Why do I need 2 or 3 God-signs?

25 Feb


Mark, even though it’s biblical to look for signs to confirm God’s voice, is it considered more mature to simply trust His voice rather than depending on two or three witnesses to confirm His voice?

My response:

Good question.  Let’s assume that most people would truly like to know the will of God.  That’s good!  Unfortunately, most of us haven’t perfected our hearing skills… or developed a satisfying track record.  And quite frankly, many haven’t practiced that level of intimacy, yet.  It’s very likely that our hearing is limited by religious traditions and compromised by lethargy, fear or ambition, so we’ll probably need a method more objective and tangible as we start on this project.  Our hope is that eventually we could be certain that we’ve heard His will through something as simple as the “still small voice.”

So my response is, “If you’re having 100% successful results on hearing the voice of God… and the decisions that you are making based on your way of hearing are working out satisfactorily, then don’t stop what you are doing!!!!!!”

BUT if you are having trouble hearing… or when you think you have heard and yet you’re torn with doubt and second guessing, then you may want to try my Fleece Template (click here), which works 100% of the time for me.

Sheep fleece on grass

I have a question to those who are just trusting that they’ve heard His voice through their subjective-impression-antennae-system; “Where do you give God the opportunity to be sovereign… and what way have you created for God to be able to say in an indisputable ‘black and white’ way, “Yes” or “No”?”

I know my own humanity, and if I don’t have a way for God to interject His sovereignty, then I’m vulnerable to ‘tricking’ or rationalizing myself into hearing anything I may want to hear… or not hear.

My Fleece Template (based on Gideon’s fleece in Judges 6:36-40) gives that kind of opportunity for God to speak clearly.

As I use my Fleece Template, I always take note of my initial impressions and compare them against the outcome of my Fleece Template.  If, over time, my impressions AND the outcome of my Fleece Template are the same… then I learn that I can trust my impressions more and more.  As a result, I become more confident in my hearing process and that process becomes increasingly more simple.  After a while I use my impressions for the smaller decisions, but I still use my Fleece Template for the ‘big ticket’ items.

It’s kind of like a conversation I had with a friend who is a Missouri state trooper.  I asked him one day, “How much over the speed limit I can drive and still be OK?”  He quickly replied, “How much can you afford?”   Hmmm!

So it is for me, regarding my decisions.  For small ticket items, I use my impressions, because I’ve been comparing my subjective impressions against the outcome of my Fleece Template for decades and have developed a certain measure of trust in my impressions.  But even so, since I don’t want to have to pay for the consequence of an erroneous and embarrassing outcome of a ‘big ticket’ decisions, I still use my Fleece Template.

We’re all in a process of growing in God… which requires growing in hearing.  This is a learning curve for us all.  The important thing is to be conscientious and truthful about our hearing and decision-making process.  I can’t just ignore my bad decisions that I made when using my subjective ‘warm-fuzzy’ impressions.  I must get ruthless with myself and identify the faulty method from which I made that bad decision.  I must determine that the next time my method of hearing will be much more strict… and less easy to ‘fudge’ (rationalize).

This is the way we grow.  If we don’t grow in hearing, we’ll just end up circling around the same ‘mountain’ again and again.  But the good part is that after implementing objective hearing methods we become confident in our impressions and in our decision making.

Now that's livingNow where could that kind of confidence take me?  It could take me out beyond the gunwales of the boat… out onto the water… out where the fun begins.  Now that’s livin’!

Hope that helps.





‘Ahead of Time’ people

23 Feb

I love sharing about our identity in God.  And one of the features of our identity is that we are “co-heirs” with Christ.  And since we’re “co-heirs”, we get to speak as Him, from Heaven into the earth.  We even get to look ‘ahead’ and see what He’s going to do… and partner with Him.   We’re not just “mere humans” (I Cor 3:3) anymore!

Throughout history, uncommon people have accessed Kingdom realities ahead of their time.  But then, isn’t that just like God who “calls forth those things that are not, as though they were” (Romans 4:17)?  Of course it is!  Uncommon people with uncommon believing become God’s special agents to release Heaven’s will and Heaven’s storehouse into the earth.

These Biblical examples will inspire you to be an ‘ahead of time’ person.

– Jonah
– The Syrophenician woman – Matt 15:21-28
– The woman at the well – J0hn 4:1-42
– Mary (Jesus’ mother at the Cana wedding) – John 2:1-12

One was reluctant… one was unwitting… and two were gripped with the catalyst of desperation and faith… enough catalyst to release a Heavenly reality into the earth, that was ahead of its time.


