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Testimony: Nerve damage healed – swelling and pain gone

6 Feb

Recently, I was in some meetings in WI where God’s grace was unusually present for healing. Reminds me of this verse:

The power of the Lord was present to heal them. – Luke 5:17

It was so easy! Of course, I believe that God always wants to heal, but there are sometimes when it is much easier. Actually, God had given me a picture of this meeting a few days before and I knew that He was going to heal people. But then, that’s what true Biblical faith does… it empowers us to believe even before we see. And as we know, true Biblical faith only comes by “hearing” (Romans 10:17). Well, I had ‘heard’ and that morning was just a matter of walking out what I had seen.
Kerry’s testimony is just one of nearly a dozen measurable healings that occurred that Sunday morning. Here are his before and after pictures as visual proof. I’ve talked with Kerry and his wife several times since then and they’re both extremely grateful to our Good God.
Kerry’s healing



Kerry had swelling in his right forearm, hand and fingers off and on for 5 years. It got worse as time when on, including extreme pain and pressure throughout his right hand, fingers and into his joints. Even picking up a coffee cup without dropping it was nearly impossible. Therapy methods only seemed to make it worse. The doctors were baffled as to the exact origin of the ailment.


Before his healing on Sunday Jan 27th, he was supposed to go back to the doctor to see if there was any further remedy. But after receiving prayer several times, his right hand was totally healed. Swelling went down within minutes and full pain-free mobility returned. His right hand now looks like his left hand. Ten days later Kerry can still pick up a coffee cup without dropping it and strength has returned in his forearm and hand. Thank You, Lord!!!
Your Healing

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Hearing testimonies of breakthrough helps open the door of our faith for the same thing to happen again… this time, in us! If you have an illness or a need, as you watch this video, exercise your faith for healing to manifest in your own body or your circumstances. Find a quiet place to get away. I believe you could enter into the same atmosphere of healing. He is a good, good Father and no respecter of persons! Thank you, God.
Video is about 53 minutes long.

Updates from Kerry’s wife Hidey:

At 2 weeks: “We are good! Kerry’s hand is great… still after two weeks! I can’t believe it! Well, yes I can but it still seems weird! Cause it was bad for so long.”
At 4 weeks: “Here’s an update on Kerry’s hand. He did some snow shoveling today and things around the house and no swelling at all!!! God is up to something in our lives!!!!”

Other Healings

Several more healings occurred in those two Sunday morning meetings at Prince of Peace Christian Church in Tomahawk, WI. After telling 4 of 5 cool testimonies about healings, we asked for anyone sick to raise their hands, then rallied the rest of the people to gather around and pray for those with raised hands. Many grateful tears, lots of smiles, warmed hearts and happy testimonies filled the sanctuary as the healings became evident. There were more healings, but here are a few we could remember. THANK YOU, LORD!!!
Laurie – had pain in a crooked toe, felt pop as they were praying for her. All pain left and with many grateful tears exclaimed that she was able to put her weight on her toes now.
Elderly man – both feet numb from neuropathy, healed, all numbness gone.
Char – had neuropathy, and she was healed – had no pain and now had feeling.
Louis – older man had neck and shoulder pain from a tree branch falling on him – after prayer very happily reported no more pain
Man had left elbow pain, during prayer his arm strangely went to sleep, but he now had no pain.
Woman with limited range of motion in her neck, much-improved range of motion after prayer.
Trevor – first-time visitor felt tingling in shoulders during prayer… said he would check his shoulders on the job.
John had arthritis in his knees and had improved range of motion after prayer.
Jackie had carpal tunnel pain and stiffness in both wrists, after prayer, with many tears reported that all pain was gone and happily demonstrated full range of motion.
Tim – second time visitor, businessman – after prayer was overjoyed and with many tears exclaimed, “This is the first time in my WHOLE LIFE that I have NO STRESS about ANYTHING!”
Lady felt icy hot at first, then tingling in shoulders and all pain left shoulders and range of motion returned.