Increased grace for salvation and healing… and supernatural provision

20 Feb

(The following is an excerpt from the book Supernatural Provision… in brief: Just as salvation and healing graces have become much more common in the last 50-100 years, in the same way supernatural provision is about to emerge as a grace that is available for all.)

Speaking of toppling giants, consider this observation of spiritual changes in recent history. Over the last hundred years or so, we’ve seen several dynamic changes in our faith for spiritual experiences in the Body of Christ. Let me explain:

For several hundred years it was uncertain as to whether one could know if he or she were truly saved or not.  Even one hundred years ago, when someone wanted to “get saved,” it was a fairly difficult process.  In some of our churches we had a mourner’s bench.  This bench was for those who wanted to try to get saved.  The general practice was to spend as much time as needed—certainly hours, and maybe weeks—mourning for their sins and imploring Heaven for salvation.  For sure, people got saved in those days.  And there is even a merited argument to be made about the depth and permanency of those salvation experiences as compared to some of today’s salvations.  But my point here is that today we have no doubt that a person can be saved in a relatively simple sinner’s prayer—when that person possesses a sincere sorrow for his or her sins, repents, and confesses Jesus as Savior and Lord.  This is quite a contrast to our faith and practice of the past.

Dynamic changes have been occurring in regards to supernatural healing.  One hundred years ago, healing was a very rare occurrence in the Body of Christ.  If it occurred, it was at the hands of a faith healer or clergy person.  But in the last 20 to 30 years, we’ve seen a dramatic change.  There is a much greater faith in many churches that God heals today, even through the hands of the average person.  And these healings are happening ever increasingly.

In current gatherings, it’s common now for hundreds of healings to occur with clear evidence to prove it, all through simple Body ministry, in other words, from people laying hands on each other in the crowd.  In addition to that, healing in the marketplace is getting much more common.

My point is that our faith for dynamic experience in God has changed dramatically.  The manifestation of God’s saving grace and healing power has increased exponentially in the last 50 to 100 years.  We have found that God is more real, more tangible, and more desirous to display Himself in our lives than ever before in human history.  He is better than we previously thought.

Now if we extrapolate this phenomenon of experiencing God’s favor and grace out into the future, what kinds of goodness of God will we be walking in that our forefathers had no knowledge of or faith for?  This book (Supernatural Provision) asserts that supernatural provision is another grace that is ours.  It is for those who put themselves in the environment of faith and for those who will grow in it.  We may have to start out like the father of the demonized son who said in Mark 9:24, “Lord I believe; help my unbelief!”  But without a doubt, we’re going to move on into greater graces than our spiritual predecessors have ever known.

I believe God is always looking for forerunners who will break open a way, pay the price of finding that way, and thereby establish an easy on-ramp for many who are desperately looking for the Word of God to come alive in their everyday lives.  Micah says it very well.

“The one who breaks open will come up before them; they will break out, pass through the gate, and go out by it; their king will pass before them, with the Lord at their head” (Micah 2:13).

Obviously, this verse is primarily a prophetic portent of the coming of Jesus, the Messiah.  But on another level, it also gives us permission and invitation to be those who break open a way for others to follow.

Let me paraphrase it this way: There are those who are so confident in God’s grace that they discover new breakthroughs for themselves.  And because others are also hungry for a breakthrough, they begin to follow this confident one.  God is pleased and gets His glory as He leads the one and the many into the new territory.

You see, God is looking for breakers…people who will open up a way into greater grace.  And He invites anyone, everyone, even you and me.  He asks if we’ll be willing to be a breaker so the people can follow.  The King longs for this to happen so that He will have a people who can find their way into the promises that await them beyond the curse.

Remember young David’s great confidence in His God?  Remember how his triumph over the giant struck fear in the enemy’s heart and precipitated a wave of courage in God’s people?  David, just one person, opened up a way for all of his countrymen to follow.

“Now thanks be to God who always leads us in triumph in Christ, and through us diffuses the fragrance of His knowledge in every place” (2 Corinthians 2:14).

One young boy’s faith “diffused the fragrance of the knowledge of God.”  The fragrance was that God was bigger than the boogeyman.  Through David, a terrorized and courage-less army found new courage and experienced victory where they had been stalemated.

So the coup d’état of Romans 4:4-5 haunts us and inspires us, and if we’ll let it, it will empower us.  This revelation will impregnate our hearts and give birth to marvelous triumph over the lower-law giants.

I feel like we’re on the cusp of opening up a rarely experienced grace for supernatural provision on the earth, in similar manner to the greater graces we now experience in salvation and healing.  What will it look like 100 years from now when you and I have broken open a way and modeled it before our generations?  Will the grace for supernatural provision be as common and as easy as salvation and healings are today?  Maybe it’s because I have pioneer blood in me, but that possibility really inspires me.

There is a better way. Come on, forerunners, we’re going for it!



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