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Testimony: Gold flake changes everything!

25 Jun

One Friday night a few years ago, I was invited to host an ‘encounter God’ evening at a house of prayer in Madison, WI where Dave Gerry was the director.  I was given full liberty to do whatever the Lord inspired me to do.  So I decided to celebrate some of the signs that have occurred in our ministry.  We projected them up onto the large screen and I told each story. 

Between stories, I invited us all to be as sincere and passionate as we could in a time of intimate devotion with Jesus.  We told Him how much we loved Him and how special He is to us. 

The objective was to use the ‘signs’ to inspire and increase our love for Him.  It is our experience that more signs appear as we allow our hearts to become acutely ‘enflamed’ with love for Him. 

Well, we had seen nothing by the end of meeting so we prayed for all those with physical ailments… body ministry style.  There were many pockets of prayer in the room.  And here’s where things get interesting…

Rufina, a 70-year-old widow from the Philippines, asked for prayer.  As she was being prayed for, she opened her hand and found a 1/8” rippled flake of ‘gold’ (I have no idea if it was real gold or not).

She showed it to those who were praying for her.  And as you might guess, everyone soon rallied around to view this phenomenon. 

I had never met Rufina before, but I found out 1 1/2 years later that she was a cook at the local YWAM base and always longed to go on a mission’s trip, but had no finances.

Surprisingly and without any announcement from anyone, people spontaneously began to throw money at her feet… such that for about 5 or 6 feet around, the floor was littered with cash… a total of $485.

She was a ‘basket case’ over the whole experience. 🙂  Jesus’ surpassing goodness broke through again – amazing all of us.  Each time she shared about it the following week she was overcome with gratefulness, wonder and tears at the goodness of God to ‘visit’ her in such a way.  But so far we’ve not even come to the best part.

A year and a half later I met her in a conference.  I exclaimed, “Rufina, how are you?  I’ve told your story many times.  Do you still have the gold flake?”  She immediately opened her Bible and I saw that it was taped next to the very verse we had rallied around when she got the flake.  But then she excitedly continued, “You have to hear what has happened since then!” 

That evening, 1 1/2 years before, we had highlighted Isa 43:18-19 which states that “God is doing a new thing”. 

“Forget the former things: do not dwell on the past.  I am doing a new thing!  Now it springs up: do you not perceive it?  I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” – Isa 43:18-19

And that’s exactly what happened for Rufina!!!  That special token signified to her that He is doing and will do something new in her life.  So here’s the rest of the story…

After that night, money mysteriously began to come to her.  So much so, that she had enough to go to Africa and India on her first missions trip.  She preached her first sermon and people got saved.   She went to the next town, preached again and more people gave their hearts to the Lord.

Listen to the transformation that happened to her as she shares in her own words, “Now I just back from South Africa and India.  It just the boldness in my spirit to share the GOSPEL to everyone… which I never did this before.  I got the courage to speak to the Churches and Schools and prayed for the sick and visited hospital & prayed for them.  God’s heart with compassion to the people flows through me so much that I cried with them & begged them to understand that the only HOPE of life is found in JESUS CHRIST alone.”

Is that good… or what!?!

Back home, the money continued to come, so she traveled to the Philippines to see her own family and many of them came to Jesus.  After she returned home, more money came to her and she was planning another trip to minister to her people.

And that is all good, but here’s the important part: She hasn’t asked for money!  (For more on this principle of living within Father’s provision read my book, entitled Supernatural Provision.)

As fun as that little gold flake was, it was not the main event!  Everything changed from that day… the spiritual atmosphere shifted for Rufina.  God truly began a “new thing” in her life. (Isa 43:18-19)  He created “a way in ‘her’ desert” and “streams” began to flood her “wasteland.”   Her dreams began to be realized… at 70 years old!  That gold flake was a sign from God which signaled a radical and change and launched her life in a completely new direction.  

So do I love signs?  You better believe I do!  Do I love Jesus much more than signs?  Absolutely!  And guess what…?  Every time the signs appear, they help me fall more in love with Him.  And always, the signs serve to anchor my heart in more awareness of His loving care! 

Thank you Lord for You… and for Your signs!





