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DPM Update – 2012 February

12 Feb

Dear Friends

     We’re excited to announce that this year we are receiving a double-portion!  Our son, Markus and daughter-in-love, Allison are expecting a baby!  Our buttons are about ready to pop!  We’re pretty excited and share in their joy!  Click here to view the clever way they told the world.

Asia trip
On this trip to Asia we’re travelling with our dear friends, Tony and Mary Jean McAnulla from Kansas City and our friend Jessie Lee from Hong Kong. This adventure is unfolding some crazy cool God-appointments each day.

Kingdom Culture conf
     Randy Clark, Bill Johnson and Heidi Baker spoke at a powerful conference in Kaohsiung, Taiwan where about 8000 people attended.  The hunger for a real God encounter was so obvious. And God met us all in overt ways. One evening they actually counted 1800 hands raised indicating that they were 80% healed or better. Amazing. One of the outstanding healings was of a 2 year old boy who had been born without the reflex to swallow.  There was a word of knowledge for throat/swallowing issues and another word that someone by the name of Oscar would be healed.  Well, the boy’s parents were present and they called home and prayed for their son (named Oscar) over the phone.  After praying, he could swallow food.  The following Sunday our team was in a church where the parents shared the rest of the story.  The boy had indeed been healed and was learning to swallow better each day.

Hospital visit
     One notable occasion in Taiwan was when our team met last Saturday with about 20 world renowned doctor specialists of one of the largest hospitals in Taiwan.  I felt like the Lord commissioned us to “heal the healers”.  They were from many different religious backgrounds… Christian, heathen, idols, etc. But the Lord gave us much grace. Some doctors were in tears… and when things were VERY tender I asked if I could give each of them a personal hug from God. It was a special God-moment. There were many heartfelt responses, some with more tears.
A couple hours later, about 300 medical staff gathered for 2 hours in a theater type room in the hospital.  It was a very unusual meeting for them as we ministered in worship, presented the Gospel and shared some words of knowledge for healings.  It was so effective… Holy Spirit supported us mightily!  Several dozen people responded to the offer of salvation. And a few more than that responded to the words for healing.  Later some raised hands that they had experienced healing. Afterward we prayed for about an hour for dozens who wanted more personal prayer. The hosting hospital director (who is a strong believer) said she had never ever experienced that level of response from her staff.  In fact, she said that she had felt there would be no responses from the people for healing or salvation.  She was deeply impacted and so appreciative.  We will likely visit that hospital again.

Bread of Life church
     We spoke in a 2 day / 3 session mini-conference at Bread of Life church in Shilin, Taiwan.  This church is about to start a house of prayer.  There was much interaction and ended with many tears.  Our major point was God’s deep longing for friendship and intimacy with us.  It just so happened that our good friends Jack, Annie & Johnny from LA, were there at the same time and helped us lead worship.

Hong Kong adventures
     We’ve been in Hong Kong for about 4 days.  I prayed with a QVC (cable TV shopping channel) host while working out in the gym.  We ministered at a very classy birthday party for Jessie.  The last couple nights we’ve ministered in a house church and a church meeting. Many tears in both. Tomorrow we’re off to Shanghai for about 3 days, then home on Feb 13.

Cloud of His presence
     Find some alone time… relax… take your time… don’t hurry this 17 minute video worship experience from Bethel. The gold cloud is awesome, but His Presence is even better.  Come away and rest in green pastures and take a drink of the gentle streams of Heaven. You will be so glad you did that you’ll want to re-live/replay it again.


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