The same glory as Jesus?

20 Aug

Do we want to be the wear-ers of… and live in… the same glory as Jesus?  Consider this:

“When Christ who is our life appears, then you also will appear with Him in glory.” – Col 3:4

In recent years I’ve come to understand the phrase “we shall also appear with Him in glory” to mean that the appearing of Christ will automatically engulf us and translate us into the same glorious state that He comes in.  Great news!  His ‘appearing’ isn’t something where we just behold how glorious He is, rather this epiphany personally and powerfully impacts us such that we are overcome and robed in His same glory.  He graciously shares all that He is with us!!

And even more recently I’ve come to see that the first word of the sentence doesn’t restrict this experience to a one-time event of His appearing afar off in the indeterminate future.  Rather “When” and “shall” strongly suggest ‘as often as’ and ‘every time’ He appears we will be transformed into carriers, containers and wear-ers of His glory.  Of course this lines up with John 17:22 where Jesus says, “Father, the glory you’ve given me, I give to them…”  The same glory that was befitting of the Son of God is the same glory that He lavishes on us.  What a rich and powerfully gracious God we have!

Personal musing: Gotta have more encounters and ‘appearings’ so that my glorious state is up to par…    I’m just sayin’…

Question: When was His most recent appearing in your life?


One Response to “The same glory as Jesus?”


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    […] You see, He’s the capital “G”, Giver God.  Every time Jesus appears, He gives us something… righteousness… glory… etc.  For more on receiving His glory, read my post here. […]

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