Testimony: He shall cover you with His feathers

23 Mar

Among several significant signs in our ministry, feathers have been a re-occurring one which always serves to validate whatever is happening at the moment and increase the level of faith in the room.

Here is a recent story of a string of feather appearances.

A few weeks ago, I was talking with a young friend over a Mexican meal while showing him pictures in my phone of my personal experiences with feather signs.  As I was telling the stories that accompany the pictures, a feather softly drifted down between us and landed on the edge of my glass.  I pointed it out and we kept talking about feathers and what they meant.  Shortly another feather about 1/4″ long drifted down between us, at which I licked my finger and caught it.  He was impressed, to say the least.  We continued talking about this type of ‘sign’, when not more than 5 minutes later a third feather about 1/2″ long drifted down between us.  Again, I whet my finger and gave it to him.  We were both amazed and delighted at the confirmation of Heaven’s approval.

Bear in mind that I want to be able to firmly believe what I’m seeing and saying, so I looked around the room and could not find any other feathers in the room, nor was there any evidence of birds or down-filled coats.

Well, less than a week later I was with Tim Nelson (director of Wilderness Prayer Center in Wells, MN) and we were driving in his pickup truck through the frigid cold and blowing snow.  At the moment that we were talking about the supernatural breaking into the natural, a feather drifted down from his truck cab ceiling.  We were both amazed at the timeliness of God.

Three days later I was speaking at the Upper Midwest Global Legacy Leaders Advance at Destiny Church in Rochester, MN where Rod Marquette is pastor.  I began to ‘water’ the atmosphere with the testimonies of various signs manifestations… and exhort the leaders that we should have an expectation to see supernatural signs take place in these very gatherings.  While I was speaking, several signs were observed and shared with those around.

– A gold colored flake appeared on a man’s hand.

– A feather floated down in front of a lady during worship.

– Gold dust covered both hands of a lady.  She showed everyone.

– A feather appeared on the sleeve of a lady’s sweater.  She showed many.

– A feather fell onto the sleeve of a man’s coat.  He showed it to others.

– Several physical healings occurred during the meetings.

Needless to say, faith for the supernatural experienced a significant boost.

After the ‘Advance’ one of the leaders texted me saying that while they were driving home, when they ejected a CD from their player, a feather came out with the CD.  Now, that is pretty cool because I’m not sure how that is even physically possible.

Then a few days later, when they cleaned the room where the ‘Advance’ meetings were held, they found over a dozen more feathers.  Here’s the Facebook post from an elder of that church.


“Wendy was cleaning the church sanctuary and found these little white feathers from all over the room. The same ones that were appearing last Tuesday during the UMGL meetings. Papa God is so fun!” – Cecil Calvert

As you might guess somebody commented asking if they were from a down-filled coat… and honestly I would ask the same question.  But Cecil commented that the feathers were from all over the room, not just in one place.  There had been NO birds in this room.  Here is a picture of the actual feathers.

And it doesn’t stop there.  (Remember the room has now been cleaned)  That following week during their school of ministry in the same room, three feathers were spotted as they fell near people during ministry time.

And… one of the students had a feather fall from the ceiling of his car while he was driving home from the ministry school that very evening.

Now I’m sure that for those who have never heard of feathers as a sign, you’ll likely have some legitimate and sincere questions.  But in my history, feathers are a bonafide manifestation through which God encourages His people.

What do they mean?  Well, Ps 91 says, “He will cover you with His feathers”.  So… He is here!  Or it could be an indicator that angelic help is present.  But in the very least, it means Father wants us to know that His manifest presence is among us.  And I’ll say Amen to that!

Thank You God, for the many times You break out of the unseen realm into the seen realm and use it to secure our hearts and our ways in You! 









These signs shall follow those that believe…

1 Mar

Serious question: Have you ever pondered what sign you would like to accompany your life?

Jesus said in Mark 16:17-18,

 “And these signs shall follow them that believe; in my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.”

And of course this isn’t an exhaustive list of all the signs that shall follow God’s people, because Jesus ‘raises the bar’ for us in John 14:12,

“Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father.”

