Grace Unto Co-Reigning!

11 Jul

The message of the hour is the message of Grace!!!!  Grace is the KEY into our future!!!  The message of Grace centers around Jesus… what He did for us and His nature now in us (II Cor 5:21). It’s not by our works or righteousness (Tit 3:5) that we get anywhere in God.  It’s by Jesus’ works and HIS righteousness.

The body of Christ is transitioning from the Church Age into the Kingdom Era.   To do this we MUST get this Grace message.

The past Church Age was about trying to save people from hell.  “Don’t you know, you’re going to hell? Do you want to go to Heaven?  You must get saved.  Come to church.”  This mindset largely centered on, “We’re sinners and need God” which was very true.  But it kept us in the ‘I am a sinner (barely) saved by grace’ mindset.  We were self-pre-occupied with our sins, unworthiness, failure prone-ness, and need for a Savior.  All of this is very true and necessary… necessary for our first steps toward Salvation and entering the body of Christ.  But we can’t just ‘camp out’ under the Cross, focusing on our fallen-ness… just as Jesus didn’t stay on the Cross, dying and dead.  He was buried, rose, was glorified and ascended to the right hand of God.  “If we be buried with Christ shall we not also be raised with Christ” (Col 2:12).  This is how God sees us… as being raised and seated with Him.  We must follow Jesus… in our heart and minds, emotions and actions… it must affect our whole reality.

In the Kingdom Era we transition out of sinner mentality and the ‘everything-must-happen-inside-the-four-walls-of-the-church’ mindset.  We begin to discover and understand how to co- reign (with Jesus) out in the ‘kingdoms’ of this world.  We are kings and priests unto our God (Rev 5:10)… holy nation, royal priesthood (I Pet 2:9), etc.  To rule well, we cannot be beggars, paupers, nor have a sinner mentality… not if we’re going to rule with Jesus. Beggars make very poor rulers… they focus too much on themselves.  It’s all about ‘poor’ me.  Godly rulers are humbly confident in who they are in Christ, which enables them to be able to rule well.  Of course we’re not talking about pride, arrogance or presumption… we’re talking about believing exactly what God says about us.  We’re seated with Christ in Heavenly places (Eph 2:6)… and hidden with Christ in God (Col 3:3).  This is where we are currently!!   We must get a renewed mind (Rms 12:2) until we have the mind of Christ on these matters (I Cor 2:16).  Then we can progress to learning to co-reign (Dan 7:27)… which is where we are ultimately headed.

Learning to rule over our own lives comes first… not by focusing on our sins, but upon Jesus’ righteousnessThought: Undue introspection, self-consciousness and self-preoccupation are a form of idolatry.   Truth: What we behold determines who we become.  We’re learning to be free from self and sin consciousness (because of Grace) and learning to be Jesus and righteousness conscious.

We’re headed toward co-reigning with Jesus, so we must agree with Jesus first about His thoughts concerning this.  Then we must see ourselves as living IN and FROM Heaven versus from earth…since we’re seated in Heavenly places… and hidden with Christ in (side of) God.  Our posture and perspective must become living and praying FROM victory rather than FOR victory… remember, we’re seated with Christ.

Question: Can there be any real defeat or problems when we’re seated with Him?  Can there be any void or lack if we’re hidden with Christ in Him?  Pretty big stuff here.  This truth must become the governing reality of our minds, hearts, and words… our whole life.

This is our new M.O. (mode of operation) for the coming era.  Of course we all agree with these things theologically… and we can even quote these verses.  But the truth of whether we really believe them or not becomes evident in our prayers.  Listen to ourselves pray the next time we pray.  What perspective do we pray from… from earth… or from Heaven?  For victory… or from victory?  Do we pray as beggars… begging God for another morsel… or breakthrough?  Or do we prophesy, declare and release… like kings do?

We’re in a huge learning mode right now… and we’ve got LOTS to learn.  But this is SO good!  God’s heart is so much better than we thought!  What we now think is emphasizing ‘too much Grace’, in five years, will become normal and easily embrace-able Grace.  It will radically revolutionize the way we walk out our lives before God and man.  This is the KEY to having confidence to co-reign with God.

These Grace and ‘Kingdom co-reigning’ messages will become much more center-stage in our near future.  Our hearts will explode with joy when we discover that this is the ‘air’ that we were made to breathe!!!

3 Responses to “Grace Unto Co-Reigning!”

  1. Roberta May 2, 2013 at 1:04 PM #

    Good article. I definitely appreciate this site.

    • Mark Hendrickson May 2, 2016 at 9:55 AM #

      Roberta, I was just browsing through my comments section and found yours. I hope Beyond the Map is still inspiring you. Blessings!


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