Quote – A Promise Elevates every Circumstance

23 Jul

Encouraging word about supernatural provision from Graham Cooke
from CD ‘Thinking With God’ – track #3 – ‘A Promise Elevates Every Circumstance’

“My child never underestimate My desire to see you prosper. The whole point of Me putting you into Jesus is so that you would always be in a position to receive from Me. When you concentrate on who Jesus is for you, the Holy Spirit can bring power and truth to bear in your situation. It means everything to Me to have you in Christ. All the resources of Heaven are connected to your identity in the Beloved. This is where your favor combines with My Presence.

Beloved, I have an intentional bias towards you. My Spirit teaches you to focus on that favoritism and speak it back to Me. I am training you to live each day under My smile.

I love promises. I put all my heart into each one. I am deeply intentional about you being fulfilled in all that I desire for you. My passion yearns for you to receive.

Your provision will always be contested which is why I have given you promises. They are designed to help you receive under pressure. Focus only on the promise and the conflict around your circumstances will be replaced by the joy and peace in believing.

Child, rejoicing in the promise elevates your circumstances to receive the favor that is present. Do not be tempted to consider how the promise will be realized. Instead maintain your focus on the faithfulness of the One who gave the word. Embrace the promise as a thirsty man drinks water. It is your life and health to believe My word. Your favor will increase in direct proportion to your belief in My promise. Therefore, My promise is a weapon in your hands. Take hold of it and use it against doubt and fear. To live by faith you must become preoccupied with Presence, focused on the promises and able to relax.

A promise is designed to penetrate warfare and raise your awareness of My intentions toward you. It puts your eyes on Me and it releases your heart to praise. When provision is subjected to attack, a promise is the objective of Heaven to empower you to receive under pressure. A promise always reveals my Presence. A promise encourages communion, because it releases an awareness of who I am for you. My child, all your resources are founded upon My word, therefore I say the promise is a sword in your hand. Know that My intention to be your provider is wrapped in My faithfulness toward you. Count me as faithful who promised and My trustworthiness shall be your shield. When you agree with My word all your needs will be met, pressed down, shaken together and running over. Provision is a consequence of a promise believed. A promise allows you, my beloved child, to overcome against all odds.

Understand this; the problems, difficulties and adversity are never the issue, rather knowing how to overcome is the issue. All your circumstances are a part of your growth process in Jesus. Therefore the prime focus in every situation is you learning to become Christ-like. All true growth is a consequence of abiding. Christ in you is always the expectation of glory. Resources are available for every circumstance, therefore as you explore the promise also recognize the faithfulness that comes with it, for My promise and My intention can never be separated.”


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