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Declare war on boredom!

12 Jun

Possibly one of the most consequential battle grounds in our lives, but least known is – boredom.

How am I defining boredom?  We’re not necessarily talking about idleness.  Rather, we’re talking about something that is much more crucial and influential.  Boredom occurs when our soul and spirit man are not inspired or engaged.  By all outside evidences we may look very busy… but inside we’re purposeless and languishing.

This kind of boredom saps our vitality.  It robs of our ‘cutting edge’.  We ‘dangle’ in ambiguity and lethargy… and end up frittering away our time and energies.  This profound battleground starts out very subtly.  It creeps into our minds and hearts so incrementally as to not even be noticed until it has gained a significant and effective beachhead of influence in our thoughts.  It can suck us down into a dark hole… or it can be the indicator that we need to activate a fresh new ‘jump start’ in our lives.

Unless we know the reasons for the onset of boredom and it’s M.O. (what it looks like), we may think that we’re just experiencing a ‘slump’ in normal life.  But there are some easily identifiable key ingredients, that if allowed to persist in our lives, will end up leaving us feeling hollow and inspiration-less.  Here are some reasons why people find themselves bored, empty or ‘lost’ in life.  

Things which lead to boredom

1. We give others too much right to think for us… and make our decisions
2. We don’t listen to our heart… we live from our head and too much by the rules
3. We don’t know who we are or our purpose in life… we’re passion-less
4. Our views of life and ourselves are generally negative… glass half empty
5. We don’t hang around the right people to inspire our DNA
6. We regret the past or fear the future… find it hard to live in the now
7. We ignore our ‘down-time’ and God-times… so our fuel gauge is on ‘E’
8. We don’t give God a specific way to direct us… put His ‘hands on the wheel’
9. Life has become all about ‘me’… and very little about others

Have you ever noticed how bad choices can give boredom the opportunity to get established in our thinking?  Failures can tend to demoralize us.  It’s our thinking that gets us in trouble.  In order to turn this thing around, we must arrest our faulty thinking.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” – Rms 12:2

I wrote a post about the two essential ingredients for healthy life, that are necessary for every living thing on the planet; plants, animals and humans.  And then I created a virtual ‘dip stick’ through which you can evaluate your own heart health.  Click here to check on the status of your own heart: ‘How’s Your Heart?… Try This Spiritual ‘Dipstick”

In that article, you’ll notice that in our downward journey, boredom is one of the first indicators of a problem.  And if we don’t arrest our ‘spiral’, the issues and consequences continue to get more severe.  So what’s the answer?

How do we escape boredom

1. Begin to take personal responsibility for our own life
2. Get in touch with our heart… how’s it doing?  where does it find ‘life‘?
3. Go on a search to find our own identity… who are you?
4. Take negative thoughts captive… force feed ourselves a positive environment
5. Find people who know who they are and can call forth the real you
6. Receive mercy for the past, find courage for tomorrow and live today to the full
7. Get radical to spend time with God… get ‘gas in our tank’
8. Don’t make any decisions without clearly hearing from God
9. Be a giver… give what you can (time, money or deeds) to someone in need

What do you think?  Can we do it?  Be patient with yourself because this process will take some time.  Resetting and refueling our heart is not usually a one time event.  Actually, it requires a lifestyle of staying in-touch with the status of our mind and heart.

So let’s declare war on Boredom.  Eradicate the conditions in our lives that promote boredom.  Then expect to experience “life and life more abundantly”… Soon!  



What If: Musings About Our Fall… and Restoration

29 Aug

Just some musings ‘outside the box’… or maybe not so ‘outside the box’…

What if ‘The Fall’ wasn’t so much about our sinfulness, as it was about the position we forsook alongside God?  We were highly favored and loved.  God took huge delight in co-ruling with us… (E.g. bringing us animals to name them and see what we would come up with – Gen 2:19)  We defaulted and forsook our position, our privilege, our perspective, our paradigm… and our reality of who we are in God.  We exchanged the truth for a lie (Rms 1:25).  We slipped off of the throne where we were with God… and into our own little contrivances of mind to create an alternate reality of self-preservation and reliance. 

