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We’re Grandparents!!!

29 Apr
Aslan, my little man-cub

Aslan will one day be ‘king of the forest’, but for right now he’s just a little man-cub in grampa’s arms.

     Introducing: ASLAN JAMES Hendrickson, born: April 29, weight: 7 lb. 4 oz., length: 19 in.  (Aslan pic)  Our little grandson is a keeper!!!  You may remember Aslan (the lion who represented Jesus) in Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis. Well, Aslan is a lion-to-be, but for right now he’s just a little man-cub.  During delivery John was great support and Cheryl was a real trooper.  She’s our new Super Hero!!!  Debbie is enjoying doing the grandma thing.  And I can hardly wait to take him down to the river and walk through the mud barefooted with mud squishing up between our toes…. you know, all the finer things in life.
Cheryl’s parents (from Hawaii) and two of her sisters have been here for most of a couple weeks.  They’re so much fun and so loving. Great grandparents also came from FL.  And of course Luke and Lydia had to come see their new nephew.  It was a blast having the family here to celebrate this wonderful occasion.  (Grandparents & Aslan pic)
When you think of all the excitement and delight over this new little life birthed into the world, maybe it gives us a little insight into the kind of rejoicing that happens in Heaven by the angels when one sinner repents (Lk 15:10).


DPM Update – 2012 April

12 Apr

Dear Friends

Back from Asia (Jan 27 – Feb 13)
We thought you would like to view a video of the conference we attended in Taiwan where Randy Clark had a word of knowledge about a specific healing.  I love Randy’s ‘little-child’ elation when he discovers that both a name and a physical condition describe a young boy named Oscar. Click here.

Family Cruise (Mar 1-10)
A HUGE thank you to a very special benefactor who made it possible for our whole family and nearly 30 other friends to go on a 7 day Caribbean cruise.  Beyond the shear pleasure of being on the high seas together as a family, our three sons played each day on the worship team for ‘Catch The Wave’ conference with the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship that was on-board. Morning and evening meetings with Rolland & Heidi Baker and Reinhard Bonnke and others, made great opportunities for renewal of spirit, soul and body on this cruise.
Here’s a pic of Deb and me on formal night.
Amazing fact:  Signed conversions verify that 55 million people have given their hearts to Jesus through Reinhard’s ministry in the last 10 years… with over 3 million signed conversions in one meeting alone.  Talk about the advancement of the Gospel and the “increase of His Kingdom and of His peace!”  Simply staggering.

CA trip (Mar 14-28)
Two weeks of God stuff, including 4 days in San Diego with Dave & Ann Clark and their very out-of-the-box kind of taking the Kingdom to the streets. Lots of fun.
Ten days in Redding where we hung out with Luke and Lydia and integrated with Bethel church more than any other trip.  I taught a couple of Lydia’s music classes in the Junior High School and also guest-spoke at the Bethel Christian School chapel.  Deb and I sang and prayer-led in the several sessions of the House of Prayer that is a emerging in Bethel.  We also led three house churches while there with copious body ministry and worship.  One of our most rewarding times yet in Redding.
While we were there, the 3rd and 4th grade class had a Holy Spirit breakout which infiltrated the whole 8 grades resulting in the principal shutting down all classes and ushering everyone to the gymnasium to host what God was doing.  This outbreak which last for two days, resulted in many children being baptized in the Holy Spirit… with LOTS of Holy Spirit ‘activity’.  Passers-by even got drawn into the overflow and were uncommonly overcome… some cool testimonies.

SP book reviews
     If you haven’t left a book review on Supernatural Provision, please leave one on when you have time. Thank you!

Here are a couple reviews:

The gears in my mind have seized up and “holy smoke” is rising from my head…Wow,Wow,Wow!!! God is breaking off the orphan mindset and I can feel his pleasure for me as I ponder his Love and the vastness of his thoughts for me and taking care of me. This book has spoken to me personally as I have cried out to the Lord for him to take all of me and rewire me. Years ago I had a dream in that I had found some gold coins and specifically written on them were; “HIS KING THE MAJESTY” with a lion on the front. So chapter 14 blew me away!  Dawn

Being raised in organized religion, it has been difficult to think outside of the ‘box’, that God has been placed in. This book has revealed a new way of thinking, a new way to look at God, and the love that He has for us. It is through this love for us that He WANTS to be our Provider! This book does far more than just teaching the reader about financial provision, it will open the eyes of ones heart to see God for who He really is; a loving Father! Mark’s tender, yet simple prayers, have a “freeing” effect on hearts that have felt imprisoned by years of religious doctrine. He is also a great teacher, backing everything up with scripture! LOVE this book!!  JH&MO

You can receive a free copy by covering the shipping costs of $5/ bk.  Click here

Springfield, MO regional leaders (Mar 18)
The last couple of years we’ve usually led worship when we attend the monthly meetings consisting of lunch, sharing and ministry time, hosted by Steve & Sally Wilson, pastor of Dayspring Church in Springfield.  Honestly, I’ve never been in a meeting of multi-church leaders that has been as open, tension free and spiritually alive, as this group.  Steve just returned from a South America ministry trip with Randy Clark where he saw at least 3 blind eyes opened and countless other healings.  When he recounted these testimonies it increased the group’s faith which resulted in several healings among the leaders when we met together last Saturday.  You may want to stay connected with Dayspring’s website, as they’re frequently hosting Bethel speakers, Randy Clark and others ‘notables’.

Northland trip (Apr 12-24)
The next few weeks Deb and I will be playing hop-scotch through MN, WI and IL following the ‘cloud’.
We’ll be in Richland Center, WI for a house church and fellowship, Austin, MN at Austin Christian Fellowship for a ’round-table’ gathering of leaders and church meeting, Rochester, MN at Destiny Church to lead worship at a regional leaders conference where Graham Cooke is guest speaker, Eau Claire, WI for a house church and fellowship, Wells, MN at Wilderness Prayer Center for a couple days of meetings, Prairie du Chein, WI at Cornerstone Church for Sunday services, and Dallas City, IL for a house church and fellowship.
We try to keep our itinerary posted and up-to-date here.
Then we’re home for a while… because our first grandson is due in May… and we wouldn’t want to miss the grand occasion with John and Cheryl!  Lots of family will be around for the very special occasion, including Cheryl’s parents from Kauai, HI.

Our First Granddaughter!
     Markus & Allison are expecting in August and they’ve announced that they’re having a girl!  Two grand-babies this year!  Can it get any better?!?!

Just for fun
     Listen to a special (30 sec. clip) spontaneous song during one of the house churches we led in Redding, CA. What a sweet time of adoration!  Sweetest Melody
And take a listen to Everlasting Love on Youtube as God sings His very own personal and passionate love song over you.  Go ahead. Take a time-out.  Gently lean back into His arms and let Him give you a hug.  You know you want one.  You’ll be so glad… and He will too.
Happy Easter… the day our Lord conquered hell and death by His resurrection from the dead and made that victory available to each of us.  Come on, now… That’s something to celebrate about!  Thank you Jesus!

Thank you for holding us before Heaven, as you can.  We need your prayers and greatly appreciate them… and you!

With love and blessings

Mark & Debbie

Dwelling Place Ministries
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