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Insights into the lives of Adam and Enoch… and beyond

24 Nov


God said to Adam in Gen 2:17   “…in the day that you eat thereof (the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil) you shall surely die.”

We know that Adam ‘died’ spiritually on that day, but how should we handle the issue of his literal death.  Did he die in the very same day that he ate of the tree?  Well, let’s consider II Pet 3:8, “for a day is as a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day.”  So evidently, with God, a thousand years is a day.  With this in mind, then Adam did die in the very same day in which he ate of the tree, because he died at 930 years old… just seventy years before his ‘day’ was over.

Adam and Enoch

Adam, who died at 930 years old, was about middle age (only 622 years old) when his great-great-great-great-great grandson, Enoch was born.  Surely Adam must have occasionally visited his children and grandchildren which of course included Jared and his newly born son, Enoch.  It’s not hard to believe that when Enoch was quite young, Adam would hold his grandson on his lap and tell the most spellbinding stories of how he used to walk with God in the cool of the day in the Garden of Eden… so mystifying and irresistible to this young boy.  I can hear Enoch say, “Tell me another story Grandpa.”  Adam likely fueled Enoch’s inquisitive mind even further by telling how much fun God had when Adam named all the living creatures (see Gen 2:19-20).  In more serious discourses, Adam described God’s voice… and His ways… and His heart.  Enoch’s increasingly discerning questions and unusual bond with Grandpa made Adam reach ever further back into his ‘file cabinet’ of dusty memories.

One day as Adam began to recount another of these distant but treasured encounters, a long dormant and nearly forgotten longing began to stir… a longing for the days of one-ness that he once had with God.  Through the fog of time and sin-induced separation,  he had stumbled upon this rare ‘awakening’ – almost as if it was from another life.  A ‘door’ in the Spirit had been opened.  Ushered by God Himself, Adam revisited those surreal days before the concept and consequence of sin had ever entered Adam’s mind… or the earth.  His heart was now inflamed with all the sensory and visceral delights of a time before sin.  Words came more slowly now… but more pregnant with passion and unction… and quite possibly through tender tears.  He felt the anointing… the actual presence of God… just like he had remembered.  So right… so real… so wonderful!  All the passions of his heart were ignited and fully ablaze… burning and yearning… longing for life in Eden… for his innocence… and for Abba.

While under the anointing Adam was highly ‘contagious’… and indeed the living ‘germ’ of desire was now planted deep in Enoch’s impressionable and innocent heart.  Adam had fulfilled his mission… to transfer an irresistible hunger for knowing God to his generations.  So not only does Enoch truly believe that his grandfather has literally walked and talked with God, but now, he too is compelled with insatiable desire to know this God who has awakened his awe.

Can you see Enoch’s first attempts to connect with his grandfather’s God… maybe fumbling and raw, but yet with childlike believing and a burning desire to become friends with this God who Grandpa said created all that is?  And beyond that, the way Grandpa’s eyes seem to wistfully peer off into another world… and the way he is so strangely and deeply moved when he revisits those days of yore, has completely captivated this young pioneer.  Enoch now owned it… he was hooked… Grandpa’s passion was now his passion.  He must have been consumed with ever greater marvel as he discovered that God is… and God really cares… and God wants to become friends with those who seek Him.   And Enoch wasn’t the only one who was rewarded in this epic venture.  God was too… even more.  God was most-delighted that now He was having the same koinonia with Enoch, as He had with Adam back “in the beginning”.   I believe that He found great joy in overwhelmingly rewarding Enoch’s most delightful obsession because this was the kind of friendship that He had longed for from before the creation of man.  Enoch and God’s relationship blossomed into bosom buddies much the same way John the Beloved and Jesus became the best of friends.  They withheld nothing from each other… a heart on earth and the Heart of Heaven now beat as one.


God and Enoch’s relationship became so intimate and familiar that walking and talking each day was as common and easy as breathing.  But each late afternoon Enoch had to say good-bye so that he could arrive back to his home before dark.  One day they lost all track of time when they got ‘caught up’ talking of all the splendors of God’s house and Heaven and they were much too far from Enoch’s home for him to make it back before dark.  So because of their unmatched friendship and because God was so fond of Enoch’s company, he offered, “Why don’t you just come on over to My house tonight?”  And thus Enoch “was no more for God took him” (see Gen 5:24).

What can we learn?

Enoch communed with God so deeply and spent so much time at the edge of the other realm that one day he just ‘slipped over’ into the Heavenly realm and never came back.  This glorious and permanent ‘slipping over’ into the Heavenly realm occurred when Enoch was 365 years old.  It may just be a coincidence (or not) that Enoch’s number of years is the same as the number of days in our calendar year – 365.  So from Enoch’s life we discover God’s personal invitation to explore that same walking and talking with God each and every day of our lives.  We now know it’s possible.

Why Not Now?

In the New Covenant Jesus gave us easy access into the Heavenlies.  Now we’ve been granted to live in both of the realities of Heaven and earth at the same time.  And since Jesus conquered hell and death, ‘legally’ (on the cross and in the resurrection) the necessity of dying has been overcome.  Could this set us up for the possibility of walking and talking with God to such a level that we ‘are not for God takes us’?  Hey, it has already happened to mere mortals at least twice in history – Enoch and Elijah.  Why couldn’t it happen again – to us?

Don’t you just love pushing on the boundaries of possibility?!  Wouldn’t you love to be a part of a company of people who roll back ‘normal’… who call forth those things which are not yet, as though they were… and who get to see God do ‘ahead of time’ things that had been reserved for the future (think Tab of David)?  I think all of Heaven begins cheering when men and women ‘explorers’ ponder the heart of God and begin to think in terms and ways not limited to tradition and the conventional… or science and the practical.  Who will those men and women be who escape the chains of this world’s ‘gravity’ and discover a new ‘normal’ in the Heavenlies… like Enoch and beyond?