Quote: The Goodness of God

25 Aug

“I have felt for a long time that the next great theological conflict in the body of Christ is going to be over the goodness of God.” — Bill Johnson

“Everybody says that God is good, but the definition of His goodness varies based upon our theology.” — Bill Johnson

“It is possible to distort or dilute the goodness of God, but it’s impossible to exaggerate the goodness of God.” — Bill Johnson

“If I did to my children what many people believe that God does to His, I would be arrested for child abuse.” — Bill Johnson

“You don’t have to have an answer for everybody’s objection to God goodness.  You just need to be unfazed… and to love people well, because the greatest evidence of God’s goodness is in the countenance of people who love people.” — Bill Johnson

by Bill Johnson – Bethel Church (from Sunday AM sermon – 8/18/13)

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    Some great Bill Johnson quotes on the goodness of God from Mark Hendrickson’s blog.

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