Heaven implores us to see beyond the natural world… to see what’s in God’s heart… and then call forth those things that are not yet manifest on the earth, as though they already were.

To hear me share, click here, Ahead of Time people .  (about 70 minutes long)


SP True Stories: Literal gold coin provision

11 Feb

(A report from a friend)

Recently, my good friend was encouraging his friends who were struggling financially.  They got behind in their rent and were about to be evicted.  My friend told them, “Papa wants to give you a token like a gold coin to show you that He loves you.”

Twenty minutes later, (about 10 pm at night!) their ‘pre’-Christian neighbor came over and unexpectedly gave them the 1 oz gold coin in this picture! (Gold is about $1320/oz)

Then, within a few days, ‘out of the blue’, they were given $2500 from an anonymous source.

At that point, they felt an urgency to give $1000 to some ‘other friends’ who were also behind in their bills.  Their ‘other friends’ had just prayed the prayer on page 230 in the Supernatural Provision book.  A minute after they finished praying, their phone beeped, notifying them that $1000 had just been deposited in their Paypal account.

Is God good or what!?!?!

‘Supernatural Provision’ prayer:  “Jesus, I love how You were so unconventional with Peter.  I think I get it.  I think I understand what You did with Peter.  It’s way outside of the norms of my society, but it’s beginning to make sense now that I can see how good my Father is.  I have to confess that it’s still a stretch to think of these truths working in my life, but I really want Your reality to be my reality.  I want Your easy yoke.  And I want to make You really happy as You watch me just skipping around like a little child without an anxious thought about provision.  Oh, make it happen in me, Jesus; make it a reality in me!  Amen.”


SP True Story: Old car retired… new car acquired

9 Feb

Over the last couple weeks nearly 10 people have given us sizeable financial gifts.  God knew we would need it soon.  He’s so good that way!

Debbie and I made a ministry trip to the cold ‘Nordt Country’ Thursday Feb 1 through Wednesday Feb 7.  Our 2001 Accord still looked good, but it had 320,000 miles on it.  I thought it would serve us well on this trip.  Even so, as we drove out of our driveway, I said, “This will probably be the last trip with this car.”  I didn’t know how true that would be.  Without previous coolant problems, I had to unexpectedly add anti-freeze twice before we arrived in Richland Center, WI.  In addition, we realized gasoline was leaking from under the car. 

Early the next day our friend Johnny, repaired the rusted gas line leak.  It seemed that the engine may have blown a head gasket.  And as we had it up on the hoist, the water pump sprang a significant leak.  We added ‘stop leak’ to the radiator and replaced radiator cap.  That stopped the loss of water… and we found that the water pump only leaked when the engine was cold.  So we continued our trip, but had to add water before starting the car each time.  😦

We spent Saturday and Sunday with our good friends at Mel Wild’s Cornerstone Church in Prairie du Chien, WI – three great meetings with lots of help from Heaven. 

On Craigslist we found a suitable car in Sioux Falls, SD at the right price, but I couldn’t reach the owner via text, phone or email… and we wouldn’t have time to see it for two more days.

Sunday afternoon we continued to Rochester, MN to join a favorite event: a two-day Global Legacy Leaders Advance at Rod Marquette’s Destiny Church.  As usual, it was a Holy Spirit anointed time. 

Tuesday noon we decided to head for home early, just to accommodate any problems we might have with the car.  From Rochester, MN I had about 1 ½ hours of driving before we had to make a decision to turn south on I-35 to go home… or continue west on I-90 to Sioux Falls to look at the car.  Several things had to happen for us to continue to Sioux Falls.  1) The owner of the car had to answer the phone.  And he did.  I ask questions and was satisfied with car.  2)  Now we had to have cash.  We had money in the bank, but not in hand.  3) A good friend in Sioux Falls had to be home.  We called… and he was home.  4)  Would he have the cash to temporarily give us in exchange for a check from us.  He did.  He wouldn’t normally have that much money, but a medical bill hadn’t been paid yet, so it was available.  5)  The car test drive had to yield good results.  It did.  6)  We bought the car… but now we had two cars in Sioux Falls?  So we donated our old Accord to a local young man who I’ve mentored for the last 5 years.  We gave him permission to keep it and fix it… or sell it and keep the money.  He was happy to receive it.  

