Interview Audio – Worship and team dynamics

27 May

Impact Harvest Church (Monrovia, CA) and Impact Music Studios (Jack Lee and Annie Wang-pastors) are a vibrant group of mostly young and artsy Asians with whom we’ve become very fond… to the point of spiritual family.  Some of our best corporate spiritual encounters have happened while with this group.  They love worship and aspire to cultivate a Presence driven culture in their gatherings which spills out into the streets and marketplace with Treasure Hunts, dream interpretations, healing and prayer tents, etc.  Many powerful testimonies and unforgettable God-times endear our hearts to this very special group.

In May 2016, they asked me to share on several topics related to worship and worship teams.  The worship inspired listener will be the most likely to enjoy this approximately 50 minute interview.


Impact interview

Isaac Hu & Mika Lei


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