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Main Street Grace – Pt 2

29 Jan

The word Grace is used 127 times in context to the Grace of God, 89 of which occur in the letters of Paul.  The gospel is described as the message of his grace (Acts 14:3). The Scriptures are the word of his grace (Acts 20:32).  And Grace originated through Jesus… “For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came about through Jesus Christ.” (Jn 1:17)

Interestingly, Jesus introduced Grace to us 2000 years ago and it has always been available since then.  A few people seemed to ‘get it’… maybe one of the most notable was Martin Luther.  But by-and-large most people continued to live under a slightly new and improved bondage to the law of works… expressed in many levels of our lives.  This poor mindset has been so long entrenched into our basic fabric of Christianity that we’re having trouble understanding and coming to terms with Biblical Grace.  O, we’re familiar with the basic concept and verses supporting Grace but Grace hasn’t revolutionized our hearts.  (If we’re unsure of that last statement, just take listen to our internal self-talk and how sin-conscious we are.)  And to compound our lack of reality in Grace, along comes these peripheral beliefs and positions that say they are associated with Grace… only on opposite sides of Grace.  As a result of not being familiar with those peripheral doctrines, we’ve become tenuous in our embrace of Grace… and even our conversations about Grace.  The vociferous opposing sides have intimidated even the average believer… making us think we must yield our loyalty to one or the other of the sides.  

But now-a-days, God is causing a resurgence of Grace to flood many different streams across the church world.  Revelations of Grace are proliferating in many camps.  It’s like a wholesale grace for Grace is being poured out from Heaven upon the whole earth.

BTW, here’s some more good news, there are more than just two camps in this issue.  There is at least one more camp which I call ‘main street’ Grace.  It runs smack dab right down the radical middle of the whole business.  And it’s an awesome place to “live and move and have our being”! 

Here are some of the peripheral doctrines on either side of Grace.  Even though some of these doctrines or practices are without a doubt heretical, this is not to say that all of them are automatically bad.  The question of whether they can be associated with Grace is the issue.


Universalism / ultimate reconciliation
No hell / graduated hell / annihilationism
No confession or repentance necessary
Emerging church – deconstruction of institutional church
Lawlessness/sin is OK
Social justice emphasis / social gospel
New lens – homosexuality OK

Libertinism Side

>>>  Main Street Grace  >>>  The Radical Middle >>>

Legalism side

Self discipline / spiritual disciplines
Saved by Grace plus works
Radical revivalism mindset only
Dietary laws
Ceremonial laws
Jewish roots/Messianic practices
Moral laws

Now, it may take 10 years for the ‘Grace-talks’ to expose the obvious theological errors on each side of ‘main street Grace’.  Of course, this will be fueled by those who love a good controversy… it just seems to charge their batteries.  And sadly, there’ll be lots of blood-letting and even some causalities as ‘missiles’ are shot from each side… right over the top of Grace’s ‘main street-ers’.  O, it will be a little disconcerting for a while when we hear the scream of ‘missiles’ overhead… especially if they’re fired from or land in close proximity to us.  But, we’ll just let ’em ‘duke it out’ because there WILL be spoils for those who keep their nose clean.  The truth will be distilled out of the fray.   

As for me, I see no need to embrace any peripheral doctrine as a prerequisite to enjoy this exceedingly-abundantly-above-all-you-can-ask-or-imagine Grace.  Grace has already begun revolutionizing my heart.  I found it in the Word of God… and I now have my own experience.  Everyday Grace is upgrading my reality.  It’s a good life.  It really is.  God is so much better than I ever thought… and so much better than I was taught.

In the meantime, for us ‘Main Street-ers’, it’s full steam ahead right down the Radical Middle of Grace!!!

 — MLH

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Our New Prayer Posture: Declare / Prophesy

29 Jan

Question: Why is it appropriate to declare / prophesy as my new prayer posture?

There are many possible heart postures in prayer.  Begging, plaintiff, supplication, intercession, declaration, prophesying, devotion, warfare/battle, etc.  Although I don’t think begging and plaintiff are ever a good posture with God, all the rest can be a valid posture to take when engaging Heaven and/or earth in prayer. (See: Three Eras of Prayer Posture)

Now-a-days, I am more convinced than ever that we are not to pray from earth toward Heaven… as in a begging/plaintiff stance.  But rather we are to pray from our position of sitting with Jesus on the Throne.  “We are seated with Christ in heavenly places” (Eph 2:6).  This is our new residence.  Anything other than that is below what Jesus accomplished for us when He ascended on high. (Rms 6:4; Col 2:12)  If we were buried with Christ then we were also raised with Christ… we are seated with Him now… where He is seated at the right hand of the Father.  So this must become our new residence and center of our world… living from the Throne. (See: Where Do Christians Go When They Die? (Can we live in Heaven now?))