Each of those things were ‘make or break’ issues… but we didn’t ‘forced’ any of them to make them happen.  If any one of these issues had not happened we would have gladly accepted that divine guidance, without forcing the issue.  I really love being led by our Lord!  His ways don’t require (or allow) sweat!!  This is very much in keeping with our two-word life motto: Follow Life. (click to read more)

Interesting side note: That next morning our Sioux Falls host planned to participate in an early morn prayer session at the local House of Prayer.  He was to leave the house at 5:10 AM.  I told him that if I woke up at 4:30AM I would go with him.  I did.  We got to the prayer meeting and I thought I would just enjoy the atmosphere… but they discovered that their worship leader was sick that morning and wouldn’t be coming.  Hmmmm.  Somebody just happened to have left an acoustic guitar there… and so they asked if I would lead worship for their team.  I did.  God had a great plan for all of us!  🙂

Deb and I acquired a car and retired a car in Sioux Falls.  Then, ‘happy as a lark’, we drove to KC in our new vehicle – a 2015 Accord with only 17K miles. Nearly new!
Thank you so much, for your prayers, care and gifts… and THANKS to our over-the-top Lord!!!!


Testimony: Tears… and ‘catch a big fish’

31 Jan

A testimony from my trip to China:

A few weeks ago I joined a couple of my dear friends, Dave Clark and Jack Lee on a business trip to China.  In one of the business meetings, we all spoke to about 50 business leaders.  There were about 30 students from a nearby business university… and about 20 business people… some who were billionaires.  They were Buddhists, Daoists, atheists and a few Christians.

Dave and Jack shared the business opportunity and our values for living from the heart.  I shared about how to live with an ‘alive’ and soft heart… we must live for something bigger than ourselves… bigger than money.  I said one of those ways for our family, is to let our hearts be touched by the poor and to find ways to come alongside them.

I recounted the story of our trip to Cebu City, Philippines… to the Little Palace in Shanty-Town.  As I was telling the story I was overcome with tears… and a very discernable change occurred in the room.  The atmosphere changed from a business opportunity to a heart encounter.

Afterwards the university professor said to us, “I’ve been to many, many of these kinds of meetings but never one as meaningful as this.  Would you come back and do a 2 or 3 day seminar with my students?  I want them to learn how to live for something bigger than money.”

The power of God-tears is almost uncanny.  When we live with our hearts engaged and ‘ablaze’ with passion and God’s glory, it is infectious and revolutionary… especially to folks who have never been in touch with their hearts.

There is not a dearth of knowledge in the earth… there is a dearth of experiencing the realities of the heart.

Living for head knowledge as ‘king’, is the substitute for not knowing a satisfying reality in our hearts.  And we can’t blame the people, because they’ve never had anyone explain and model it for them.

But once their heart has been awakened… and had an encounter… they realize that living for head knowledge, is only ‘surface-y’… only ‘glitter’ that purports to be a life source.  In the end, it is quite powerless to create true happiness or true change.

After the business meeting I interviewed 6 or 8 people to see if we should visit their factory the next day.  After each interview I asked if I could take their hand and pray with them.  I felt like the Lord gave me little ‘sparks’ of special insight to pray for each of them.

At the end, a lady who had been watching, asked why we held hands.  I said, “For a sense of connection and agreement with one another.”  She asked if I could pray for her.  I did… and at the end she was VERY tender and responsive.  My translator suggested that we take the next step of leading her to Jesus.  I briefly presented Jesus and what it means to have a relationship with Him… then I led her in a simple ‘sinners prayer’.  Afterward she was very tender and exclaimed, “Something happened… I felt something change.”  Her eyes were very near tears… and mine already had tears.  We hugged… it was a wonderful God-moment.

I had not interviewed her so I didn’t know who she was, except that her name was Mrs. Cao.

The next day, we visited several clothing factories and as we walked into one large facility, there was Mrs Cao!  We eagerly and warmly greeted each other and I referenced how special our time was together.  Without hesitation she confidently and proudly announced before her associates that she had given her heart to Jesus the day before.

Well, it turns out that she was one of two owners of this factory.  And this factory is one of the main suppliers of uniforms for the airlines and military in China.

Who knew????  God did!  Sometimes you catch a big fish and don’t even know it.  And my translator even had to give me the nod to go the next step. 🙂

Thank you, God!!!!



DPM Update – 2017 Dec – Merry Christmas

24 Dec

DPM Update – 2017 Dec – Ministry trip reports

15 Dec

Dear Friends

Manila, Philippines
Our recent trip to Manila will be remembered for a long time.  We experienced more tender and tangible presence of God over an extended time, than in many years.  We co-spoke with Greg and Wendy Simas from San Jose, CA.  A couple days of sight-seeing gave us time to become good friends. 

