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Finding the Treasure – You!

6 Jun

Let’s start with this basic premise:  God made each one of us uniquely.  Are we in agreement?

But, if God made us unique, then why are we all so doggone the same?  We dress the same, follow the same trends, line up at the factories to do cookie-cutter pre-programmed repetitious jobs, etc.  Why is there so much stress and burnout?  Does anyone ever question why we’re so easily ‘herded’ into our trendy societal norms?

Maybe it’s because we’ve been ‘dumbed down’ to the acceptability of same-ness.   When we’re the same, we’re less trouble for the leaders of our society… on all levels; government, jobs, education… and even church.  For the most part, this is not ill-intentioned.  Rather it’s the best that our leaders have known how to do.  

But that same-ness will likely leave us feeling hollow and unfulfilled… like we’re ‘dangling’ out in the middle of a big world without knowing who we really are.

So continuing with our premise: If God made me unique, then because He’s good, He has a Heavenly grace to empower me to be ‘me’… and a ‘place’ that needs me.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have a sense of their unique identity.  They do the same stuff as everyone else, somehow hoping that they will find special meaning for their life.  And if they don’t find God’s design for them, that leaves them without the full empowerment of grace that God intended.  They end up receiving the general grace that “rains on the just and unjust alike” (Matt 5:45).  As saints our inheritance involves much more than just general grace.  So, my quest in life is to discover ‘who I am’!  If I find that… and walk in it, then my life will be graced to the fullest intent of God’s heart.

(This graphic depicting Heaven’s ‘Bank Vault’ of Grace can be found in my book entitled: Supernatural Provision – Where God Guides He Provides.)

In order to fulfill God’s amazing intentions for me, I’ve got to find ME!  Who am I?  What works for me?  If I could find out who God has designed me to be, how empowered would I really be?

Here are a couple easy questions to begin the discovery process.

Objective: To find out 1) when you felt most alive… and 2) when you have tears.  It’s likely that aspects of your environment are touching the some of the core values, motivations or passions of the real ‘you’!

Question #1.  What did you do in your life that made you feel most alive?  ‘Secular’/’spiritual’… it doesn’t matter.  All your senses were completely engaged…  Your passion was fully ignited… Kind of like the little boy just before Christmas… and just after Christmas.  All he can think about is that favorite gift.  You have measured many other things in your life against that ‘alive’ experience.  Now, the follow-up questions are:

Why did you feel most alive?  Were you with people… or alone?  Were you the plan-ner… or the servant.  Were you the leader… or the follower?  Were you the problem spotter… or problem solver?  Were you the visionary… or the do-er?  Were you the runner… or the stay-home person?  Were you supporting others… or were they supporting you?  etc…   Ask the Lord for more ‘why’ questions.  

Question #2. What makes you have tears most predictably?  (We’re talking about the good kind of tears!  Not tears of pain, sorrow, remorse, rejection, etc.)  Check another of my blog posts for more insights on the Language of Tears and how your tears can ‘prophesy’ to you.

What was happening?  What songs, what sights, what activities, what conversations, what topics, what relationships, what anointings, what Scriptures, etc.  When you answer this question, you’ll want to ask these follow-up questions:

Why did you identify this?  Were you with someone… or alone?  Do your tears involve being around people… or not?  What virtue is being highlighted or expressed?  What anointing is present?  What was the topic of the conversation… or song? etc…  Ask the Lord for more ‘Why’ questions.

Each answer to the ‘why’ questions will require another ‘why’ question… and so on.  Each answer will give clues to help define the essence of who you are.

If this makes as much sense to you as it has for me, you may want to literally make notes of each time you have these two experiences: 1) feel most alive and 2) have tears.  As you evaluate these repetitive occurrences, you probably see a trend that will help guide your life decisions.

Conclusion: Proverbs 4:23 says, “Guard over your heart with all diligence for from it flow all the issues of life.”  So, if I’m going to stay full, tender and ‘alive’, then I must begin to make decisions that place myself in the fullest measure of God’s grace.  Note how this graphic Knowing Your ‘Treasure’/DNA (also found in my book Supernatural Provision) illustrates our hearts’ status, depending on how we make decisions.  Thus, it’s paramount that we find out who we are and pursue life accordingly.  