Jesus established what was possible through His life on earth, but because He went to the Father He’s made it possible for us to do “greater things” than He did.  And if they are “greater”, then it’s possible that they haven’t even been listed in the Bible.  Now if we won’t accept anything that is NOT in the Bible, then we’re going to have trouble with Jesus’ declaration that we will do “greater works”.  But this also begs the question, “How would we know whether a ‘sign’ is from God or not?”  I believe that Rev 19:10 gives us one method to judge by,

And I fell at his feet to worship him. But he said to me, “See that you do not do that! I am your fellow servant, and of your brethren who have the testimony of Jesus. Worship God! For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

We don’t worship angels… nor do we worship signs.  But let’s highlight the last sentence (my paraphrase); “whenever Holy Spirit speaks, He points to and magnifies Jesus.”   In short, when we see a sign, we ask, “Does it make Jesus look bigger and better in our eyes and does it make us fall more in love with Jesus?”

It’s obvious that the five signs that Jesus listed in Mk 16:17-18 occur in our world today… albeit, some more often than others.  But are there other signs present in our modern world that we could validate as bona fide God-signs?  Of course, that’s an easy question to answer when we look at the preponderance of good fruit associated with the signs.  A quick list of some of those signs might be; gold, shaking, cloud of His presence, feathers, rain from clear skies and indoors, oil, gold teeth, manna, gem stones… just to name a few.

So there really ARE signs today!  And they’re for all of us!  But lest we succumb to false humility eschewing anything so ‘lofty’ as a sign, consider Apostle Paul who said, “Earnestly desire spiritual gifts” (see I Cor 14:1).  There it is, a direct admonition to ‘strongly contend’ for Heaven’s resources.  God is eager to “show Himself strong to the one whose heart is completely His” (see II Chron 16:9).

Here’s the question again, “What sign do you want to accompany your life?”


What if…..

Well, I’ll let you in on a singular sign that has always gripped my imagination, my dreams and even at times, my prayers.  At special times a very gentle but superior Force that eclipses our earth’s gravity empowers me, such that I rise (or fly) off of the ground when being enabled by the Spirit of God.  That’s right, when the Lord’s presence is resting in a special way, I’ve ‘seen’ myself in dreams and in my ‘golden’ imagination effortlessly floating and flying above the ground.  In my youth it was just what I called, ‘body flying’, but in later years it is almost always associated with a spiritual impact happening at the time.  I’ve even had dreams so vivid and impacting that when I awoke I was as sure of my ability to fly as I was of anything around me.  I knew that I had discovered how to ‘fly’.  In fact, there have been times when talking with like minded friends and in a moment of heightened passion we’ve together taken a ‘leap of faith’…  I’m sorry to say that ‘flying’ hasn’t happened in my physical existence yet, but it has happened many times in my ‘other’ world.

I’ll take it a step further.  You know how we do teachings on how to receive the gifts of the Spirit, etc?  Well, I’ve had dreams where I’m actually teaching a congregation how to ‘fly’ by receiving the Gift of Levitation in the Spirit.  Just as John Wimber hosted healing clinics where everyone got to “do the stuff”, I modeled flying and then imparted faith for this gift to those present.  And it was so easy.  It’s not a man-thing at all.  And it’s not about goose bumps or lightning bolts.  It’s just becoming simple-minded and being enthralled in His presence upon you.  As our mind quiets down and our faith gets opened up… our physical reality catches up.  Did you hear that, it literally, gets ‘caught up’.  I’m confident this will really happen!

So while you’re pondering this whole idea, I’ll leave you with this very strange and wonderful sign of levitation that suddenly overtook a young man in 1630.  Unfortunately, the religious system of the day was too stiff and insecure to recognize that the fruit of this man’s life was benefiting everyone… except the jealous leaders around him.  I believe we will host and steward a new gift and sign better today.  

Saint Joseph of Cupertino

Joseph was born in 1603 in Cupertino, Apulia.  On Oct 4, 1630, the town of Cupertino held a procession on the feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi.  Joseph was assisting in the procession when he suddenly soared into the sky, where he remained hovering over the crowd.  When he descended and realized what had happened, he became so embarrassed that he fled to his mother’s house and hid.

