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Supernatural Provision – Where God Guides, He Provides

11 Dec

SP cover

Supernatural Provision by Mark Hendrickson is now available! It’s being distributed by Destiny Image Publishers in Borders, Barnes & Noble, Mardel, Books-A-Million, Buy.com, Family Christian and many other bookstores.

Introducing Supernatural Provision
Has the current national and global economy affected you or got you worried? Then the power of the phrase, ‘God’s will is God’s bill’, will rock your boat when you realize that you can be free from ‘working for a living’… and unshakable by any adverse economic winds. Really! And living within our Father’s ‘Law of Blessing’ is so much easier than you think.

Supernatural Provision’s insights may be radical… and even controversial, but they are scripturally sound and author proven. Powerful truths, practical how-to tips, checklists, exposing questions, and many personal testimonies will leave you eager to launch your own journey into God’s supernatural provision. You will be excited, guaranteed! Your understanding of ‘normal’ is about to take a quantum leap!

Debbie and I live this book. It’s our life mode. God is our source more than you may expect… even more than is written about in this book. We know that it’s quite radical for most people… and it’s outside the normal paradigms of conventional wisdom regarding working for a living. But our experience with God’s ‘Law of Blessing’ is so amazingly liberating and exciting that we had to write about it and share it. We often look at each other amazed at how good God’s goodness really is… and we didn’t even earn it. You’ll be amazed, too!

It is our desire to do something beyond the normal commercial enterprise with the distribution of this book. So because we feel that Supernatural Provision will be revolutionary, impacting and empowering to you, we’re eager to put it in your hands for as low cost as possible. We hope that this endeavor will help to make the truths of Supernatural Provision even more profound. The retail price of this book is up to $16.99 in major bookstores across the nation, but for as long as God allows us, we want to make this book our personal gift to you… all we’re asking is that you cover the shipping and handling costs of $5.00 per book.

Both James Goll and Noel Alexander wrote forewords for Supernatural Provision. To read their forewords, other leaders’ endorsements, readers’ reviews, or to place an order, please visit:
www.dpmkc.org/supernaturalprovision   or   www.facebook.com/spforu

Greater distribution and successful promotion of this book is determined by reader response, reviews and word-of-mouth. ‘Liking’ the Supernatural Provision Facebook page, leaving your comments on the websites above and especially leaving comments on Amazon.com in Supernatural Provision’s book review section. All of these would be very helpful. Thanks!

After experiencing your own Supernatural Provision, you may want to make an investment into someone else’s life by gifting them a copy of this book. It is our desire to continue offering Supernatural Provision as a gift and although unexpected, any contributions to DPM will be very helpful and greatly appreciated. If you’re interested, please go to: www.dpmkc.org.

Just for fun, in your next conversation with God ask Him what He thinks about the phrase, ‘God’s will is God’s bill’.

Happy reading and welcome to a new way of life.

May God bless you RICHLY!

Mark and Debbie Hendrickson
Email: hendrickson@dpmkc.org

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