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Camping Under the Cross

12 Nov

In my friend Mel Wild’s blog, In My Father’s House, he recently posted an excellent article about how many believers get stuck, “Dancing at the door”.   That phrase creates such a great picture that I just couldn’t help writing more on the subject.

Most believers are so spiritually orphan minded and shame based in their relationship with Father, that they find themselves with their bedroll ‘setting up camp’ Crossunder the cross.  Why?  Because in keeping with the Accuser’s diabolic intent, we’re preoccupied with our ‘fallen-ness’… rather than our righteousness.  So the cross… our ‘door’… becomes our world.  The greater expanse of the Kingdom beyond is largely unexplored and quite unapproachable because we’re not worthy… and besides, we have very little CPU headroom after our frequent and intensive sin management sessions.

But even though a door is vital and necessary to enter any room, none of us bow down to worship a door when we walk in.  When did you last hear someone say?, “O awesome Door, Thank you for being my entry point to this Room.  But I am so unworthy of the Room beyond here, that I will just build three tabernacles here and put you on top of my most holy buildings… just to honor you, Door.  I will just stay here under the Door for the rest of my life, then when I die maybe I will be able to explore what’s inside this Room.  Thank you Door, for being so amazing.”

Of course not!  The primary reason for a door is to give access to a room.  Likewise, the cross (door) is the powerful symbol of when, where and how our sin got reckoned with.  It’s the only way.  Period.  No question!  And we don’t intend to diminish any value or power of the cross… but of incomparably more value than the cross, is the One who was on the cross.  And He’s not on the cross anymore!  He’s in the Room beyond the cross.  He’s at the Father’s right hand and welcomes us to join Him there… all expenses paid, no strings attached, leave our door-camping-gear behind.  Our reality is now defined by His victory and His righteousness… which have become ours.

He delightfully invites, “Come on through… and past the door.  Enter into the large place which I have prepared for you!  Come sit with me at My Father’s right hand.  Make My joy full.”