We’re not talking about grasping for or presuming more than God intends… rather we’re determined to not let our old sin ravaged mindset (See: Grace For the Sin Issue… and So Much More) terrorize us and keep us tethered to earthly places when we’ve been afforded the palatial environs of Heaven as our new home to live in NOW.

Before we knew the riches of what Jesus accomplished for us and gave to us, we thought we were just plaintiffs and beggars, hoping for a few morsels of provision to get us by till Friday.  This is misery Christianity… and so unnecessary.  It’s a mindset and resulting experience that is quite demeaning, even disrespectful, to the rich inheritance that Jesus offers us.  But thanks to Grace, we’re transitioning from worthless beggar sin-conscious posture to one of a confident and beloved son seated beside our Daddy and Jesus.  In fact, we’re on our way to learning how to be ‘kings’ unto our God… learning to rule and reign with Him.

No, we’re not trying to say that we replace God… or don’t need God… or are equal to God… but we are trying to effectively “put off” our extinct inferior identity (Eph 4:22; Col 3:9) and “put on Christ”. (Rms 13:14; Gal 3:27).

This “putting on” will likely take some time as our minds need to be renewed to see ourselves as God sees us.  You see, we usually practice whatever we believe… and we believe whatever we’ve heard because “faith comes by hearing”.  Unfortunately we’ve heard wrong for far too long.  But that’s all changing now.

Jesus said, “As you go preach that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand” (Matt 10:7).  I believe that the Kingdom came during Jesus’ time on earth.  It was fully available then… and always has been, since then.  But we’ve not had very good teaching about what the Kingdom of God is and what it affords to us.  Mostly we thought that the Kingdom of God would be enjoyed AFTER we die (when our ‘ticker’ stops).  But that’s only part of the story!  The Kingdom of God is also available NOW!

Well, we’re retraining/renewing/upgrading our minds by the washing of the Word so that we might conform into the image of His dear Son.  This might sound lofty and elitist to you, but it is right there in the Holy Writ.  And no! It isn’t accomplished by grunting harder… indeed it is unattainable in our own strength… or by taking thought… or by grasping for it.  It is entered by “entering into rest”.

Now back to prayer posture: I’m very sure that Jesus never begged His Father for anything as if He was wondering if Father would ever ‘come through’ for Him.  Yes, Jesus did fervently supplicate in the Garden… but mostly His prayers were in the posture of thanks and commands.  Thanking the Father and commanding the issues.  In fact, look at the occasion at Lazarus tomb.  Jesus begins the prayer thanking the Father that the Father hears Him (and He interestingly interjects that He didn’t really need to pray this way.  He’s only praying this way because of the people).  Then Jesus loudly cries out, “Lazarus, come out!” (notice the command).  This I believe becomes the essence of our new model in prayer… give thanks, then declare and prophesy.

Thus, I believe that if we’re going to walk commensurate with our true identity and position in Christ we must begin to put off the begging and pre-programmed, mindless, no-need-to-grow-up, asking posture… we must learn how to confidently rule with Jesus from our Heavenly residence toward our earthly situations.  In answer to the original question: this is why I use the words declare and prophesy to describe our new prayer posture.

Personal testimony:  Since about 2010 I have very rarely asked Heaven for anything.  I’ve instructed my mind to notify me if I mindlessly assume the rote posture of asking.  You see, most everything that I would ask for has already been accomplished in Heaven and I’ve been duly informed that it is Heaven’s good pleasure to give it to me.  So for me to turn to my left and look into Daddy’s face (remember: I’m seated with Jesus in Heavenly places at the Father’s right hand) and start to beg for something that He has clearly communicated is already mine, is fairly inappropriate.  As my mind is being renewed with my new position and favor, asking is becoming a thing of the past… it’s only acceptable if I don’t know Father’s mind and heart on the matter.  Begging is obsolete.  So, no more begging for me!!  I really believe I can see Jesus smile at me when He watches me begin to think, speak, act and walk worthy of my true identity and position.  And where does it go from here…. O that’s a topic for another day!

