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DPM Update – 2012

12 Jan

Dear Friends

Happy New Year!
What will 2012 be like?  I find it interesting to hear so many different sources (Christian, secular… and even the Mayans) point to 2012 as a pivotal year.  Well, it’s a no-brainer that change is in our future.  National and global financial matters are thrashing like a just caught bass. But I feel a great deal of confidence in our Father’s watch-care over us.  He’s not shaking in the least and will watch over His plans for our lives to perform them whether natural circumstances are compliant or not.  He has no problem ‘trumping’ oppositional signs and circumstances.  Like Peter, we say, “To whom else can we turn, only You have the words of eternal life.”   Your kindness and care are impeccable and unmatchable, Jesus.  Thank you!

DPM Itinerary
FYI – Most of our 2011/2012 itinerary can be viewed at: itinerary

Supernatural Provision book stuff
It’s been over a month since we received the first shipment of books and we’re having so much fun with our ‘new marketing plan’.  As long as the Lord provides we’re going to offer them as a gift.  That has created interesting responses; from quizzical to excited surprise.  The Lord has already given us some interesting supporting signs.  So for now, you can get it on-line at DPM’s website just for helping us with shipping and handling costs.  Or see us personally for a no-cost copy.  We’ve given away most of our first shipment and the Lord has already provided for the next 1000 books.

Digital version available
Supernatural Provision digital version is now available in these and other versions: Amazon’s Kindle, iPad’s eReader, Nook, iTunes, and Sony’s ebook, etc.

Reader Reviews
If you’ve read Supernatural Provision and like it, please fill out a book review at: (login to your acct, then search for Supernatural Provision, then look for customer review half way down the page)

Our publisher, Destiny Image explains that these book reviews, especially on Amazon, are one of the MOST important ways to inform the world about our message. Please help spread the news, if you can!

Family home for Christmas
We didn’t have a white Christmas in Kansas City, but it was a real treat to have all of our immediate family home here in KC, to celebrate Christmas for a few days.

John in Switzerland
John was in Switzerland for about 8 days over New Year’s with a worship team from Bethel.  This was his first trip to Europe.  For several years our family has felt like we’ll be making some ministry trips to Europe.  We’re waiting on the Lord’s timing…and it looks like it’s starting to happen!

Luke is recording One Thing conf worship CD
Luke is still in Redding but is producing this year’s One Thing Conf worship CD.  As usual, there were some awesome worship times. It will be an amazing and anointed CD.

Luke, John and Lydia on Bethel CD/DVD
Jan 24 is the release date for this project. Debbie and I were present when this was recorded at The Loft in Redding.  Luke is on keys, John on drums and Lydia is playing cello. John even helped write the song ‘Come to Me‘ with Jenn Johnson, which you can find on Youtube.  or you can purchase the CD/DVD at the Bethel webstore .

Just for fun
Recently, my long time friend Bob Hartley sponsored the making of a CD entitled ‘Beautiful Day’.  They asked me to record James Taylor’s ‘You’ve Got A Friend’.  You can hear it for free at:’veGotAFriend.mp3    Each of the other tracks can be sampled and you can purchase the whole CD entitled ‘Beautiful Day’ at:  It’s also available on iTunes.  While at Bob’s ministry page (Deeper Waters), take time to check out a host of great encouraging tools; videos, audio, books and CDs.

So grateful for your prayers and care
Thank you for your prayers and care for DPM this last year. We’ve been hugely blessed by your responses to Heaven’s stirrings on your heart.  And so we want to bless you with Apostle Paul’s blessing, “Now may He who supplies seed to the sower, and bread for food, supply and multiply the seed you have sown and increase the fruits of your righteousness” – II Cor 9:10.  May our ‘abundantly above and beyond’ Lord bless you RICHLY in 2012.

Much love
Mark and Debbie

Quote on Grace
I love the theme of Grace and believe that it is more radically and profoundly impacting than we have ever thought possible.  I recently heard this quote by Leif Hetland, “The biggest movement of grace was going from being a servant to being a son and living off the wealth of my inheritance rather than off the wages of my performance.”  I’m telling you, there is a lot of ‘gold’ to mine out of that statement.

Just for fun
Here’s a link to a video series by Rick Joyner’s Morning Star with Lance Wallnau guest-speaking.  This session is probably the best one in the series.  I liked the graphics and clarity with which Lance explains where the body of Christ is headed and where the very real battle is.  You’ll love it.