SP True Stories: Employer from heaven?

20 Oct

True stories of supernatural provision

Over-the-top employer

Our friend, a family man, pastor and IT web site developer, moved to KC last summer and began working online for a Christian employer in Ohio.  The employer took such a liking to my friend that the employer personally took him to Cabella’s for Christmas and told him to buy everything he wanted for his family.  While there, he said, “If it is too much for us to take with us, then we’ll just ship it to your home.”  He also bought him a top-of-the-line computer for his job.  Then not long ago, he offered to relocate my friend and his family to Ohio, including these perks:AngelEmployer

– Moving expenses – paid
– One year’s rent – paid
– Full time job in the company for his wife
– Down payment for future home

Turns out, a few years ago the Christian employer was bankrupt, but God turned it all around.  He now gives away $100K/month and wants to increase it to $1M.  Needless to say, God was so good to my friend that we ‘lost’ him and his family… they moved to Ohio.



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