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Contending for healing through ascending

22 Jul

Stories to Inspire

Josh’s remarkable improvements were predicated by actually ascending to the Throne and receiving healing from the Source.  Earthbound beggar praying is what we all used to do… but confident Heavenly receiving is so much more effective.

Contending for healing through ascending

“A couple of weeks ago, My wife and I enjoyed some white water rafting while on vacation in Colorado.  During an intense leg of the rafting trip, we plummeted over a seven-foot waterfall and ricocheted off a large rock.  The impact catapulted me back, over the side of the raft.  I dug in with my right foot and managed to stay on board; however, I hyper-extended my knee and felt it pop several times, as I held on.  When we got out at the end of the trek, I wasn’t able to put pressure on my right leg without extreme pain.”

“In the midst of lots of pain, we picked up a knee brace at a local pharmacy and continued our vacation.  I called my friend, Mark and asked him to pray with me for healing.  His immediate response was for us to ascend to the Throne.  I closed my eyes, expanded my spirit, and quickly found myself sitting on the lap of Jesus atop His Throne in Heaven.  I looked down over the edge of the throne, and it looked like a long way down.  I slipped off His lap and began to walk around His Throne.  Physically, I stood up, removed the brace, and started walking around outside our B&B.  My knee was completely healed in a matter of seconds!  I began to jump up and down!  I walked back to our room, rejoicing with Mark who was still on the phone.  When I hung up, I told my wife what just happened, and she rejoiced with me.”

“That evening, we walked all over downtown Glenwood Springs and ate at a rooftop restaurant.  When I got up from the table, I almost collapsed and again was unable to put pressure on my leg.  I was very confused.  It was a long and painful walk back to the car.  That night, I couldn’t sleep, got up several times, praying/speaking over my knee.  The next morning, we discussed the option of cutting our vacation short and returning home.  We both felt the disappointment of our predicament.  I suggested we ascend together and receive strength in my body.  That’s just what we did!  Immediately, Jesus flooded my body with Light & Life, and I was able to walk again with significantly less pain.  We didn’t have to return home, but rather, continued our vacation throughout Utah and Colorado, hiking and walking all over!  We are now back home and feeling great!  Thank God!” – JC