Testimony: The case of the gold coins

12 Oct

A good friend gave me a couple $1 US gold colored coins many years ago.  They became to me, a significant tangible installment of a position of faith, not unlike Peter’s gold coin in the fish’s mouth.20161012_083724

Over the years I’ve purchased and given away 100s of ‘gold’ coins as a means of imparting faith in people’s hearts to believe for God’s full provision.  Earlier this year, someone gave me $1000 specifically to purchase 1000 more coins to give away to 1000 more people.  Think of it, God gives us more so that we can give more away.  Is that cool or what?!  He really loves to ‘dance’ with us.

Then a few months ago I gave 5 ‘gold’ coins to a friend and his family who were on a very intentional faith journey with God.  We prayed for them and prophesied over them and sent the on their way.  In the next few months God blessed them in many different ways, much more than they could have ever imagined.  In fact, at one point someone gave them 39 real gold coins.  Just recently, that friend sent me four of those real gold coins, valued about $250 US each.

What a deal!  You start out with God giving you two little coins… you catch the ‘vision’… then start giving away hundreds of these $1 gold colored coins… God blesses you with greater means to give away more… then He ups the stakes by giving you real gold!

He’s definitely better than we ever thought!!!


Testimony: Worst times of my life yield unexpected inheritance

8 Oct

From a friend:

Earlier this year I was at a conference when the speaker read Deut 15:1-3 from the Message Translation.  That passage ends with, “All debt is cancelled, GOD SAID SO!” inheritance

Upon hearing this, I had an awesome feeling wash over me and I just started thanking God.  Tears rolled out of my eyes. I knew that verse was for me.

Three weeks later, I received an unexpected letter from an attorney stating that I had received an inheritance of $22K from a foster dad that I had when I was 9 years old.  I had no contact with those foster parents until recent years, when the man contacted me a few times… then when he passed away, I attended his funeral.

When I heard the news, I heard God say, “I was thinking about you from before the foundations of the earth.”  This impacted me so deeply that I just sat there and cried.

This was the period of my life when I was so angry and bitter that I made life miserable for many people.  These were the worst moments of my life.  I was in five foster homes and a group home and an all girls school by my senior year.  All my brothers and sisters had been taken away from me… so I rebelled.  This couple only had me in their home for 6-9 months… and I was horrible the whole time.

The stunning news is that without my knowledge, they had put me in their will.  I was so moved that they were just foster parents and had NO obligation to leave me anything… hard to believe.  I am not sure I would have left me anything.  Yet God put it on their hearts to keep loving me.  During my worst days, God was beginning a debt-cancelling inheritance.  What a picture of Papa God’s love!


DPM Update – 2016 August – More Big News

7 Aug

Dear Friends

John & Cheryl – another baby13872911_10154211768695202_2827570913943736346_n
More amazing news!  The grands are popping like rabbits.  John and Cheryl are expecting baby #4 next February.  Can you believe it, Debbie and I will have a total of 7 grandkids 4 years old and under. Yay for the grands!!

He-Man Campers, Intl – Alert!!  
The he-men, she-women and small fry will rendezvous for our yearly gathering NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!  Aug 10-13 is almost upon us!  Be advised of the new location:  Just south of Joplin, MO.  A small river runs beside the property… that means, swimming, floating and a rope swing out over the water.  And with so many worship radicals attending we’re going to have worship in the open air chapel.  We also have bathrooms and showers this year… YAY!  There’s even a kitchen to cook food… for some of the campfire-challenged chefs.  Playground equipment will entertain the small fry.  And for the tent-challenged newbies, there are a few bunks available in the lodge… bring your own bedding.  We’re gonna have a blast.  Remember: it’s NEXT WEEK!!!  For more info: (click here)

Upgraded prayer
A small group of veteran pray-ers started gathering earlier this year and began seriously focusing on praying more theologically appropriate prayers.  Hmmmm.  That sounds heavy duty doesn’t it?  Well, all it really means is praying the way our bibles read in the New Covenant.  We’ve discovered that we pray far more inappropriate prayers than we could hardly believe.  We had to unlearn Old Covenant models of begging… in favor of praying:

