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Testimony: Miracle – high blood pressure and low heart rate, now normal

30 Nov

Sharyn Composite

Sharyn’s Miracle

We recently led a time of worship and ministry in the City of Industry (CA) House of Prayer which gave opportunity for Jesus to show off again.  It was a very laid-back, time of gentle worship and sharing inspiring personal words over everyone present.

Sharyn felt unusually hot all night.  In fact, afterward she asked her friends if they also felt hot.  They said, “No”.  They had actually felt cold.  

What we didn’t know was that Sharyn had experienced high blood pressure and low heart rate since she was about 30 years old – over 20 years now.   And since she didn’t ask for prayer, no one prayed for her physical issues. 

Later that evening, at home, as a matter of routine, she checked her stats… and to her surprise she found that her blood pressure was about as perfect as it can get… very uncharacteristic after an day of planning and administration, etc.  She was elated… even though her heart rate was still at her old ‘normal’ – LOW. 

The next day she checked her stats again, and found that her blood pressure was still about as perfect as it can get… AND now, her heart rate was also perfect!  She was starting to really get excited.

Over the next few days Sharyn checked her stats frequently just to be sure.  She was so confident that this was a miracle that later that weekend she shared the good news and displayed these pictures in a meeting at her church.

One week later, she still has a great set of stats.  This has not happened in over 20 years… and she is very relieved and happy.  For reference, she sent these monitor pictures to show the readings, including the last one which was taken one week after her initial improvements.  

Commentary: No one prayed for Sharyn… not even Sharyn.  Interesting, sometimes it’s our faith that seems to accomplish the impossible… sometimes it’s someone else’s faith that does it… and then sometimes, it’s not anybody’s faith… it’s the FAITH OF GOD.  God just shows off… because He can!  

Good job, Jesus!!!

Follow up:  It has been several years since being amazingly healed.  Sharyn’s blood pressure and heart rate stats are still normal!!



SP True Stories: Give Ash Some Cash

24 Nov

True stories of supernatural provision

(This story is from Ashley, one of my spiritual sons. – MLH)

Our couple years at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry gave us many opportunities to trust in the Lord’s provision.

One time we had just a few dollars in our checking account and bills were due.  I woke up that morning to pray and ask God about our situation.  To be honest I was pleading and worrying more than trusting.  While I prayed, I was reading Bill Johnson’s book called Strengthen Yourself in the Lord.  I opened to my book mark and read how Bill would write down all his prophetic words on 3×5 notecards.  He described how these words would keep him going on his path with God and remind him of the Lord’s promises in his life.  As I was reading I noticed that my bookmark was a 3×5 card!!  I hadn’t really thought about the card until this moment.  On the card was a note from a friend which said: Matt 6:25…”do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink”……my friend continued to write how God will always be our provider!  The cool thing about this note was that he had given it to me 2 years prior to this moment and it was just now coming to my attention.

My faith level was instantly rising!  I emailed Mark Hendrickson and told him about my God-story with the 3×5 card.GiveAshCash

Within a few hours of emailing Mark, he called.  He had just received a phone call from a friend who began telling him about an experience she had with the Lord while she was waking up that morning.  The Lord had spoken to her, “Give Ash some cash”!!!  She asked Mark what I was up to and where we were living… because she hadn’t stayed connected for several years.  Mark told her and described the encounter I had that very morning with the 3×5 card and how God was going to provide.  As you can imagine, her faith levels were instantly rising, as well!

Well… within 3 days of this encounter with God’s promise on a 3×5 card, we received a check in the mail for $1100, which paid our bills.

God’s got us covered!


SP True Stories: Big reduction of hospital bill

16 Nov

True stories of supernatural provision

Cut medical bill by 94%CutBill

Despite the scheduler’s assurance that ALL my husband’s medical procedures were approved by our insurance, the claim was processed as “out-of-network” and we had a balance due of $6000.  We went through the appeal process with our insurance carrier and it was denied.  The best outcome they offered was a $500 per month payment and that was not within our budget.

