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SP True Stories: Paid debt refunded

15 Oct

True stories of supernatural provision

Our Father is even concerned with our cars

A few of months ago I was in an auto accident resulting in some body damage to my car.  I asked God how He felt about this.  That night I had a dream that I was leading someone out to my car to look at the damage.  When we got there it wasn’t my car, but it was a new car!!!GiftCar

A couple months passed and I was looking for a replacement car, but I didn’t have enough money without going into debt.  Then one day I was checking my bank account and to my surprise, it showed that I had $7,000 more in the account than expected.  Someone had deposited money into my account without telling me.  Turns out that surprise excess balance was a debt I paid off… but then the person decided to refund the money back to me.  Thank you, Lord!

I had not wanted to buy an automobile on credit, but now I’ve purchased a nice used car… and I have money left over.

Our Father gives the best gifts… and takes such great care of His kids.