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Where’s Betty?

23 Jan

Stories to Inspire

Our Heavenly inheritance is expanding all the time.  Just one of those areas of inheritance has been traveling in our spirit with Holy Spirit to do Kingdom missions.  And it’s been an amazing adventure.

But, as we all know, it’s also Biblical to ‘travel’ in our body.  Jesus did it, Philip did it, Ezekiel did it, Paul did it… etc.  And we even have modern day examples.

A convincing and significant record of these phenomena are recounted in the writings of the Catholic mystics (Remember, that was the only church there was until about 500 years ago).  Sadly, we lost many of those Heavenly realities.  BUT, what we lost is being regained in this last century.  And we’re actually seeing some of this recuperation happen right before our eyes.

Don’t you love it!  We’re stepping into that same reality that inspired John to write:

“That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched—this we proclaim concerning the Word of life.” – I Jn 1:1

These ‘Stories to Inspire’ are of the ‘seen and touched’ kind!  Thank God!

Continue reading as my sister Leann Albrecht, tells of when her friend ‘disappeared’ for a while to go on a Kingdom mission. 

Where’s Betty?

It was a Tuesday evening worship service.  Betty took her place on the same seat in the front row, where she always sits.

That day there had been a huge and very devastating earthquake in Nepal.  So we spent time during worship praying for Nepal.

As I was leading worship and sometime in the middle of our time of prayer, I looked up and realized that Betty wasn’t in her seat.  I thought that she may have stepped out for a minute to go to the bathroom.  But, ten minutes later she was still gone.  I thought to myself, “I hope she’s alright.  I’ll ask her later.”

Afterward, Betty was walking around, so I asked her, “Are you ok?”
“Sure, why?”
“You were gone from your seat for a while during worship.”
“No way.  I was here the whole time.”This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is spirit-travel.jpg
“I thought you may have gone to the bathroom.”
“No, I never left my seat.”
“Ok then, where were you?”

“I was in Nepal, walking the streets.  People were bumping into me because they couldn’t see me.  I could smell the street life and hear and feel the terror.  So, I released the Presence of God… the Peace and Power of Jesus over the people in the streets.  Then I came back.”

Even as we talked about it afterward, Betty was completely unaware that she had not only traveled with Holy Spirit in her spirit, but in physical form, also.  It was very hard for her to comprehend!

What a deal!!  This Heavenly mission with Holy Spirit involved Betty’s spirit AND body!  And there’s so much more ahead, for all of us! – LA/TN



Look what I found!

5 Jan

Stories to Inspire

Are you ready to translate or travel in the Spirit?  Well, get ready.  It’s becoming much more common.

In history we’ve heard of an occasional crazy cool story of those who have traveled in the Spirit on missions to other places in the world and then returned to tell the amazing stories.  We’ve even heard of a very few who’ve brought back artifacts… or maybe they still had dust on their feet from their travels on dirt roads, etc.  These accounts intrigue us immensely, but may tend to stretch our envelope of credibility. 

In the middle 1900s there was a group of intercessors in California called the ‘Ladies of Gold’… and they were members of a prayer ministry called the Golden Candlestick.  There are confirmed accounts that these ladies physically traveled in the Spirit for up to days at a time… and then returned with artifacts from their Heavenly missions.  A book entitled Ladies of Gold: The Remarkable Ministry of the Golden Candlestick – Vol 1 by James Maloney, relates some of these incidents.  This group mentored James Maloney who then ministered widely until he passed into his eternal reward in 2021.  Accounts like these are forerunners and heralders of what’s available for more than just a few. 

The truth be told, as we’re entering the Kingdom age, the mode of operation in the Kingdom is getting upgraded all around us.  New frontiers are opening up.  And if you just think about it; If God is going to change the expression of Christianity in a single generation, then we’d better be prepared to be OK with some radical new upgrades!!!

Listen to this account of my good friend’s daughter who traveled in the Spirit in her dream and then found something very unusual the next day, which validated her travel the night before.  Was she actually there in her spirit only… or in body and in spirit?  You decide!

Look what I found!

My local trusted friend has a teenage daughter.  (Her name shall remain anonymous, so we’ll call her ‘Susie’.)  Susie’s heart had been deeply stirred while on a missions trip to a foreign country a few years ago and since then her heart has been gripped with becoming a missionary.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is bracelet-from-guatemalan-girl-in-dream.jpg

Recently, ‘Susie’ had the dream of being in Guatemala on a missions trip.  In the dream, a little girl spent quite a bit of time making a bracelet.  ‘Susie’ did not know the little girl nor know her name.  There wasn’t too much more to the dream.  But it’s what happened afterward that makes this dream and this story so special.  The next day, in a random search, ‘Susie’ was surprised to find the exact same bracelet in her purse… the same design and same materials!  (Actual bracelet in picture) Susie had never seen this bracelet before, except in the dream.

