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Testimony: Blind eyes see!

24 Feb

A great friend of mine, Steve Wilson from Dayspring Church in Springfield, MO, was recently ministering in India and shared this amazing testimony:

That morning I had given a testimony of blind eyes being opened, and someone had called this pastor and invited them to come.  The wife had lost the vision in her right eye and her son had developed the same hereditary condition, completely losing the eyesight in his right eye.

I started by praying for the mother and, after the first prayer, she was able to see light and make out the faces around her but they were still fuzzy.  I prayed again and this time she could see those close around her, but her distance vision was still blurry.  I wanted to pray for her a third time but she was so concerned for her son that she asked me to pray for him next.  Instead of me praying, I asked her to lay her hands on her son and pray for his eye to open.  She did, and prayed a wonderful petition prayer, begging God to heal him.  When she had finished, we checked his eyesight but nothing changed.


(not actual photo)

So I asked her to pray again, but this time to pray with authority as a daughter of the King and command the blind eye to open in Jesus’ name.  She went for it and when we checked his eye out, the son was able to count the number of fingers held up right in front of him.  We celebrated, and then I asked her to pray again the same way.  This time when we checked his eye after the prayer, the son could count the fingers held up from 20 feet away.  The mother broke down and wept for joy!  When she had composed herself, I asked her to check out her own eyesight and to her delight, she realized she could see perfectly both up close and at a distance.  We are in relationship with a wonderful Father who loves His children.

We rejoice in what we have witnessed; the Gospel of the Kingdom is advancing in the earth despite many challenges and persecutions.



SP True Stories: God’s rainy day plan

23 Feb

True stories of supernatural provision

I recently had to lay off a few people in my business.  One of the jobs I had to take over again was accounting.  I discovered an account with $24,000 in it that I didn’t know I had.  I told my wife how cool it was to have an extra reserve when we needed it.


God’s rainy day provision plan

However’s, God had another use for that money.  My son was recently admitted to a dual diagnosis treatment center for mental health and chemical addiction.  He is now at home recovering.  When we discovered that the cost for that facility was exactly $24,000, I was surprised.  I realized that God allowed us to see the provision for the cost of this facility just a few days before we had to write the check.

Instead of remorse for seeing that money fly out the window, I had to reframe my mind and emotions to praise the Lord for His provision!  I praise God for the miracle He provided for us!   He is our protector and provider! He is YOUR provider and protector!  Praise to the Lord!


If you have a short story of surprising provision, I’d love to share it here.  Send to:  – Mark 

Increasing Our Authority

22 Feb

The question is, “How can we increase our influence and authority?”  I believe it can be reduced down to these simple insights

Three values to increase true authority

1. Possess a contagious ‘fever’ (have the presence of God on us)
      Infects them beyond their understanding and will
      Make ‘em jealous – awaken desire in them for what we possess
2. Acquire a track record of ‘trophies’ of effectiveness
      Testimonies help to establish our credibility
Creates faith for it to happen again

3. Be a giver!  Serve!
      Service and sacrifice with and for people grants us access and authority in their lives

Three values to increase true authority –

  1. Possess a contagious ‘fever’In the Sonlight!
    Moses may have said it best in Ex 33:15, “If Your presence does not go with us, do not lead us up from here.”  In the world of real estate, it’s all about ‘Location, location, location’.  In Kingdom realities, it’s all about His Presence, His Presence, His Presence.  Another way of saying it, “We ain’t nuthin’ without His presence.”  Moses went on to say in verse 16, “How will anyone know that you look favorably on me–on me and on your people–if you don’t go with us?  For your presence among us sets your people and me apart from all other people on the earth.”  The power of His presence is so winsome and so impacting that it sometimes creates desire in others even when their minds are resistant.  That’s because when someone meets their Creator, his spirit-man awakens and overrides his soul and body.  This is so completely satisfying… and proves the transcending influence of the love and presence of God. 

