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Testimony: “He’s Back!!”

26 Nov

This story is of a man raised-from-the-dead in mid-Oct 2019.

My sister Leann Albrecht, and her husband Carl Albrecht, pastor The Well of Nashville, a church near Nashville, TN.  One day Leann texted me that Cheryl, who attends their church, had just raised someone from the dead.

The story goes like this:

Cheryl’s friend Debra came to her door one day and exclaimed that her husband Walt had fallen and was showing no signs of life.  Within a few short minutes, Cheryl was at Walt’s side praying and administering CPR.  She continued for 10 minutes while Debra and Cheryl’s husband called 911.  Walt showed no signs of resuscitation the whole time.

After about 10 minutes, Cheryl realized that all her efforts were yielding no results.  At that point, a surge of “holy anger” rose up inside of her and she loudly commanded,

“Death, I command you to go from his body in Jesus’ Name!  Walt, in the name of Jesus, your spirit come back into your body – NOOWW!!”

At that very moment, Walt’s body jolted and he loudly gasped in a deep breath of air.  Cheryl looked at Walt’s wife Debra, and exclaimed, “He’s back!!”  There was rejoicing in the room… and as Cheryl puts it, “Buddy, we got our praise and worship on!”

Shortly the ambulance arrived and took Walt to the ER.  The next day Debra visited him in the hospital where Walt was recovering and continues to recover. 

Thank you, God!!!

Click here to watch an 11-minute video as Cheryl recounts the story.