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Politics 2018: My views… for one week (day 3)

31 Oct

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Question: What qualifies someone to be chosen by God?

In our society, the most popular, ‘politically correct’, the richest, the most skilled or qualified, the most handsome or beautiful… and sometimes the most ‘righteous’, gets the nod.  But not one son or daughter of God got picked because of any of these… or any other ‘good’ quality (Titus 3:5).  In fact, we deserved death… EACH ONE OF US! (Romans 3:23 & 6:23)  But God loves to show love despite our undeservedness.  He just hopes we receive it.  He’s just that good!

To prove that God isn’t looking for our ‘best side’ to determine His choice, consider some of the people He chose: Samson-a womanizer, Zacchaeus-a public thief, Peter-a betrayer, Paul-a serial murderer, David-an adulterer, Rahab-a prostitute… just to name a few.  But look where they ended up… they became significant ‘players’ in affecting God’s purposes in the earth.  With this line-up of ‘losers’, we’d have to say that God’s reason for His choosings, are beyond the obvious, to say the least.

Simply said, God chooses whom He chooses and He promotes who He promotes. (Romans 9:18; Ps 75:6-7).  He can baffle our minds… and do it for reasons that He doesn’t have to explain.  He’s God and we’re not!

We’ll pick up this subject tomorrow.

Kat Kerr audio, click here. (about 6 mins long)

Here’s another prolific prophetic voice who has been around for many years and is still very active.

Relevant Kat Kerr prophecies

“Donald Trump will win the 2016 Presidential Election. And, not only that, he will win reelection and then his VP choice Mike Pence will succeed him.  They will extend the hand of the government to the Believer.  There will be shock wave after shock wave.  God has already pronounced Trump as the winner.” – Aug 2016

“Trump will sit in the White House.  Absolutely, for sure, Trump will win!  It will be a landslide.  God’s plan for the next 24 years is to have righteousness, justice and freedom in the White House.  God is voting this time.  God has an agenda.  It is for America to be greater than it ever has been before.  Trump will affect the Senate and he will affect the Supreme Court.  Trump will live on Pennsylvania Ave.  Even if you don’t agree, you will benefit from it.” – Oct 2016

For more on Kat Kerr:

You didn’t get tripped up by the ‘package’ that the prophecy came in, did you?  A pink haired happy woman who talks with God didn’t offend you did she?  Okay, good!  Remember, these prophecies were given when Trump’s election was next to ‘impossible’.  And since incredibly impossible parts of the prophecy have come to pass, what would that say about the parts of the predictions that are still in the future?  Very interesting, indeed!

So what is my reason for bringing these prophetic voices into the narrative?  To help us ascertain whether God has chosen this administration.  If God chose this administration, then that knowledge should impact our words, prayers, actions and voting.

Two more very strong prophetic voices to come. . . .

Tomorrow’s question: “Is God political?”



Politics 2018: My views… for one week (day 2)

30 Oct

Question: Is this current administration, God’s will for America?
Before the last election, many prayers were offered in request for God’s will to be done in our government. So did He answer our prayer? If we can determine that Trump is God’s answer to our prayers, then our views of President Trump, prayers for his administration and our support of him should likely change to reflect that. So for the next several days, I’ll offer some comments and insights.
I’m going to highlight four prophetic voices that seem to predict Trump’s presidency. And although I was very familiar with each of the four prophetic voices BEFORE Trump became president, I wasn’t ready to publically put my reputation on the line for what they had to say, back in 2016. They had prophesied some wild and ‘crazy’ things that were nearly impossible to believe. But now that key parts of their prophecies have come to pass (namely that Donald Trump got elected, against all odds), I’m firmly confident that God has appointed Trump to be the president of the USA. I voted for him and he has my support. Again, I’m not ready to put my reputation on the line for the parts of these prophecies still in the future, but they certainly have my attention. Here are a few parts of their prophecies that you’ll likely find interesting.

Relevant Kim Clement prophecies:
In two separate appearances in 2007 – long before anyone could have imagined a Trump presidency — Clement gave these striking prophecies about the New York billionaire.
“Trump shall become a trumpet. I will raise up the Trump to become a trumpet…”
“It shall come to pass that the man that I place in the highest office shall go in whispering my name. But God said when he enters into the office, he will be shouting out by the power of the Spirit.
“For I shall fill him with my Spirit when he goes into office and there will be a praying man in the highest seat in your land.”

Click here for Kim Clement audio

“Listen to the word of the Lord, God says, ‘I will put at your helm for two terms a president who will pray, but he will not be a praying president when he starts.” – Feb 10, 2007
“I will put him in office and then I will baptize him with the Holy Spirit and my power, says the Lord of Hosts. There will be a praying president, not a religious one. For I will fool the people, says the Lord. I will fool the people, yes I will. God says the one that is chosen shall go in and they shall say, ‘He has hot blood’. For the Spirit of God says, ‘Yes, he may have hot blood, but he will bring the walls of protection on this country in a greater way and the economy of the country shall change rapidly,’ says the Lord of Hosts.”
For me, these words are a strikingly close fit for our current president. And remember, these predictions were made LONG before Trump was even a Republican presidential nominee. Kim Clement is just one of four prophetic voices that I’m highlighting this week… with three more to come in the next few days. Each have startling predictions that not only prophesied of Trump’s presidency but of the next few administrations and the Supreme Court and . . .
Tomorrow, we’ll start out by asking, “What qualifies someone to be chosen by God?”

Politics 2018: My views… for one week (day 1)

29 Oct

Our country’s next general election on Nov 6, 2018, is just one week away!

The last presidential election was without a doubt a watershed event for our country, maybe one of the most critical elections our country has ever experienced. And because of the seriousness of this next election, for ONE WEEK I will be posting some of my personal political perspectives on my personal FB page.

Note: You may not agree with me. I’m quite OK with that! I have never posted oppositional comments on anyone’s public page… and never intend to.

If you don’t like my views, don’t read them… or feel free to unfollow or unfriend me. But if you feel compelled to post something contrary to my theme, you should know that I’m very comfortable with deleting contentious or mean comments… and blocking or unfriending people!

I understand that my views will not sway those staunchly holding to an opposing view. But there are many who are undecided and I intend to do what I can to activate them into meaningful votes.

I realize that our nation’s ultimate ‘salvation’ does not rest in the hands of a man or a woman. It is God who raises up or demotes (Dan 2:21). But our heart realities (Godly or not) and our actions (or lack of them) strongly set precedent and open ‘doors’ in the natural and the spiritual realms (Prov 14:34). So, I intend to pray and to vote…and to activate others to do the same.

If you would like to follow my postings these next seven days, visit my FB page at:


SP True Stories – Diamond ring found

25 Oct

(From a friend)

Incredible morning so far.  I received a phone call from St. Luke’s hospital saying they had found my wedding ring which was lost two years ago when I was assisting my daughter in the birth of my granddaughter.  I had taken my ring off due to my swollen fingers.  Without knowing it, the ring fell into an HVAC vent in the floor.  We tore the room apart looking for it, to no avail.

But two years later, the hospital is remodeling, and they tore out the heat vents.  Lo and behold, they found my ring.  Just a small kiss from heaven to me!  I had filed a report with security and someone remembered that a woman had lost her ring in that specific room so they asked security to dig up the report.  It is totally a God thing!  He knows and is control of all!  Just another sign for me of His omniscience and Love… not to mention His provision!