From the finished work of the cross
From Heaven versus from earth

From victory versus for victory

You see, when we pray, “When will You rend the Heaven’s and come down”, it’s outdated by about 2000 years.  Jesus already did that!  Praying to a God afar off… must be replaced with praying from our exalted position of being seated in the Heavenlies with Christ and inside of God.  Remember, Jesus said, “It is finished”, so we must begin thinking and praying like it really is finished… meaning we must begin to thank Him and prophesy Father’s will into existence.  We must see ourselves as fully empowered with all of His Kingdom available to us.

I realize that most of us wrestle mightily with insecurity when it comes to God’s love… fearing that we’ve fallen out of His love by some infraction… or major sin.  This tends to keep us in fear and ‘at a distance’ from God, such that we have difficulty praying with any degree of confidence.

Here’s a major insight: If we ever pray with any trepidation or fear of God, or if we ever doubt His good will toward us… then we automatically know that we don’t really know Father’s love well enough, because, “Knowing His love perfectly, drives out all fear.”  You see, His love for us has nothing to do with our works (good or bad) or the lack of them. It’s not by works of righteousness which we have done…” , so we must learn how to  “…come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

We must deal militantly with old covenant paradigms and fear based thoughts and prayers. We must …demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.  But be advised: This is much harder than it seems!  For one week try only praying/prophesying Father’s will from your Heavenly position toward your earthly situations.  Old default and automatic prayer rhetoric will try to dominate your mind and vocabulary… and will try to violate your position of faith.  It’s crazy how much our minds have become saturated with outdated patterns of thought!

Anyway, we experienced about 2 months of awkward prayers because our ‘CPU’s’ were maxing out trying to replace our overly familiar inappropriate prayer paradigms with upgraded but as yet unfamiliar prayer vocabulary.  But eventually we began to experience some amazing and refreshing anointed prayer meetings.   Now that we’ve created a little beachhead of upgraded praying, we’re beginning to open up this prayer meeting to others.  It’s been good!

Want some homework?  Try this: Ask yourself what Father’s will is regarding your situation.  Got it?  Now picture yourself seated/hidden in Christ… and begin praying from your Heavenly position toward your earthly circumstances.  There are only two appropriate postures now: thanking and prophesying.  Enjoy your workout.  :-)

OK… I’ll help get you started.  First, notice that there is no begging… nor is there any asking, in this prayer… because we confidently believe that whatever Father has already told us, is really true.  Now, let’s say that you need a breakthrough… and since we already know, “He’s given us everything pertaining to life and godliness”, then we say,

“Father I’m not sure about all the future details of this story, but I’m confident that it has a fantastic outcome because You and I are writing a powerful living epistle with my life.  I’m learning to be secure in Your love and co-labor with You by prophesying into my situations… just like my brother Jesus, would do.  So I declare that breakthroughs and provision will come forth to fulfill Your will and all of my needs “according to Your riches in glory”.  And any resistances that would be a barrier to that process must fall and be gone, in Jesus’ name.  Father, I’m delighted to be in this story-writing process with You.  You and I make a great partnership.  Thank You for all the past trophies of breakthroughs that fill the ‘mantle’ of my life.  You are a great Father!  When we talk about this again later today, I’ll tell You a couple of those trophy stories, because I know You love hearing my grateful heart.  In the meantime, I thank You for another powerful victorious story in the making.  Amen”

Video of miracles in Sweden
You’ve seen the powerful movies; Furious Love, Finger of God, Father of LightsHoly Ghost and Holy Ghost Reborn… well here’s another radical movie by a completely different ministry from Sweden.  It’s about 100 mins long and has dozens of real time powerful and bonafide healings, baptism of Holy Spirit, believable deliverances with God-signs and radical salvations.  This is not a re-inactment or hype… just real ‘on the street’ God encounters of the radically impacting kind.  Don’t be surprised if your heart does ‘strange’ things.  :-)  I highly recommend The Last Reformation – The Beginning (2016) – FULL MOVIE!  It’s free!

