Testimony – Stroke Victim Remarkable Improvement

6 Feb

(This is the first post in the new ‘Testimonies’ category on this blog.)

On Jan 11, 2015, Barry, Mary, Nick and I drove to western MN to visit a small house church that we’re friends with in Mt Lake.  As we drove, we prayed for an extended time over the meeting… we just ‘loved on Jesus’ and made declarations over the meeting.  In the process we released angels and blessed their activity among us.  We also called forth some ‘out of the ordinary’ occurrences during the course of the evening.

Food and fellowship started the evening… then worship and sharing.  During the sharing, an ‘out of the ordinary’ tenderness, with tears, came over our gathering.  We fell freshly in love with Jesus, all over again.

In that pregnant atmosphere we prayed for some relational and physical situations outside the group.  We didn’t do the down and dirty ‘combat’ warfare type praying… rather, we stayed up in the heavenlies (where we’re seated) and released the Light and Life of Heaven…. prophesying and declaring heaven’s realities into each terra firma situation.

One prayer target was a lady named Maejean, in Nebraska who had just had a stroke and could not speak at all or swallow or move one side of her body.  In the Spirit realm there is no time or distance so together we ‘stood directly in front of her’ and imparted life… resurrection life into the stroke-damaged parts of her brain.  We actually called forth significant ‘signs for good’ from this situation.  There was much faith and unity in the room as we exercised our heavenly privileges and responsibilities.

Shortly after we left and were on the road, one of the ladies who had attended the meeting, called to say that she had forgotten to mention that she had heard angels while we were in worship… two distinct voices including one behind her… where no one was sitting.  When asked, she said we had mentioned nothing about our declarations of releasing angels.  Strangely, she just happened to call us when we were on the same stretch of road where we had released angels prior to the meeting.  Then Nick acknowledged that during worship he had been surprised at the volume of sound that was coming from our group… and wondered how that was possible.  Hmmm… angelic accompaniment… and just like we prayed, some things were ‘out of the ordinary’.

Later that same night in a dream, I saw us shoot a large caliber gun/cannon and hit a distant target 3 miles away.  I felt that God was saying that our prayers hit the distant target.

The next morning in a phone call to a person in the group, we discovered that the stroke victim had just moved her leg for the very first time… and since then she has begun to talk in full sentences and is telling of her stroke experience.  She can now swallow and is eating pureed food.

Update from daughter of stroke victim: “Mom was moved to a different facility tonight… she is able to walk just a little ways already. Mom is doing awesome.  She is talking up a storm and has quite the sense of humor back… and is smiling.  Amazing how much she has improved in just 2 weeks!  Praise the Lord.”

Hmmm, now this fun stuff is becoming ordinary.  Thank you, Jesus!!



One Response to “Testimony – Stroke Victim Remarkable Improvement”

  1. Samuel M February 6, 2015 at 8:02 AM #

    So good!!!! TYJ!!!!

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