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Train ’em up in the ways they should go

31 Jul

Stories to Inspire

You might think that ascending is something only adults engage in.  Surprisingly, children may be able to ascend easier than adults.   But it may require some innovative facilitation to keep the children focused and not distracting to those around them.  Craig and his family have facilitated ascensions for many years with other families with children.  He educated us on how to make such an occasion successful.  And it really was surprising how easy and rewarding it was for everyone in the room.

Train ‘em up in the ways they should go

One evening three families rallied for dinner and an ‘ascension’.  We placed blankets on the floor to create a personal space for each child.  Then as we all ascended, we asked the children to draw what they saw or experienced.  Afterward, everyone was asked to share their experience and we had the children describe their drawings.  Everyone had some special theme and experience.  Our 3-year-old Asher, excitedly asked, “Can we do that again?”