Just for fun
Watch this young boy try to demonstrate how God’s power is “stronger than the world” (Just over a minute of video fun)

Appreciation for you!
Thank you for winning over lower mindsets and training your heart to hear and obey His voice.  Thank you for becoming a ‘self feeder’ as you’ve learned to ‘dig’ for your own fresh spiritual water and food.  Thank you for being a Life source and Light bearer to your world.  You are a great delight to your Heavenly Father.

Everywhere Debbie and I go, your hearts are so warm and full of love.  Thank you for how you graciously care for us and inspire us!  We truly love you!!!

Much Grace to you and yours!
Mark and Debbie

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Testimony: Live your dream

2 Jul

From a friend:bigstock-D-Text-Inspiration-Message-Li-29235500

I had a dream that a certain guy was going to give me a specific amount of money.  A couple months later I ended up working for this man doing some painting and random work on his house and at the end of the job he wrote me a check for that amount of money almost to the dollar.  I was depositing that check via my phone when my credit card statement asked me if I would like to redeem my points.  It turned out that my credit card company somehow owed me more money than I owed them!  You know you’re living in abundance when your credit card company is in debt to you!!!

Another day, another miracle! 

I learned last week that, although the school purchased my ticket to fly from Houston to China, now I was going to have to buy my own ticket to fly from KC to Houston.  I was a little bummed that I had to come up with the extra money.  Then my roommate said, “Hey, I have a $200 flight voucher that expires in a couple days.  You can use it.”  

What?!  Wow, God is getting really good at taking care of us!  😉 


DPM Update – 2016 June – Big News!

23 Jun

Dear Friends

Big news!
There is a new human being on planet Earth… Charles Lee Shaw is the newborn son of Chris and Charlie1Lydia Shaw.  Mama, baby and Daddy are doing just fine. They’re back home and now discovering the joys of parenting.  And speaking of parenting: Can you believe it, our baby just had a baby?  How does that happen!  BTW…both grandfathers have the middle name; ‘Lee’.  It’s pretty cool to have my name carried on.

Debbie and I were in Redding, CA to welcome our new family member.  While there, Debbie did things that mothers do… attending to Lydia’s needs, cooking, cleaning, and smooching on Charlie… and she’s staying an extra week in Redding.  I did the ‘daddy do’ things, plumbing repairs, car repairs, fix-it things… and agreed with the mothers about how cute Charlie is. 

More big news!
And speaking of really ‘grand’ children, Debbie and I will have another ‘grand’ addition to our family next January.  Markus and Allison cid:image004.jpg@01D1CCE6.88B6A2B0Hendrickson are expecting their second child. We’re so excited for them!  We were Skyping with them a while ago when we realized that Avalee’s shirt said, “Big Sister”.  Surprise!  It took us about 10 minutes for the meaning of the shirt to sink in.  Kids!!!  They’re always coming up with some way to pull a fast one over on their parents.  Keeps life interesting and fun.   
More stuff

While in Redding, I climbed a couple mountains (a 2000’ and a 5000’ climb).  What’s a dad to do when his son and daughter-in-love are in training for a scheduled 7000’ climb to the top of 14,000’ Mt Shasta this Saturday?  I had to join them, of course.  What kind of dad would I be if I couldn’t keep up with my son?  O, the ramifications are horrible!  :-)  And besides, every mountain I’ve ever seen has begged me to conquer it… so we conquered at least two of them.  It was very rewarding in lots of ways… family time and stunning views… and I still have aching muscles.  But it was well worth it!  So I’m ready for more mountains… natural and spiritual… because that’s just what pioneers live to do.


During our two weeks there, I helped lead a couple house churches and a monthly pastors meeting in Anderson, CA.  And Father’s Day just happened to occur while we were there… (Hmmm, I wonder who planned that???)  It was a great day with family and friends.