Joseph’s life changed dramatically after this incident.  His flights continued and came with increasing frequency.  His superiors, alarmed at his lack of control, forbade him from community exercises, believing he would cause too great a distraction for the friary. For the fact was, Joseph could not contain himself.  On hearing the names of Jesus or Mary, the singing of hymns during the feast of St. Francis, or while praying at Mass, he would go into a dazed state and soar into the air, remaining there until a superior commanded him under obedience to revive.

The mere mention of God or a spiritual matter was enough to take him out of his senses; at Mass he frequently floated in the air in rapture.  Once as Christmas carols were being sung, he soared to the high altar and knelt in the air, rapt in prayer.  The most spectacular experiences were his flying to images placed high above the altars and helping workmen to erect a Calvary Cross thirty-six feet high by lifting it into place in mid-air ‘as if it were straw’.  Ten men had previously failed to lift it.  Such feats earned him the nickname ‘the Flying Friar’

God began to work many amazing miracles through St. Joseph.  Over seventy times, people saw him rise from the ground while saying mass or praying.  Often he went into ecstasy and would remain completely enraptured, talking with God.  He became so holy that everything he saw made him think of God, and he said that all the troubles of this world were nothing but the “play” battles children have with popguns.  St. Joseph became so famous for the miracles that he was kept hidden, but he was happy for the chance to be alone with his beloved Lord.

Joseph was accused of attracting undue attention with his “flights”, and claiming to perform miracles.  The people flocked to him in droves seeking help and advice in the confessional, and he converted many to a truly Christian life.  However, this humble man had to endure many severe trials and terrible temptations throughout his life.  His notoriety was not well received by his superiors, which resulted in an Inquisition (he was shortly cleared and released), exile and solitude so as to curb his involvement with the people.  Joseph endured his ordeal with great patience.  He died on September 18, 1663.

Pope Clement XIII canonized him in 1767.

All information, quotes and excerpts about Joseph of Cupertino were secured from here and related web links.   Artist rendering of St Joseph


Jesus did the ‘low-level’ stuff so we could have all the fun…

31 Jul

Jesus Christ was the Son of God and performed some pretty outstanding miracles, signs and wonders (water into wine, walk on water, heal the sick-lame-blind-deaf, read the thoughts of men’s hearts, raised the dead and raised from the dead, transfigured, etc).  All awesome supernatural stuff.  We think of this dazzling line-up of accomplishments as being the ultimate of spiritual Heavenly activity here on earth.  It’s the big stuff that books have been written about, that have elicited daydreams, motivated intercessions, inspired pilgrimages and church starts and compelled men to sacrifice their lives for nearly two thousand years.  And we aspire to this level of activity in our day, even if it’s only in theological agreement and believe that it’s only for a special few.

But Jesus says this spectacular line-up of miracles, signs and wonders is all low-level stuff… just entry-level works.  You say, “What?”   Well, sure!   Jesus made that clear when He gave us our blueprint mandate as He prophesied that we would do even greater works” than His power-packed line-up (see Jn 14:12).  In other words, Jesus was the first ‘jumper’ to clear the low-level bar.  He got things started so we’d know what was possible… hoping we’d be inspired to take it higher from there… by the Grace of God, of course.  He got things started by doing a few ‘first fruits’, knowing that He was “the first born among many” who were going to follow along behind (see Rms 8:29).  And He knew Apostle Paul and others would give us further instructions that His disciples hadn’t even read yet.  All this was going to make it possible for us to surpass all of our predecessors… even surpass Jesus.

And just so we don’t choke in disbelief over this ‘bigger-stuff-than-Jesus’, remember Jesus said, “If I tell you earthly things and you don’t believe, how will you believe if I tell you Heavenly things?” (see Jn 3:12)  And later He said, “I have many things to tell you that you cannot bear.” (see Jn 16:12)  So there really ARE things that Jesus never talked about or did… and He says, “These Heavenly things are your inheritance. Yes, I’m letting you guys have the fun… you get to do the greater stuff!!”

Folks, Heaven eagerly waits for those who will, by Grace, reach into the Heavenlies for their inheritance.  Jesus has given us permission to surpass Him in everything He did on earth.  Yes, to surpass Him.  This is our Promised Land, our destiny, our inheritance.