    His presence not only distinguishes us, but it creates ‘jealousy’ in those who see the favor and benefits that come with His presence.   This is a holy jealousy… a God inspired jealousy.  You see, it’s His delight to give us His glory so that we look better than just mere humans.  Question: What really and deeply changes lives?  Is it our perfection?  Or is it our infection?  True Christianity… the Jesus type of Christianity, is designed to be real to the point that it’s contagious and desired.  After all, He is the “Desire of all nations.” – Hag 2:7

  1. Acquire a track record of ‘trophies’
    Testimonies are our ‘business card’.  Testimonies of His Presence are our proof that this Kingdom reality is valid and relevant.  They are our pedigree… or calling card… our door opener.  They help validate our message and our lives.  Testimonies also create faith that it can happen again in the lives of those who hear the testimony.
  1. Be a giver!  Serve!
    Giving and serving invests in the ‘soil’ of another person’s heart.  It tells them that we care… we care enough to stop the locomotive of our own world, in favor of their world.  This can be more impacting than words.  Our investments into their hearts and lives are just another expression of Jesus’ desire to show His care to the world.  Make everyone’s life richer because they are around us.  Increase their value! 

    In the world’s systems it’s possible to buy earthly power over others with money, position, intimidation, leverage, etc.  But this is not to be mistaken for true authority.  Unearned power over someone may grant you temporary compliance from them, but that compliance is rarely from their hearts.  When you wield a position of control it signals that they would be better served to yield to you… at least for now.  But when push comes to shove, they will revolt… or they will bolt.  Earthly power only brings temporary compliance.

    Jesus modeled influence and true authority by serving, spending time with, washing feet, feeding, healing, etc.  This granted Him an inroad into their hearts, which motivated people to willingly let Him ‘write’ upon their hearts.  (Think Zacchaeus)  This method fosters radical transformation at the heart level.

    Earthly power only gains temporary compliance.  True authority is transformational and has eternal impact.

As we practice these three values, we will be granted welcomed access into people’s lives.  And as we walk honorably in their lives they will give us more license to ‘write’ upon their hearts.  God’s heart is thus modeled and conveyed on earth.

Here’s a little incentive program straight from the Throne — Heaven is eager to “strongly support those whose hearts are completely His.” – II Chron 16:9


DPM Update – 2016 February

5 Feb

Dear Friends

Holiday family time
It was tons of fun having all of our kids and grandkids home for the holidays.  We’re so proud of them all!  

Clouds have silver linings
We didn’t have a white Christmas but we finally got some snow a few days later.  Which led to someone plowing into our minivan and totaling it.  Nobody hurt!  But as adventures in God go… just a little cash added to the insurance settlement and we were ‘back in business’ with an upgraded minivan.  God… He’s the best!!

New year fun already
We spent most of our time near home from Thanksgiving until after New Year’s Day.  And it was a needed respite, as we had traveled quite a bit from summer to mid-November.  But since New Year’s Day, we’ve been to sunny San Diego for a semi urgent God-mission… and then to the blizzard-ly Nordt Country on one of my ‘Holy Spirit’ tours. 🙂  God-missions are always exhilarating and rewarding. 

The will of the Father
Jesus said in John 4, “My food is to do the will of the Father.”  And it’s really true from our experience. 

It really doesn’t matter where you are   IF   your satisfaction and contentment is not derived from things and comfort zones.  Paul said it this way, “I’ve learned to be content in whatever state I find myself.”  And “Godliness with contentment is great gain.”  And, “I am all things to all men in order that I might win some.”  You see, Paul had matured to the point that life wasn’t about Paul.  He had learned to find his happiness in Someone higher.  

If ‘self’ is the center of our universe, then life becomes very small awfully quick.  We get bored with ‘self’… and then we get frustrated when others are not serving my ‘self’… which leads to a rocky life and relationships.  But when our objective is to frequently hear the much coveted, “Atta boy” from Father, then as often and wherever that occurs, that place has all the richness of ‘home’, at least for that period of time.  So really, home becomes where the “Atta boy” is.  And as long as we’re following Him wherever He leads… and eagerly saying “Yes” to His promptings, then life is an adventure of joys in a ‘home’ as big as this world… and beyond. 

Actually Buzz Lightyear got it right as he motivated us to go, “To infinity and beyond.”  Or if Buzz doesn’t inspire you, maybe John Wesley will when he said, “All the world is my parish.”   Just think of it… there are no limits to one’s happiness when our home is wherever He is… no matter what country we find ourselves in.  We live in a great country… Kingdom country, that is!

Grandbaby Hendrickson #5 is on his way
Announcing: Chris and Lydia have just passed ½ way on the way toward a home full of baby cries, diapers, coos, snuggles and joy.   Baby Shaw is due sometime in June. 

Take a de-stressor ‘pill’
Try this 1 minute video of pure relaxing… you may want to watch it twice.  I’m sure you Apple people will excuse the Android logo at the end.  🙂

Our love and blessings!!
Mark and Debbie

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