Angels are real!
Did you know that angels love when you talk about them and celebrate their ministry to us?  Well, here’s a cool story about an angel that seems to indicate just that. 

One morning I was meeting at a coffee shop with my friend Paul, and his son Jarius.  Our conversation gravitated to angel activities and applauding their attendance in our lives.  We actually experienced a little ‘God-swirl’ while talking.  The time came to leave to drive to Paul’s job nearby… a flip-house he had bought 2 weeks earlier.  As we left the coffee shop, I said, “Let’s see if we can find an angel on your job.”  I was half joking… but I’m convinced more and more that we should expect and integrate with our cid:image010.jpg@01D1CCE6.88B6A2B0angels’ presence around us.  cid:image012.jpg@01D1CCE6.88B6A2B0

The house was in the middle of serious remodel – tear out, rebuild, drywall/mud and paint – from top to bottom.  When we walked into a basement room, I exclaimed, “Paul! What is that up in the corner?”  It was an angel figurine.  To which he exclaimed, “I can’t believe it, I’ve been in here for two weeks and haven’t seen that angel!”  We both were taken aback at the remarkable timeliness of that angel when we said not more than 20 minutes before that we were going to see if we could find an angel on the job.  And how often do you even see an angel figure of any kind?  So cool!

Did a previous owner hang it and the angel was kept hidden from Paul until we could see it together and give it more gravity of meaning from our recent conversation?  Or did an angel create it in the minutes before we entered the room – complete with cobwebs – in order to confirm and validate our subject of angels?  I really don’t know.  But in any case, it caused our hearts to soar in faith for even more integration and participation with our “fellow servants”, the angels (Rev 19:10).

Exciting changes
This is an exciting time of great spiritual discoveries and growth.  I hope that you are right smack dab in the middle of the Good Stuff.  God is big… and He’s so good… and He’s delighted to give us the Kingdom! (Lk 12:32)  What a God!!

We love you!
Mark and Debbie

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Testimony: IRS, from debt to refund

17 Jun

From a friend:

We owed $10K in taxes for 2014.  We didn’t have the money; in fact our finances were in such a slump, we were barely able to pay mandatory bills.  Then God directed us to move to Montana, and the finances were miraculously provided!  When we got here my wife said she felt I should ask my uncle who is a CPA to look at our 2014 taxes.  I said I would do it for her sake; not thinking he would be able to help much.  About this time I felt led to pray that God would erase our tax debt.

So finally a year after our initial bill from the IRS, my uncle was able to not only reduce our taxes, but it turned out the IRS owed us over $1,000, because the tax preparation had not been done correctly the first time.  By then it was time to file our 2015 taxes which I did and we were supposed to get a $6K refund.IRS refund

But everything got mixed up in the system and it looked like we weren’t going to get our debt erased or our refund after all.  And to make matters worse, now we wouldn’t have enough money to attend my sister’s wedding in Missouri.  So we prayed and trusted God.  We prayed that if He wanted us to go, then let our tax situation get worked out and let us receive the check from the IRS by the end of April.  Then we had peace!

Miraculously, the last week of April we received a check in the mail for around $7K, and the rest is history!  No more IRS tax debt, bills paid and money to attend my sister’s wedding.  Glory to God!!! Jesus is amazing!!!!


What if: We can actually forgive sin?

5 Jun

For some time now, we’ve been exploring the stunning authority of the believer.  It’s hard to believe that God has given us so much favor… and that He’s even given us governance over the earth.  So let’s explore another of our dimensions of authority.you are forgiven

“Whenever you forgive sins, they are forgiven.  Whenever you don’t forgive them, they are not forgiven.” – John 20:23  (God’s Word Translation)

Could this verse mean something beyond the obligatory phrase, “I forgive you”?  Here are at least two more levels of application for this verse.

