Moving ahead in time

25 Jul

Stories to Inspire

I’m exploring Spirit travel and time travel… Think of it, in the Spirit realm there is no time or distance.   And in the Spirit realm is where we’re “seated”, “hidden” and “raised”, etc.  Covid would have no impact whatsoever if we were familiar with traversing in the Spirit realm.   So I’m looking for Holy Spirit-led ways to travel in the Spirit and engage with time travel.

Moving ahead in time

“I was out prayer walking early one recent Sun morn… ascending… and traveling.  I felt inspired to go ahead in time to my sister Leann & bro-in-law Carl’s Sunday church meeting later that morning at The Well of Nashville.  I stood in the middle of their congregation and spoke breakthrough, glory and fresh strength/energy. (Many of them had been a part of a large funeral in that building the day before.)  As I was doing that, the Greek word ‘energeo’ came to mind… means “to put forth power”.  As I was declaring energeo over them, I looked down and less a 12″ away from my feet there was a 5-HOUR ENERGY drink bottle.  Bingo!  Confirmation!!!  Fun!!!”

“I text them what I experienced.” – MLH

Leann replied later…
“When we met together later that morn we shared your word in the service.  No, we didn’t see you, but I spoke to you and we all welcomed you to our gathering with laughter and excitement. 😊  Awesome morning !!! Thanks for the ‘visit’ and the releasing of Father’s heart for us!”

Jerry texted later:
“I was watching at the beginning of the meeting and there was a glory cloud on the place.  That first song, the new one Leann has just written wrecked me!  I could hardly see the road.”


2 Responses to “Moving ahead in time”

  1. fred5002 July 26, 2020 at 4:56 PM #

    Thanks for the boldness and speaking on such subjects! Bless you!

    • Mark Hendrickson July 27, 2020 at 3:40 PM #

      We’re on an exciting path!!!
      Blessings to you and yours!

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