It all started a month or so earlier, when I was getting acquainted over the phone with the leader Benji Cruz.  I told him that many times in our meetings people experience tears.  In an email the next day, he told me that he was already experiencing tears as I was talking… and that they had been praying for the gift of tears for several months (read more about tears).  Afterward he informed his team of our phone call and they all experienced tears during their staff meeting.  Hmmmm… a good God-sign to build faith for both of us, for our upcoming meetings.  

About 400 people attended the conference and each time we gathered, there were copious tender tears.  I’m confident that the hunger of their hearts attracted His presence.  And the more we talked about the goodness of our Father, the more He rested upon the four conference sessions and each of our smaller team meetings.  Since their culture tends to be a ‘father-less’ culture (fathers are in far off places earning a living for weeks, months or years at a time) it was very fitting to unveil a Heavenly Father who never leaves… and always loves… and always cares.  

The conference ended Saturday night with a 4+ hour crazy-cool fire tunnel… from 8:30PM to 1 AM.  It was a most wonderful marathon for us and the local team.  Amazingly, they waited in line… and if they were that hungry then it was our pleasure to be the conduits of Father’s love and favor to them.  Many sobbed with deep and overwhelming encounters with a good Father.  We hugged them, made declarations of acceptance and affirmation over them knowing that the strongholds of the fatherless orphan spirit were crumbling with every declaration and hug.  That evening, the room was super saturated with a lot of love!!!

While in Manila, we visited some of Cheryl’s (our daughter-in-love) Filipino family.  A gracious meal and a short afternoon and evening in their home made for an truly unforgettable experience, making us fall more in love with her precious family and wanting to go back soon!
Read Manila testimonies at the bottom of this email.

Springfield, MO – A Treasure Hunt – so easy!
I co-spoke at a men’s conference in Springfield with two of my Kansas city friends, Steve Bartlett and Hal Linhardt.  Saturday afternoon the group split up 2 x 2 to go on a Treasure Hunt.  Two of our clues were ‘Panera Bread’ and ‘a woman with flowers’.  On the way there, Lonnie and I released angels to prepare the Lord’s ‘treasure’ for the Heavenly encounter they were about to have.  When we arrived at Panera Bread no one fit our clues, but as we sat down to drink our tea, a young lady sat down not far from us who had a large purse with bright colored flowers.  I approached her and introduced myself and our Treasure Hunt.  I then pointed to her purse and informed her that she fit two of the clues.  She sort of sheepishly smiled.  I then asked her name.  She said, “____ Rose”.  Surprised, both of us couldn’t help but laugh.  She didn’t only HAVE flowers… she WAS the flower!!  I ask my buddy Lonnie to come over.  We talked briefly and prayed for some aches she had from working a double job.  Then Lonnie asked her if she had ever given her heart to the Lord Jesus.  She said, “No.”  He asked if she knew what that meant… and she indicated that she clearly did.  He asked her if she’d like to do that right now.  She quickly, easily and happily said, “Yes.”  We led her in a simple prayer.  It was very easy to see the Lord’s presence upon her as she prayed.  There’s much more to this story, but later as we turned to leave, we heard her exclaim out loud to herself, “Wow!”  When I heard her, I turned back toward her and we caught eyes.  Both of us had a deeply satisfying smile all over our faces, knowing that we all had just encountered a Divine setup. Jesus had expertly led Lonnie and me to His ‘treasure’… and the angels had prepared her for her rendezvous with destiny. So easy… and so fun!

Texas trip
The first week of December, Debbie and I made a little tour through Texas (Mansfield, Big Spring, Abilene and Royse City).  So many good relationships and so many God things took place. One rewarding time happened during the weekend meetings in Big Spring.  We opened up some fresh and current theology about the goodness of God and the stunning favor and position we, His people, have.  I also admonished that someone of every group must pay the price to ‘get hot’ in God. Someone must get a ‘fever’ so that we have something ‘contagious’ enough to ‘infect’ others with.  Well, in the last meeting our worship morphed into an anointed prayer time.  I pressed us to not preach, exhort or beg our impressions, but rather to prophesy and declare them as kings with authority.  (Here are a few of my blog posts on upgraded prayer.)  Understandably, it is more than a little awkward to make the transition in our minds and our vocabulary!  But two notable times were when two of the guys got ‘hot’… and that’s what happens when we step into the grace that God gives to each of us when we do it His way.  Both were overcome with tears of elation as they stepped into an anointing that ‘super-empowered’ them.  Both, tangibly felt the authority of God come upon them as they began to prophesy over their spheres of influence.  As they embraced their anointing, the anointing spread through the room with everyone fearlessly and boldly rising to the occasion.  After the older patriarch sat down, I knowingly asked him why he stood up to prophesy… and why he took his coat off… and why he had tears in his eyes.  He somewhat shyly but confidently said, “I got the FEVER!”  The room burst into unrestrained laughter of approval and affirmation of the elder.  It was electrifying for all of us.  And that is the ‘take away’… when we get ‘hot’ and begin to walk in Father’s anointing… without pressure or fanfare… it automatically awakens and calls those around us into Life.

