need it (he moved in for a hug) or cause you need it, but Jesus wants to give it to you tonight.”  After a semi-long hug and more encouragement in his ear, he then wanted to put money in the hat.  I said, “Keep your money, this is all for you tonight.”

By the end of a little over an hour that night, I made 6 new friends, encouraged the wits out of them and helped them make over 35 dollars… God had all of their phone numbers.

Norway trip in March
A year or two ago we became good friends with Oystein and Sigrid Hilleren,  a wonderful couple from Norway.  They have a house of prayer in Voss, Norway.  They’ve asked us to help guest lead a conference for them in March 2015.  In addition, it looks like we will be sharing in a bible school and several other places in Norway … and in Switzerland, on that trip.  More on this God-adventure soon!

Jesus Is Emmanuel – Music video
A very moving music video depicting Jesus involved with everyday people with everyday lives.  (approx. 4:18 mins)

Is the world better or worse than 100 years ago?
Here are 50 reasons why we’re living in the greatest period in world history

Lotsa love

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DPM Update – 2014 June

14 Jun

Dear Friends              

Chris and Lydia are married!!  
It was a great wedding day with lots of pomp and circumstance and fun festivities in Redding, CA.  The months of detailed preparations by Debbie, Lydia and others finally came together.  And by all reviews, the 250 guests had an amazing time.

Chris and Lydia just arrived back home from their honeymoon.  I’m sure there will be official pictures soon, but here are a few snapshots.  Pic#1  Pic#2  Pic#3

Lydia’s the last one to get married.  Whew!!!  Now Debbie and I can make decisions without having to ask our kids… we’re foot loose and fancy free!!!  😉   But actually, we’ve been empty-nesters for about 4 years… now we’re enjoying the new ‘crop’ of grandkids.

Picture collage of Chris & Lydia shown at their wedding reception (about 7 mins)

Upcoming Schedule

~ New Day Church here in KC on June 15 (tomorrow)

Cornerstone Church – Prairie du Chein, WI – June 22

Living Well Faith Comm Church – Wausau, WI – June 26-29
(Love of God Extravaganza)

~ Simon’s house church – Hixton, WI – June 29

Cross Creek Ministries – Family Camp – Lebanon, MO – July 3-4

~ Dave & Ann Clark – San Diego, CA – July 7-14

~ Dick’s house church – Mt Lake, MN – July 19

13th Annual ‘He-Man’ Camp (for families) – Mt View, MO – July 24-26

~ West Coast Bread of Life Family Conference – Murrietta, CA – Aug 22-24

Regional Leaders meeting – Springfield, MO – Aug 30

Women’s Aglow Conf – Greenlake, WI – Sept 12-13

Johnny Wang & Shelley Wu Wedding – Acadia, CA – Sept 14 

Upper Midwest GL meetings – Rochester, MN – Sept 29-30

~ ‘Kiss San Diego’ – San Diego, CA – Oct 8-18

Everybody say it with me: Change is fun!!
As you are likely experiencing, our understanding of: abounding grace… our Father’s love for us… and our own identity, has shifted immensely over the last few of years… and continues to shift.  Everything is moving so fast that it’s like we’re surfing a mega-wave and feeling the raw power of these transformational revelations… and we’re watching in exhilarating wonder as the theological scenery radically changes around us.  

When I saw this pic below, it impacted me how we’re on an epic ride of our lives.  We have our floaties and goggles on and our mouth is agape in total exhilaration.  Master Surfer Daddy has created an astounding wave of abounding grace.  He helped us find the wave and He’s riding it with us (guess who’s in control)… and He’s got us totally covered.  Wow!

Hang on for the ride of our lives.  As the Mario Bros. video game says, “Here we go!!!”Riding The Abounding Grace Wave

For more on Surf’s Up….

This little piggie went to market…
Last week I officiated a wedding in Iowa for a great couple, a fun family and at a beautiful outdoors venue.  And guess what?  They gave us a whole butchered, packaged and frozen pig.  Is that fun or what?!!  Beyond being totally grateful for having all that meat in the freezer, getting a pig is tons of fun purely for the conversational aspect.  We remember in the ‘old days’ both of our parents would receive gifts of farm products (meat, eggs, milk, garden produce, canned goods, etc) for their pastoral services.  It was always a great then… and it is now!!  We’ve already had some good eatin’ and I can already taste the pork steaks on the bbq grill, soon!  You gotta love how Father provides.

Nailing the male/female problem:
Women want a guy to just listen and understand while men just want to fix the problem…  http://youtu.be/-4EDhdAHrOg (approx 2 mins)

Salute to US Veterans
Memorial Day is just behind us and today is Flag Day in the US.  In honor of those who have served our country, watch this deeply moving ‘no-words’ video:  http://youtu.be/uoABty_zE00 (approx 1 min)

Lotsa love

Mark and Debbie

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DPM Update – 2014 April

28 Apr

Dear Friends

Kauai trip final
We’re back home from Kauai. When we left the temperature was 7 degrees and I had just used my snow blower to remove the snow from our driveway a few days before. When we returned to KC, the dogwood, red bud, ornamental pear and fruit trees are in blossom and the grass needs mowing.  Maybe we side-stepped  the last part of winter.  

