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SP True Stories: Surprise insurance policy

9 Oct

True stories of Supernatural Provision

Surprise life-insurance policy pays off debt

Our good friends received an astounding phone call not long ago.  The young mother was asked if she wEarnMoneyOnline_NextGen-702x336as the daughter of (name) and if she had two siblings.  She said, “Yes, I am and I have two sisters.”  The call was from a lawyer facilitating the payout of a life insurance policy that her mother’s boyfriend had taken out about 6 years earlier, naming her mother as the beneficiary… without her mother ever knowing.  Two years later they broke up… and within four more years, both the mother and the ex-boyfriend were deceased.  The mother was still the beneficiary,,, without ever knowing it.  So now the insurance payout gets split equally between 3 daughters… each sibling received $144K.

Since the outstanding phone call surprise, our friends have been able to pay off their home mortgage, their credit card debt, their car, her remaining school loan and have money left over to do serious repairs to their home and buy a second car.

Is God super-good or what!!!