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Testimony: Blind eyes see!

24 Feb

A great friend of mine, Steve Wilson from Dayspring Church in Springfield, MO, was recently ministering in India and shared this amazing testimony:

That morning I had given a testimony of blind eyes being opened, and someone had called this pastor and invited them to come.  The wife had lost the vision in her right eye and her son had developed the same hereditary condition, completely losing the eyesight in his right eye.

I started by praying for the mother and, after the first prayer, she was able to see light and make out the faces around her but they were still fuzzy.  I prayed again and this time she could see those close around her, but her distance vision was still blurry.  I wanted to pray for her a third time but she was so concerned for her son that she asked me to pray for him next.  Instead of me praying, I asked her to lay her hands on her son and pray for his eye to open.  She did, and prayed a wonderful petition prayer, begging God to heal him.  When she had finished, we checked his eyesight but nothing changed.


(not actual photo)

So I asked her to pray again, but this time to pray with authority as a daughter of the King and command the blind eye to open in Jesus’ name.  She went for it and when we checked his eye out, the son was able to count the number of fingers held up right in front of him.  We celebrated, and then I asked her to pray again the same way.  This time when we checked his eye after the prayer, the son could count the fingers held up from 20 feet away.  The mother broke down and wept for joy!  When she had composed herself, I asked her to check out her own eyesight and to her delight, she realized she could see perfectly both up close and at a distance.  We are in relationship with a wonderful Father who loves His children.

We rejoice in what we have witnessed; the Gospel of the Kingdom is advancing in the earth despite many challenges and persecutions.