Someone from the hospital’s accounting office called and asked about the application for financial assistance.  We said that we were not interested in applying for Medicaid.  She assured us that was NOT a requirement.  But then we were told that our income is too high to qualify for financial assistance.  I said, “We are willing to pay what we owe on this bill, but we need a lower payment until we pay off another hospital.”  She replied “Let me talk to my supervisor.”

After a few minutes, the supervisor asked us to tell her the backstory, so we went through the whole thing including how we were told that our insurance had approved using this hospital for the procedure.  She said “Let me see what we can do.  In the meantime, I’m going to move this balance back into insurance pending.  That will keep it from going to collections.”

Approximately three weeks later, I got a phone call from the supervisor. She said the hospital had decided to reduce the bill 94%… the balance due went from $6000 down to $355!   WaaHoo  Thank You, Jesus!!


— MLH 

SP True Stories: Surprise retirement windfall

4 Nov

True stories of supernatural provision

Completely unexpected ‘early-retirement’ windfall

A long time good friend, conscientious engineer and family man read my book Supernatural Provision a few years ago.
At that time his job was great and it was difficult for him to find the relevance of the book in his life.  We talked about it and encouraged him with, “Don’t worry… celebrate that your life is good and you’re happy.”

But a couple years after this meeting he called saying that his job was going to terminate him and would incrementally reduce his salary to nothing over a 3 month period. My friend wanted to get together to talk over this supernatural provision thing.  We met to talk about developing a mindset to approach the unknown future.  At the end of 3 months his employer wanted to keep him on as contract labor… during which time he submitted resumes to many companies without any responses.  He tried valiantly to rest in God’s care for him and their family… and although there was not a financial crunch, it was difficult not to get into anxiety. windfall-300x250

About 6 months after he found out he was being terminated, he received a letter from a company that he had worked for in another state, 15 years earlier.  The letter requested him to call a company phone number to settle financial issues with that company.  He figured this was just a standard form letter because when his time was over there, he was sure that he had tidied up all his financial issues with the company.  But a week or so later he received an email to the same effect.  So on a lark and expecting nothing, he called the number only to discover that he had a retirement policy still in force.  The company wanted to know if he was going to wait until retirement to use it… or if he wanted them to buy him out… to the tune of $45K.  He decided to cash out.

Needless to say, this windfall was completely unexpected and a huge installment toward believing in the good care of a good God.



Quote: When God ran

2 Nov

“But the father said to his servants, ‘Bring out the best robe and put it on him, and put a ring on his hand and sandals on his feet. – Luke 15:22

If you are a believer, you are probably familiar with the touching story of the prodigal son that Jesus shared.  Who do you think the father in the story represents?  Jesus’ Father in heaven, of course.  Jesus was giving us a picture of His Father, who is also our Father.

In the story, the father was seen running toward his son, who was returning home. (Luke 15:20)  Do you realize that God is never described as being in a hurry in the Bible?  He is always cool and composed.  The only time He is portrayed as being in a hurry is in this story.  Though improper in Jewish culture, the father held up his robe and ran. Where was he running to?  Why was he in such a hurry?thelostson

The father was in a hurry because he had seen his son, who was still a long way from home.  He was running toward his son as he could not wait to embrace and kiss his child again.

The father was in a hurry to clothe his son with the best robe.  My friend, our Father has put the best robe—the robe of righteousness—on us.  In doing so, He has reinstated us as sons of the Most High God, a position which we had lost when Adam fell.

The father was in a hurry to put a ring on his son’s hand.  Like the authority that is invested in the signet ring of a rich man’s son, our Father is eager to put back into our hands the authority to invoke His name, so that we can walk in dominion every day.

The father was in a hurry to put sandals on his son’s feet to assure him that he was still his son—only servants went about barefoot.  Our Father never wants us to feel like hired servants or outcasts. We are always His sons.

Beloved, if the Father appears to be in a hurry, it is only because He is in a hurry to assure you of your position as His precious child!

From:  Joseph Prince Daily Grace Inspirations Nov 2, 2015