So, learn to prophesy what you know to be true, my friends… it’s the M.O. of our future.

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Quote: Lance Wallnau – “Quit Your Job”

17 Jan

Midnight Watch: PROPHETIC WORD for 2014.  QUIT your job.

Yes.  I heard this and strongly urge you to quit your job.  Quitting my job - Lance Wallnau

I am not saying you should “leave” your job.  You should quit working the way you do.

Read this to the end and you’ll see the secret to untold wealth.  Something has been holding you back – and it’s icy grip is going to be broken in 2014.

Since the fall of Adam, man has toiled under the curse of earning a living by sweat, toil and labor.

In Genesis 3:18-20 God said: “Both thorns and thistles it (earth) shall bring forth for you…In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread.”

Right up against this we have the splendid defiance of the Galilean Rabbi, Jesus of Nazareth, who refused to toil and labor for bread.  Instead He multiplied it in His hands, paid taxes by a last minute coin found in a fishes mouth and funded his disciples families for the duration of their three year training by starting them off with a miraculous boat sinking load of fish.

Jesus defiance wasn’t toward God, His defiance was against the tyranny of the curse that would no longer have legal authority over His followers because it had NO authority or claim over Him.  He was the “second Adam”…the last Adam, the start of a new order of Overcomers. (1 Cor 15;45)

This Jesus is the one who commanded us to “not worry about food, or drink, or clothing, or shelter…”For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father KNOWS that ye have need of all these things.”

What did he say?  “All these things do the GENTILES seek”…The Gentiles?  The UNBELIEVER’S seek these things.

But how is it today?

Christian’s are by in large some of the most financially desperate and neurotically “End Time” preoccupied people I meet.  Churches and ministries constantly needing money and shaking down anxious followers for the means to “change the world?”  With what message?  Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses and Muslims aren’t branded by offerings and financial crisis.  We are.

In fact it’s worse.  The “Gentiles” who know not God, the unbelievers, are actually the wealth barons of Wall Street, the entertainment industry and the politically connected.  It is the rich unbeliever’s who eat up the “sweat” of others.

In the midst of the New Year, 5774 or whatever you want to call it, the most anxious people on earth are the believers who are preoccupied with the future…what’s going to happen next?  Will there be a collapse of the economic system?  What judgment is coming on my nation – TOMORROW!?!?

But who are the ONLY ones who were told “TAKE NO THOUGHT ABOUT TOMORROW”?  Believers!

That’s why you need to QUIT your job and START your ministry!  Your work is now your ministry.  It isn’t your vehicle for transforming sweat into bread – it’s the field God has called you to OCCUPY like an Adam who NEVER SINNED.  In Christ you are now free from the tyranny of the curse.  You are the righteousness of God Himself, “in Christ.”  Before Adam fell, the earth, the environment around him cooperated with him to create flourishing prosperity.

Make your work your garden and commune with God as you produce results no “Gentile” can compete with.

What is the #1 condition Jesus laid down for this “no thought” promise to be activated?  After He said “don’t act like a gentile,” He gave the KEY…

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”  “ADDED” – not acquired, purchased or extracted.

Adam and all his “gentile” unbelieving sons have NO claim to this “no thought,” “no toil,” “no anxiety” life.

Seek to use your employment as a platform to extend and expand the dominion of heaven over earth.  That’s what “seek ye first the kingdom of God” now invites you into.

If believer’s would do this in their current sphere of assignment they would progressively move to the epicenter of influence and liberate wealth from the hands of those who control the currency of decision making that controls nations.

The mandate of the last generation of second Adam offspring is not to vote out the ungodly opposition, but to convert them to the superior quality of life and superior results that Jesus manifests.  The earth itself will work with you, for it longs for this millennial generation, this 7M Gen to become the manifestation of the SONS of God.  (Ro 8: 19) Note – its “sons” – a company of the elect demonstrating the coming rule of the millennial King, Jesus of Nazareth, THE SON of the Living God.

The Holy Spirit is teaching us how to pray into this new day.  Don’t let the weakness of your condition dominate you.
(Ro 8:26)  This really is YOUR FINEST HOUR.

Pass this on—-share it!


Originally posted on Lance Wallnau Facebook page – Jan 8, 2014