Grace: For The Sin Issue… and So Much More

29 Aug

Some people have given this current emergence of revelation, the moniker: The Grace Message… and that it is.  But it is so much more than that.  It’s a rediscovery of our original identity and design.  This revelation will do same for us as it did for failure and guilt-ridden Simba when Mufasa took the Lion King to look into the waters of reflection.  At first Simba sees only his own reflection, but then his real identity is revealed… he’s the son of his father and the rightful king.  Our Good Shepherd, in Ps 23, leads us beside still waters… the still water of His Word which will create the proper reflection of our identity.

This revelation of Grace invites us to look into the Mirror of the Word to find, agree and act upon the truth of who we really are (Jms 1:22-27 and other vss).  When we look into the Mirror, surprisingly we find Jesus looking back saying, “Welcome to yourself.”  In fact, He goes so far as to say, “Whatever is true of Me is true of you.” (“You are as He is in this world” – I Jn 4:17) (“Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference” — Rms 3:22)

This is stupendous news.  It staggers our imagination and comprehension.  But yet, it’s true!!!

Grace could be construed and diminished to mean just that we’re righteous no matter what.  And that much would be true!  But truly, the revelation of Grace goes light years beyond just lifting off sin and sin consciousness and sin management.  It has to do with exalting us to our original sonship, kingship, co-rulership… and beyond.  Yes, beyond.  You see, believing that Grace only deals with our sin issue is like stopping on first base after a great home run hit.

In fact, there are those whose first rebuttal to ‘the Grace message’ is, “What? So you’re saying that you can sin without consequence!?”  Which of course is not true.  But this rebuttal begs why a person would even ask such a question.  Why are they so preoccupied with sin?  Why is sin their first line of thought… when God is trying to restore and exalt them?  That sort of rebuttal is probably telltale of the kind of self-talk going on inside the mind… and likely indicates the need for a greater baptism of… Grace… yes, Grace!

You see, we are so steeped in our own sin consciousness that when we’re told the Good News that we are “saved by Grace”, our primary response is to ‘camp out’ on what we’re save FROM rather than what we’re saved TO.  Having been so surrounded and indoctrinated by the devil’s lie of our sinfulness, we’ve adopted that lie as our persona and inescapable identity… at least while on earth.  It’s possible that our heads may agree with the volume of Scripture that gives us KNOWLEDGE of our radical transformation into the “righteousness of Christ” (what we we’ve been saved TO) but the fact that we’re still preoccupied with sin conscious rebuttals (what we’ve been saved FROM) lends evidence that we’re still in need of the REVELATION of Grace.  Knowledge and revelation are not the same… and they create two very different dynamic responses.

We’ve must learn how to ‘drive this car’ of sonship by looking through the windshield rather than being preoccupied with the rear view mirror… consumed with where we’ve been.  Yesterday’s identity is NOT even close to our current identity.  To think with the same old thoughts is to hamstring ourselves and cut short God’s awesome plan… maybe not so different than the Israelites who never entered the Promised Land.  They had escaped Egypt but they couldn’t get Egypt out of them.  We’re saved and on our way to ‘heaven’, but we still process through the lens of our old life.   

Recently I’ve been gripped with the awareness that retooling my mind to agree with my original identity and design in God is really only the beginning point… the starting point of all that God has reserved for those who can get comfortable in their own ‘righteous’ skin.  There’s so much more;  co-ruling, co-reigning, kingship, and stuff that Jesus wanted to tell us but we couldn’t yet bear it (Jn 6:12).  A treasure trove of delectable pleasures (Ps 16:11) awaits His people if we can escape the gravity of our past sin-ridden identity and consciousness.

So do you want to know if you’ve really gotten the revelation of Grace and your original design in God?  Just listen to yourself pray next time.  We are most likely to be genuine and honest when we’re locked away in our ‘closet’ with the One who knows us best and loves us most.  In those times, are you a beggar of another crumb, reminding God of your unworthiness and sins, hoping to be good enough to have this audience with Him?  Or are you confidently seated alongside Him and prophesying His heart out over your earthly circumstances… like kings do?

You see, Grace is so much more than being saved FROM the sin issue… it’s what we’ve been save TO!!!  Look into the waters of reflection… the Mirror of His Word.  Do you see Jesus?  Do you?  Then, welcome to yourself.

That’s what Grace does for us.


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