It was an amazing good trip.  We felt like the Lord really gave unusual favor in island relationships.  Enough that we felt like we’ll be returning sooner next time.  In fact when we arrived at the airport to leave the island, our flight was overbooked.  So we volunteered to take a later flight.  United Airlines put John, Cheryl, both babies, Deb and I up in a beach resort for the night… AND gave the 4 of us a free one-way flight back to HI.  Sounds like the Lord to me!!!  🙂  Of course it will be up to the Lord to get us back home to KC.  I love His ‘Higher Law of Blessing’ strategies!!!  

This time we ministered in 2 new churches… the jail… and over 25 house church meetings or gatherings in 42 days.  We also met with the mayor of Kauai, met one-on-one with different pastor’s, met in pastors’ prayer meetings several times and participated in a Seder meal.  John and Cheryl also ministered in other churches.  I love this quote that I heard from a friend: “We love what we do and do what we love!”   To view pics from our trip.

Video of house church in Kauai
View video of one of our house churches
here. (about 54 mins long)

Supernatural Provision book – Indonesian Translation
When you cast your bread upon the waters you just never know where it will end up… or in what corner of the world it will flourish.  I recently received a couple of copies of the Indonesian Bahasa language translation of Supernatural Provision.  God bless the Indonesians!!  To see the
book cover and for more info,

Upcoming wedding – Lydia and Chris
Deb and I are home for a couple of weeks… then we’ll go to Redding, CA on May 5 to make final preparations for Lydia and Chris’s wedding on May 18.  Debbie and Lydia are spinning their wheels… crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s… to make sure that all the details are coming together.

Bob Jones Memorial – on-line video stream
As you know, beloved friend Bob Jones passed away on Feb 14.  Click here to view as Rick Joyner hosts a celebration of Bob’s life.

Video of soldiers returning home
Careful!  Viewing
this video will make your eyes drip.

Lotsa love

Mark and Debbie
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DPM Update – 2014 March (2)

26 Mar

Dear Friends

Kauai experience
Wow!  We hit the ground running. Holy Spirit is an amazing organizer.  Seems like we’ve had a meeting nearly every day since we arrived.  And they’ve been fun, easy, no-stress meetings. Man, do I like that. Jesus said, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.”  Wonder what He meant by that?  Do you suppose that His way should be stress-free and easy?  Then what if what we’re doing is stressful and hard?  What’s the commentary on that?  Hmmmm.  O well, I should probably move onto another topic now.  How about those ‘Dodgers’!?  🙂

We’ve helped in a wedding, helped lead a YWAM DTS worship night, jail ministry, house churches… at least 17 meetings, already… and only a couple were preplanned before we arrived.  Again, you just gotta love Holy Spirit’s leadership.  He’s so amazing.

Then there is the stunning beauty of the island and the warmth of the island people.  The views are eye-candy.  You just can’t stop goggling over how majestic the jagged mountain ridges and spires are… so completely quilted with verdant and lush green cover to the very top… and how many hues of blue are out on an ocean horizon scene.  Is God awesome or what!?  I can just picture His Creator heart spinning out creative ideas like kernels of exploding popcorn… and His super-sized painter’s pallet filled with at least 50 bazillion colors… just to dazzle us and make us fall more in love with Him.  He’s good!

And did I mention that it’s been unseasonably cool since we’ve been here.  It’s been all the way down to 58-60 degrees at night.  We even had to put our jackets on.    🙂

Jail visit
We met outdoors at the jail.  Our host Cathy Gray, introduced us to the women and then we presented our “so-believable” Good God to them.  Debbie told a brief version of her encounter with Daddy-God… at which tears AND a very gentle mist began to fall.  We all took note of this special ‘sign’ of God showing us His tender heart.  I sang a personalized song over each of them.  There was a lot of love felt between all of us.  By the end, we all had tears as Jesus’ winsome love was shed abroad in all of our hearts – Rms 5:5.  O, and one lady said she felt “energy go into her knee” and a significant amount of freedom from pain as we prayed for her.  Another lady said she could “trust God again” and didn’t want this meeting to end. I fully expect that we will make a return visit soon to the Kauai Community Correctional Center.

Fruits – incredible edibles
Apple Banana – stubby little bananas that have a much tastier sweet and tangy taste than regular bananas

Cream apple or star apple – tastes sweet and juicy like a very creamy ice cream

Rambutan fruit – soft spiny round fruits (looks like a sea urchin) that have a firm gel-like sweet center much like a lychee

Strawberry guava – grows wild everywhere – has the normal guava seeds throughout the pulp but with a distinct sweet strawberry flavor

Mangosteen fruit – tastes like peach, strawberry and vanilla pudding all mixed together

Pics of meetings and misc Kauai adventures
To view click here

Phone issues
My phone got ‘stuck’ last week… it won’t do anything.  And there is only one phone guru here in Kauai and he’s off-island right now.  So if you’ve tried to call or text me, I’m sorry I’ve not been able to receive your communications.  Debbie’s cell phone, email and Facebook messaging have been the only way for communications for a while.  It’s just weird not having a phone.  Was there actually life before cell phones? Hope to have the matter resolved soon.

Video – resurrection from the dead
Christian doctor prays for dead patient who raises from the dead (about 6 mins long)

Lotsa love,

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