We prophesied over the local natural spring called Big Spring and the spiritual springs of Living Water in Big Spring.  May they flow fresh and free into the city and region!!!

Wow, I love opening up the believers’ hearts and minds to our Father’s magnanimous intentions… and watching the discovery moments!!  Don’t get much better than that!  You can read more of their responses below.  

Healing in Mansfield
Our good friend Bob has a chronic condition where his heart will start beating fast and require that he take meds to calm it down.  The meds don’t always work… and they have a negative side effect.  We were with him when another episode occurred and he hadn’t taken any meds.  He asked for prayer.  We prayed confident declarative soaking prayers for about 10 minutes.  He said it was better… but about 5 minutes later as he was talking, he exclaimed with surprise, “Wow, it’s gone… just like the meds, but without any of the negative side effects!”  Thank you, Lord!!

Thank you all… SO much, for your prayers and care!!  Literally, we are very conscious of your prayer ‘cover’ and care for us, as we minister.  We love being about our Father’s business and are VERY honored that our hearts are joined with you in this journey!!!  

Lotsa love
Mark and Debbie

PS Click here to view our itinerary.

Testimonies and responses

Manila, Philippines
It’s been a week & we continue to receive stories of breakthrough! Your visit has brought sparks of revival!  I’m preparing now for our prayer and thanksgiving for what the Lord did in the conference.  In four hours, we shall be gathering and remember the goodness of the Lord.  I’m excited on this, even if I’m not a pro.  What you told me about keeping the Presence aflame has never left me so I’m not delaying this any further.  We’re doing it tonight … and I’d like to see a culture of keeping the Presence burning, and tears flowing, in our gathering.  I had a prayer walk this morning and saturated myself with His Presence and I felt He met me.  I can’t thank you enough.  You and Debbie have pointed us to the tenderness of His heart … and feeling the heartbeat of His affection.  We want this to grow in us!  Pray for the fever to go high temperature!

My gratitude to you too 🙂 what you shared was something that truly changed the way I think. 🙂

Thank you for releasing the Father’s heart to us the past few days! Your love and passion for Him is contagious! The message that you carry bears the emotions of the Lord towards us! It was amazing! 

i am really blessed to see and listen to your word of Hope. God is really personal to His children, when i pass through the fire of tunnel all i could hear is God overflowing love. And im so much happy and joyful when you both hug me coz you both look like my mom and dad, but they are together with the Lord. And im so thankful that God has used you to really be His mouthpiece, hands and hugs. I am so thankful and until now im so overwhelm by his love and grace. last friday night, me and my friends are crying coz when you talk, we could sense God is speaking to our spirit.

I felt fire all over my body…and joy overwhelmed me… AMAZING! One great night..🔥🔥

Springfield, MO
Thanks so much!  You were such a blessing and I was powerfully touched. 

Springfield, MO
Thanks for everything this weekend.  The Lord has truly used you… Hopefully we’ll see you and the crew again sometime in the future.  Jolly good jubilant Joy!!!

Big Spring, TX
H-h-heeee y’all. I’m,,, I ben drink’n from a, a, wa, wa, wait, wait, um, a well.  Nnno.  I meeeen a, a new well. Yep. I’m ash sober ash ‘m gonna git.  And nuffin, nuffin I can do boutit.
Well, that is the way I felt when I left the last meeting Saturday evening, and pretty much every day since.  For years we have been waiting for the vocabulary, the terminology, the analogy, and the revelation in understanding what Father God has brought us into.

Big Spring, TX
Hello!  It was such a joy to finally meet you, and experience his presence in such a mighty way!  Thank you for the heart felt ministry!

Big Spring, TX
Thanks Mark and Debbie for coming to Big Spring!!  ❤.  Y’all are a huge blessing to us all!!

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