Over the years, I’ve talked through this subject with more people than I can possibly remember.   As we talk I usually scratch out simple notes on a coffee shop napkin.  Then of course, I give the notes to them.  Some have told me many years later that they still carry the napkin in their Bible to serve as a memory jogger.  This pic is one of those napkin notes.

I hope these insights will serve as another tool to help launch you into the powerful discovery of the unique YOU that God has made you to be!



On-Ramps into God

1 Jul

“Guard over your heart with all diligence for from it flows all the issues of life” – Prov 4:23

I must have a vibrant and healthy heart if I’m going to live life victoriously.  The state of my heart affects every aspect of my life.  In other words, “as goes my heart so goes my life”.  It’s imperative that I find a way to feed my heart so that it has the power to face life’s issues.  If my heart is depleted, then life’s molehill trials will seem like mountains… and I will likely react inappropriately.

Where do I feed my heart?

How does a person ignite and feed their heart?  What does it take to make it feel alive?  Does one just try, grunt and sweat harder?  Your personal way to feed your heart may require going to a specific place, finding a special relationship, getting in a unique environment or a host of other possibilities?  Trying to use someone else’s method to feed your heart will only be partially effective at best.  So whatever it takes, we’ve got to find our own personal ‘on-ramps’ into an encounter with the presence of the Lord!

So what are ‘on-ramps’?

An on-ramp is the point of entrance onto an inter-state or freeway.  Even though we may be within sight of a freeway, it isn’t possible to get on it without an on-ramp.  

Likewise, in the spiritual, even though I want to get into the Lord’s presence it may be difficult unless I use one of my  ‘on-ramps’… or the trigger which opens up my heart to God’s presence.  I define my spiritual ‘on-ramps’ as the ‘vehicle’ through which my heart is transported into the Lord’s presence… which most times, is accompanied by gentle tears.  Each person’s ‘on-ramps’ will be very unique and will likely reflect the personal gift mix and spiritual seasons of that person’s life.

Most of the time, our ‘on-ramp’ experiences will find us… in other words, we will be surprised when we suddenly find ourselves in a holy moment.  When that happens, it is important that we preserve those experiences by hallowing them in our hearts.  (For instance: Jacob hallowed God’s visitation to him in Gen 28:22 by erecting a stone of remembrance.)  We must not let those experiences just slip through our lives and out of our memory.  I believe God is watching to see how much we value His times of visitation. 

Document my ‘on-ramps’

Over the years, I began to realize that certain events, subjects and scriptures consistently and repeatedly unlocked my heart… I was discovering my ‘on-ramps’.  I wrote them down on a 3” x 5” card in my Bible, recorded them on my computer and found that if I needed help into the presence of the Lord all I had to do was revisit this list of on-ramps.  Documenting those experiences and extracting the nutrients (understanding) from them lets me easily have a fresh encounter.  Now, I can quickly access the Lord’s presence in my private time or even when I’m standing before people.  In fact, some of my most effective times of speaking are when I use these ‘on-ramps’.  Frequently, just mentioning one line about an ‘on-ramp’ will instantly take my heart there.  You see, those ‘on-ramps’ have now become major ‘doorways’ into God, accessible nearly anytime.  

Finding your ‘on-ramps’

Begin to take note of the times you encounter God.  Do those encounters happen repeatedly?  Do they always occur when certain environments are in place around you?  Are they reoccurring experiences or a special Bible verse?  Are you moved to tears or a very tender heart?  Then you may have discovered one of your ‘on-ramps’.  Now document this ‘on-ramp’ so that you won’t forget it.  You’ll be able to refer to it in the future when you need easy access into the Lord’s presence.  

The next thing: ‘mine out the gold’ from these on-ramps.  Ask yourself what specific facet of that experience unlocks and moves your heart.  Answering these questions will not only give you easier access into the presence of the Lord, but will help you discover unique aspects of your own personality and spiritual DNA.  I write more about this here, in my post entitled “The Language of Tears“.  When we do this, we’re beginning to be good stewards of our spiritual identity, our growth and our future.  

Now that you know how to find your ‘on-ramps’, enjoy the freeway!