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Abundance of Grace to Reign in Life

22 May

“For if by the one man’s offense death reigned through the one, much more those who receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness will reign in life through the One, Jesus Christ.” – Rms 5:17

The only way to reign in life, is to receive ABUNDANCE of grace and Jesus’ righteousness.  We must have more than just a little grace… more than just a religious amount of grace… we must receive an over-the-top amount of grace.  And we must see ourselves as the righteousness of God in Christ – II Cor 5:21.  This is God’s recipe for successful reigning in life!  Anything less sets us up for failure.

Abundance of grace + Jesus’ righteousness = Successful reigning in life



Quote: Thinking From the Throne

29 Oct


God is inviting us into Biblical Throne-room thinking
When Jesus raised from the dead He didn’t do it FOR you, He did it AS you.
You can have a million dollars in the bank and still starve?
We must learn to tap into our inheritance
Faith explores what revelation provides
You can’t enjoy what you haven’t explored
God wants to re-illustrate who this Jesus is… through us.
God’s intention is that we would re-present Jesus in the earth
Col 3:1-4 You’re dead (to earthly things). Stop acting like you’re not dead
Set your mind on where you are now!!!
‘Heavenly places’ is NOW our home… everything else is a field trip.
Abiding in this ASCENDED life is the invitation to every believer.
The Lord’s prayer: Recreate Heaven’s culture ON earth
It’s a lot easier to ASK… rather than to begin to learn to RULE.
Rulership – Biblical definition: rule over to protect and come under to empower.
When you’ve tasted of supernatural supply you’ve lost the right to begin any thought process with what you don’t have.
Usually, we live under the kingdom that we think the most about.
Many people try to earn what He’s already paid for… forgiveness, sickness, provision…
He died AS you and me!!! It has ALL been paid for.
The mind is a better follower than a teacher… It was made to follow our spirit man.
The Lord is longing to live on earth again, through yielded people who re-present Him without defiling or compromising the inheritance He’s given them.
Rms 5:17 “Reign in life” means there is nothing that comes against you in life that you don’t have authority over.

by Bill Johnson – Bethel Church (from Sunday AM sermon – 6/9/13)

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Quote: No More Milktoasts!

25 Sep

Too long have we Christians thought we were supposed to be
self-effacing, withdrawn milktoasts;

we were not supposed to assert the glory of God;
we were not supposed to walk with our heads high;
we were not supposed to be what we were supposed to be —

reigning with Him even now, in life,
masters of our passions and our appetites,
masters of sin,
masters of satanic insidious attempts to invade our territory,

beating them off with royal flourishes,
not condescending to scuffle with him in the dust,
but bidding him to be gone in the name of Jesus,
rising to walk with dignity as those who are
kings and reign in life by One, Christ Jesus

— Ern Baxter