‘Susie’ told no one about this experience, except her parents… and she wants to remain anonymous.  She has traveled in the Spirit, and in her dreams, but has never brought back artifacts before this.  So what do you think?  Was she there in spirit only… or in body and spirit?

O boy!!  The Heavenlies are getting more real all the time! 


It’s a whole new world!

19 Jul

Stories to Inspire

Josh emailed this story and exclaimed afterward, “It’s a whole new world.”  I think we all concur!

It’s a whole new world!

“Thursday morning (around 8:00 am) I was at my home in Joplin, alone in the Glory.  As I entered into His Light, I opened my eyes and was amazed that my entire living room was flooded with light!  It was coming from my body!  I was shining with a bright, white light.

Suddenly, my thoughts went to a friend of mine who had been rushed to Kansas City for emergency surgery.  I began to expand my spirit, and found myself standing beside her bed – (I was here… then I was there).  My body was glowing and translucent – the hospital room was flooded with light.  I thrust both my hands into her stomach, and she began to glow.  I prayed in the Spirit and sang over her.  Everything happened very quickly… and then I was suddenly aware of my physical body, sitting on the couch in my living room.”

“That afternoon, I called her – the phone rang several times, and she finally picked up.  She was in extreme pain and was weeping.  She said her stomach had swelled twice its normal size and she couldn’t go to the bathroom.  I began to speak Truth and healing to her.  I commanded her body to function.  Immediately, the presence of God was very intense.  Her voice became calm.  She said she was watching the swelling go down right in front of her eyes, and was a little embarrassed to admit she had to hurry to the bathroom.” 

“Then she told me about an encounter she had around 8:00 am that morning.  She said her room became very bright with light and “Heaven entered her room”… the same time I had visited her earlier in the day.  I also found out her husband (who had left her several months ago) was there with her.  I prayed over both of them and then said goodbye.  They returned to Joplin together on Sunday.  She has completely recovered!  I am now seeing their marriage being restored!  Thank You, Jesus!!!!!!” – JC

John G. Lake translates in the Spirit

18 Jul

Whenever new frontiers are being rediscovered, it’s always helpful to be able to refer to Scripture and to reputable men and women of God who have had experiences that can be proven and have good fruit to show for the experience.

One of many exciting new frontiers: traveling in the Spirit.

II Kings 5:26 – Elijah’s spirit followed Gehazi.  
II Kings 6:12 – Elijah foils plans by going to the heathen king’s bedchamber
Acts 16:9 – A man from Macedonia showed up in Paul’s dream 
Ex 24:9-11 – Moses and his elders ascended to eat a meal with God on the sapphire stones

Reputable men and women
John G. Lake is an impeccable man of faith… revered by many as a pioneer in healing, signs, wonders, and miracles.  This account tells of an occasion where he traveled in the Spirit from South Africa to Wales, to heal a person. (video about 7 minutes long)

Holy Spirit air travel

17 Jul

Stories to Inspire

With the Kingdom Age decisively sweeping over us, it’s time we begin to identify our new spiritual frontiers and nurture new spiritual giftings which will be necessary in order to fulfill a new commission.   Ascended Life Community (ALC) is actively engaged in growing into our new M.O.

Pat makes himself available to God and is immediately transported to a friend who needs his encouragement.

Holy Spirit Air travel

“Early one morning, I asked the Lord what He wanted to do today… where would He like to take me?  Instantly I found myself in another state flying through a city that I used to live in, years ago.  It was like a fast motion video through the streets.  I came to a stop in front of a friend’s house.  I was taken in at ground level, up the stairs, down the hall, and into his living room.  My friend was sitting in his easy chair, but it seemed like he was very discouraged or depressed.  So I prayed for him ‘there’.” 

“After praying, I was instantly back in my chair in my home. A few minutes later, I called my friend. (I had no natural knowledge of any problems in his life.)  I asked him how he was doing?  He said, “It’s so good that you called.  I’ve been very discouraged.  A few days ago, I got fired from the job that I’ve had for 20 years.”  I told him of my ‘travel in the Spirit’ experience a few minutes before and told him what I had sensed and what I had prayed over him.  He was blessed!” – PB