What if our post-fall “nakedness” had more to do with our lack of being clothed with God’s glory?  We were now exposed… not having our originally ordained ‘apparel’.   We were now naked.  No ‘apparel’ (fig leaves… or even animal skins) fit like the innocence and glory we used to wear.  There had been no shame or fear in perfect love, but now our new reality left us feeling awkward and “ashamed”.  We had believed the serpent’s lie that we were on our own to better ourselves.  God had always ‘covered’ us with everything we needed, but now we were naked and had to provide for ourselves… for everything.

What if when God asked Adam, “Where are you….?” it wasn’t that He didn’t know where Adam was?  What if it was a longing expression of God’s unfulfilled heart, missing His companion Adam, who had been uniquely and primarily created for fellowship with God?  Now that companion was not in his rightful place alongside God.  Maybe this view is not so different to God’s longing for us when we get preoccupied with the cares of this life… or drift toward self-suffiency.  Ever hear the “Where are you?” question?

Even before the foundations of the world (Rev 13:8), God was delighted to create man, carry man, restore man, inhabit man and ‘marry’ man, and co-rule with man… He was love-struck with us… but now after ‘The Fall’ we were absent from God’s side.  We were still very much in His heart, but not present for fellowship.  Yet even then, God’s love never wavered as He lovingly carried us through the journey of our ‘fallen’ detour of the Old Testament until Jesus completed God’s grand plan to restore us and catch us back up to our place alongside Him (“seated with Christ in heavenly places” – Eph 2:6).  Jesus summed it up so well in the parable of the prodigal son.  The father’s love longed for his absent son.  Then without even allowing his son to recount his failings, he eagerly and fully restored his son to his rightful position.  What love!

What if ‘the rapture’ (getting caught up) is really what happens to us when we receive and believe the re-revelation of who we really are… our original identity and design… and our profound worth and position in God?  This ‘catching up’ transformation does not occur merely with the memorization of pertinent Scripture… rather, like a true and deep salvation experience, life altering change only comes through revelation.  What if when this revelation of our original identity and design in God (even before Adam was placed on the earth) is radically and quickly revealed and restored to us, it renews, transforms… and even transfigures us (following Jesus’ example on Mt of Transfiguration)… raising us out of base and earthy mindsets and ‘back up’ into the Heavenlies? (“we… will be caught up… to meet the Lord in the air…”– I Thess 4:17) (“being transformed by the renewing of our minds” – Rms 12:2) (“on the third day He will raise us up, that we may live in His presence.” – Hosea 6:2)

How could “every eye see” this glorious spectacle… and be “caught up” in a “twinkling of an eye”?  Possibly, it all becomes much more plausible and possible in our day that at any other time in history.  When this mighty outpouring of the Spirit of Revelation is released on hungry and responsive hearts, the powerful life altering ‘Good News’ goes ‘viral’ and is electronically promulgated and proliferated across the earth literally at the speed of light (“Let Your word run swiftly” – II Thess 3:1) via the fingers of enflamed bloggers, twitter-ers, text-ers, and email-ers, etc.  Even a casual look at the current blogosphere will explain the speed, power and impact of digital communication.  Of course, this idea of cyber-transmission is NOT to diminish supernatural mass/global revelation and enlightenment in any way… rather, it works in tandem with Heaven’s revelation resting upon mankind.

Fortunately, as we forerunners are making this epic journey back into our original identity and design, the blogosphere is also our friend.  As we explore ‘outside the box’ (or maybe not so ‘outside the box’) checks and balances by fellow scouts serve to both correct and inspire us on our journey.  We can’t just go ‘willy-nilly’ into spurious conjecture or theories… too many people are watching and eager to catch us up short… and at the same time others fuel our fires with their newly-found discoveries.

What a time to be alive!  It’s obvious, something is changing!  Hang on for the ride of our lives!