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Quote: Lance Wallnau – “Quit Your Job”

17 Jan

Midnight Watch: PROPHETIC WORD for 2014.  QUIT your job.

Yes.  I heard this and strongly urge you to quit your job.  Quitting my job - Lance Wallnau

I am not saying you should “leave” your job.  You should quit working the way you do.

Read this to the end and you’ll see the secret to untold wealth.  Something has been holding you back – and it’s icy grip is going to be broken in 2014.

Since the fall of Adam, man has toiled under the curse of earning a living by sweat, toil and labor.

In Genesis 3:18-20 God said: “Both thorns and thistles it (earth) shall bring forth for you…In the sweat of your face you shall eat bread.”

Right up against this we have the splendid defiance of the Galilean Rabbi, Jesus of Nazareth, who refused to toil and labor for bread.  Instead He multiplied it in His hands, paid taxes by a last minute coin found in a fishes mouth and funded his disciples families for the duration of their three year training by starting them off with a miraculous boat sinking load of fish.

Jesus defiance wasn’t toward God, His defiance was against the tyranny of the curse that would no longer have legal authority over His followers because it had NO authority or claim over Him.  He was the “second Adam”…the last Adam, the start of a new order of Overcomers. (1 Cor 15;45)

This Jesus is the one who commanded us to “not worry about food, or drink, or clothing, or shelter…”For after all these things do the Gentiles seek:) for your heavenly Father KNOWS that ye have need of all these things.”

What did he say?  “All these things do the GENTILES seek”…The Gentiles?  The UNBELIEVER’S seek these things.

But how is it today?

Christian’s are by in large some of the most financially desperate and neurotically “End Time” preoccupied people I meet.  Churches and ministries constantly needing money and shaking down anxious followers for the means to “change the world?”  With what message?  Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses and Muslims aren’t branded by offerings and financial crisis.  We are.

In fact it’s worse.  The “Gentiles” who know not God, the unbelievers, are actually the wealth barons of Wall Street, the entertainment industry and the politically connected.  It is the rich unbeliever’s who eat up the “sweat” of others.

In the midst of the New Year, 5774 or whatever you want to call it, the most anxious people on earth are the believers who are preoccupied with the future…what’s going to happen next?  Will there be a collapse of the economic system?  What judgment is coming on my nation – TOMORROW!?!?

But who are the ONLY ones who were told “TAKE NO THOUGHT ABOUT TOMORROW”?  Believers!

That’s why you need to QUIT your job and START your ministry!  Your work is now your ministry.  It isn’t your vehicle for transforming sweat into bread – it’s the field God has called you to OCCUPY like an Adam who NEVER SINNED.  In Christ you are now free from the tyranny of the curse.  You are the righteousness of God Himself, “in Christ.”  Before Adam fell, the earth, the environment around him cooperated with him to create flourishing prosperity.

Make your work your garden and commune with God as you produce results no “Gentile” can compete with.

What is the #1 condition Jesus laid down for this “no thought” promise to be activated?  After He said “don’t act like a gentile,” He gave the KEY…

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”  “ADDED” – not acquired, purchased or extracted.

Adam and all his “gentile” unbelieving sons have NO claim to this “no thought,” “no toil,” “no anxiety” life.

Seek to use your employment as a platform to extend and expand the dominion of heaven over earth.  That’s what “seek ye first the kingdom of God” now invites you into.

If believer’s would do this in their current sphere of assignment they would progressively move to the epicenter of influence and liberate wealth from the hands of those who control the currency of decision making that controls nations.

The mandate of the last generation of second Adam offspring is not to vote out the ungodly opposition, but to convert them to the superior quality of life and superior results that Jesus manifests.  The earth itself will work with you, for it longs for this millennial generation, this 7M Gen to become the manifestation of the SONS of God.  (Ro 8: 19) Note – its “sons” – a company of the elect demonstrating the coming rule of the millennial King, Jesus of Nazareth, THE SON of the Living God.

The Holy Spirit is teaching us how to pray into this new day.  Don’t let the weakness of your condition dominate you.
(Ro 8:26)  This really is YOUR FINEST HOUR.

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Originally posted on Lance Wallnau Facebook page – Jan 8, 2014