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Quote: We Won!

29 Dec

We wonIt is amazing how we seem to struggle to receive something we did not work for or maybe argue that we do not deserve, yet we would have no problem claiming the money should we win the LOTTO.  We also have no problem accepting the victory of our team or sport hero as our own: ‘We won’, we proudly proclaim, even though we only watched the game as a spectator.  Yet we continue to reason that it will eventually take our own physical death to finally free us from the embarrassment of our body, as if Jesus’ death only has spiritual and sentimental significance.

Dec 23, 2014

From Thoughts For Life – Francois du Toit (from ‘God Believes in You’ – available in print and on Kindle)
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Quote: Sin-conscious Mindset Mis-colors Everything

30 Oct

Any contradiction that can get you to forget your true identity, innocence and worth defeats you.

Religion over the years has majored on the subject of sin-consciousness.  The moment something goes wrong, guilt trips are empowered.  Simon’s response is surprising after he witnesses the teaching and ministry of Jesus, and a catch that he could not claim any credit for!  “Depart from me Lord, for I am a sinful man!”  He apparently felt a lot more familiar and comfortable to account the previous night’s toil and no success to his own sinfulness!  Karma makes so much sense to a religion that makes its money out of paying and returning customers!

From Thoughts For Life – Oct 30, 2014 – Website: www.mirrorword.net

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