1.  The believer has the right and power to forgive sins (or not)… in the eternal sense.

It’s quite possible that this is more true than we may be comfortable believing.  Can a human actually grant pardon to another person?  Can a person erase the guilt of sin from another person?  Well just think of it, if the priests of the OT could grant forgiveness through the sacrifice of an animal, then how much more can we in the NT, as priests to God (Rev 5:10), grant forgiveness via a much better sacrifice, Jesus (Heb 8:6).

As we’re finding, the stature and authority of the believer is dramatically beyond our wildest imaginations.  E.g. That we would be filled with all the fullness of God”, “We are the righteousness of God in Christ”, “We are as He is in this world”, “And they (we) will reign on the earth“, etc.  And look at this staggering verse:

Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy – Lk 10:19

So do we have the power to forgive sin in the eternal sense?  This would seem to jibe with Matt 18:18 – “Truly I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven.” – NASB   (I’ve written on this topic here and here.)  Of course, we understand that our authority in earth is only effective and empowered because of our position in Heaven (Eph 2:6)… from Heaven we exercise dominion on the earth. 

Obviously, we’re not saying that it is necessary to have earthly priests grant us forgiveness.  We believe in the priesthood of all believers, which means that each person can approach the Throne of grace boldly (Heb 4:16) without an earthly intermediary.  We have the best mediator, Jesus.  But He’s awakening us to our original commission to exercise dominion over the earth (Gen 1:28) and inviting us to partner with Him in co-rulership in the earth.  So when we proclaim the richness of the Gospel message of forgiveness, we literally become Jesus’ voice of hope and salvation to all who will hear (I Pet 4:11).

Regarding the staggering authority God bestows on us, look at this passage which declares the magnitude and vastness of that authority:

“Then the sovereignty, the dominion and the greatness of all the kingdoms under the whole heaven will be given to the people of the saints of the Highest One; His kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom, and all the dominions will serve and obey Him.’” – Dan 7:27-28.

But even with compelling evidence this first point is contested by the scholars.  It seems to encroach upon Diety to all except to those who have a revelation of how deeply God desires to partner in us.  Commentaries, Expositors Greek Testament and Cambridge Bible both corroborate this view of John 20:23.

Next, let’s look at a second point with which we’ll likely have no trouble agreeing.

2.  The believer declares to a ‘sinner’ that forgiveness has already been granted to them (back at the cross – 2000 years ago).  Upon hearing the ‘good news’, their faith is activated to receive that forgiveness.  And likewise if a believer neglects to inform a ‘sinner’ that forgiveness has already been made on their behalf, then their faith never gets activated to receive the forgiveness.  

As we become aware of the powerful work of the Cross, we realize that Jesus’ one time sacrifice for all sin for all mankind for all time, actually and completely forgave all the sins of the world – past, present and future.  So stunning in its scope!  This makes the Gospel exponentially Good News!l-24040

Our powerful herald to the world is, “You are forgiven!  God is not holding your sins against you (II Cor 5:19).  It’s so easy!  All you have to do to experience it is choose to receive His magnanimous gift of love and forgiveness.”

Here’s how it works:

(You) – “Hey bro, did you know that you are forgiven!  That’s right, your sins are already forgiven.  Jesus took care of them on the Cross 2000 years ago.  All you have to do is believe and receive.  No hoops… just Good News!”

(Them) – “Wow, I thought I had to grovel and beg… and maybe I wasn’t even worthy of Him giving me notice.  If you’re sure that He’s not mad at me… and if it’s really as good as you say, then I want in.  I believe and I receive.”

Bammmm!!!… the Good News of forgiveness declared… faith awakened… and forgiveness received.  Just as easy as that!  And here’s what just happened:

(They were) delivered from the power of darkness, and translated into the kingdom of his dear Son – Col 1:13

So in both points, 1 and 2, our confident declarations of forgiveness lift the heads and hearts of precious people out of the darkness of their world of hopelessness and into the Kingdom of Light and hope.  And Jesus gets joy out of the reunion of oneness with the people He loves… and the delight of partnering in us.

And folks… that can’t be all bad!🙂